GSA SER Add-ons

Is there a list of add-ons available for GSA SER?  I’m not looking for anything in particular, simply wanting to see what is available and that might trigger some out of the box, imaginative, link building ideas.

Also, is there a particular indexer that people are using these days?

Call Google Editor Addon’s function from the Script editor

There is already this thread I am aware of, but I still hope to find a solution to my challenge.

I have a backend service and some users with data in their Google Sheets. I want my service to fetch and modify data in those sheets on behalf of their owners. So I’ve written a two-part solution:

  1. The Script editor code containing doGet and doPost functions
  2. The Library imported into that Script. This Library actually does all the heavy lifting.

A simplified version of the Script:

function doGet(req) {   // Let Mylib handle this   return Mylib.handleGET(req); } function doPost(req) {   // Let Mylib handle this   return Mylib.handlePOST(req); } 

A user exposes his Spreadsheet to the world via Publish -> Deploy as web app… and provide the resultant Web App url to my service.

This works pretty much good, except that I don’t want to bother my users to update version of the Library and then redeploy the app every time I release an update to the Library. So I thought that implementing the Library as an Editor Addon would be an elegant solution for my case, but I can’t seem to reach the Addon’s handleGET and handlePOST functions from the Editor script now.

Any ideas how can this be still implemented? Or maybe there is a better way?