FLYNAX Auto Classifieds – Latest version plus add-ons (Stripe/Facebook/Coupons)

I purchased this script for a project but didn't end up using it. Would like to sell to recover some of the losses. Asking $ 100. Comes with the Stripe add-on, the Facebook Connect add-on and the Coupon add-on. Also comes with a bunch of plugins that I will have to email to you once you have made the purchase.

Why does Firefox keep offering “unreputable” add-ons and add-ons that they don’t even review?

When I install an add-on to Firefox, choosing it from the ones I find by using the Tools / Add-ons menu, sometimes after a few days Avast pops up a warning that the add-on is “unreputable” and strongly recommends and offers to remove it.

Of course malicious add-ons could potentially steal my passwords, intercept anything I type in that browser and do horrible things in general, so when I see such warnings I don’t think twice and I just remove the add-on, but it’s becoming too frequent and annoying, and it surprises me a lot that apparently Avast knows so much better than Mozilla about unreputable Firefox add-ons.

If Avast discovers malice in an add-on and lets the world know and even offers to remove it, why at the same time Mozilla happily keeps offering the add-on for long time? I had some that Avast recommended me to remove many months ago and are still offered in FF. Mozilla might even offer add-ons that were never checked at all, see this answer, but how is that possible if add-ons are potentially so dangerous? I’m also curious about how common successful attacks via FF add-ons are.

Also because if it’s so common that FF add-ons that keep being offered in FF are unreputable, I would have a good deal of worrying to do for the past, because I kept “unreputable” add-ons installed for a while before Avast found them.

Firefox 66.0.3 (64-bit) addons broken

Ive used Firefox for years, but in a recient update, Firefox Quantum, disabled all of my Firefox addons. The addon page in Firefox shows a link to a Firefox help page that states the reason. “Only extensions built using WebExtensions APIs will work. .” At the bottom of the page it gives a work around. Set; xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config. I was able to reinstall one addon, Video DownloadHelper, but the rest I try to reinstall gives me a message in a red box, Download failed. Please check your connection. Is there something else I can do before I try a different browser?

Dell Optiplex 7040, Ubuntu 18.1, Firefox 66.0.3 (64-bit)