Call Google Editor Addon’s function from the Script editor

There is already this thread I am aware of, but I still hope to find a solution to my challenge.

I have a backend service and some users with data in their Google Sheets. I want my service to fetch and modify data in those sheets on behalf of their owners. So I’ve written a two-part solution:

  1. The Script editor code containing doGet and doPost functions
  2. The Library imported into that Script. This Library actually does all the heavy lifting.

A simplified version of the Script:

function doGet(req) {   // Let Mylib handle this   return Mylib.handleGET(req); } function doPost(req) {   // Let Mylib handle this   return Mylib.handlePOST(req); } 

A user exposes his Spreadsheet to the world via Publish -> Deploy as web app… and provide the resultant Web App url to my service.

This works pretty much good, except that I don’t want to bother my users to update version of the Library and then redeploy the app every time I release an update to the Library. So I thought that implementing the Library as an Editor Addon would be an elegant solution for my case, but I can’t seem to reach the Addon’s handleGET and handlePOST functions from the Editor script now.

Any ideas how can this be still implemented? Or maybe there is a better way?

[GET][NULLED] – Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder v3.17.0


[GET][NULLED] – Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder v3.17.0