My Canada visitor visa was refused; how can I address the issues?

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I have questions about my visitor visa to Canada being refused due to 3 reasons:

  • Based on family ties
  • Based on purpose of visit
  • Based on length of stay (I said I want to stay 1 month)

Anyway, all of my family have protected refugee status in Canada. I was back in my home country when they claimed refugee status. I have had a Canadian visa previously and I traveled back and forth to Canada. Unlike my family, when my husband and I applied for a visit visa, we included a no-objection letter from our jobs and an invitation letter from my father. He is a cancer patient which makes it more necessary for me to go and visit him.

However, I got refused. What can I do next? How can I overcome the reasons for the rejection? In my country, we don’t have a visa application centre; can the location of the VAC affect the decision?

Can I create a Gmail filter that checks a sender’s name in my contact list with the associated email address and sends email to spam on a mis-match?

I have a staff member, at a company I’m doing a little work for, receive emails with a spoofed sender’s name.

That is, where she would expect to receive an email from "Known Person" <>, she’s actually receiving email from "Known Person" <>.

Because Gmail will show the name without the email address when she views the email, she sometimes doesn’t notice that the email is not actually from the known person.

The known person is in her contacts with the correct name and email address.

Is there a way we can create a filter to send email for the known person’s name, where the email address doesn’t match the one in her contacts,to the spam folder?

Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool. Cnee’s address expired and reject this transaction

Internet connection was lost during transaction. Bitcoins gone, but no chance to confirm transaction at cnee side. So after some hours cnee’s address expired and reject this trnsctn. Now, as 24H passed, status is still unconfirmed. As I expect, these funds will be returned for some time. The question is – am I right and what is the time limit, usually, I have to start worrying after or what I can do now to return the bits. Thanks for advice.

How to run multiple Node.js sites (apps/servers) with separate SSL cert’s, on a single IP address?

The desired scenario is as the title suggests: Multiple Node.js servers/apps/websites, on separate domains, each with own SSL certificate, on a single server with a single IP address. So far I have tried:

A proxy catching all incoming requests and forwarding them to respective apps/servers, on separate, non-443 ports: Does not work, since the proxy server can only run on a single SSL certificate, which will throw an error for all but one of the domains.

Apps running on different ports and DNS pointing at these ports: Does not work, since an HTTPS connection, will always go to port 443. The SRV DNS record can’t change this, for ports 443 and 80.

Using a single SSL cert issued for an IP address: Is somehow possible, but after doing some research on this, it is not such a good idea.

Servers responding to specific hostnames: httpsServer.listen(443,'') throws Error: listen EADDRNOTAVAIL 123.456.789.000:443. This is where I expected the server to ignore all requests but those where hostname is the But still, you can’t run multiple servers on a single port.

So back to square one: what I need is a proxy, which establishes a connection with an SSL certificate for the specific requested hostname, and forwards the request to an app/server running on a unique port. How?

How to retain “Parked” domain url in address bar while displaying content from “Main” page?

I have 100 domains parked under a “main” domain, so therefore all the domains show the same WordPress content.

This is great except I need the URL in the Address Bar to remain whatever the users typed/clicked, instead of changing to the “main” domain.

For example:

  • I have (the actual site with the content)

  • I have,, (all parked under

  • When I browse to I want to display the content from but the url in the address bar should still show

This is partly so that $ _SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] and/or $ _SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] will return the source domain (ie, based on which I will change a few values on the page like the contact email address.

It behaved this way prior to installing WordPress but now I can’t seem to return to that functionality. I see many pages/questions/answers asking how not to show the parked domain name, but I need to do the opposite.

To clarify, I don’t want sub-domains off of From the user’s point of view, it should appear to be 100 different web pages.

I tried the Multiple Domain plugin but that seems to be for the opposite of my goal.

I’d appreciate any suggestions!

Residential IP address providers.


Looking to get some scraping going, but I am messed up with the providers, not really sure what to choose. As from my perspective – residential addresses are the ones to go.
Any info on these?
Smartproxy, Luminati, Geosurf?

All seem similar but differs in one or other way. To begin with – I need a service, so looking for a recommendation.
Sorry if I chose the wrong sub-forum, if it is so – please direct me, thank you!

How can i get an user by email address using a service?

I have a custom service that I created to do some stuff with users. I want to be able to GET and DELETE users by email address because I may not know the uid.

I have the service set up now and it works through postman but doing it through the actual client returns a 406 because the .com in the email.

How do I pass the email to the service if not through the url?