How to get the address of a nearby square on a chess board?

I’m making a chess game from scratch and I got stuck.

So far I have all my figures placed, I have the positions set, I’ve already done the collision detection and everything.

When I click the figure that is in position A1 for example, I want to make two green rectangles at positions A2 and A3, and they will be used to make the figure move.

Is there a method for to add 1 to the string “A1” to form the string “A2” or something? Because thats all I really need right now.

Also if there’s a more clever way to make the positions please let me know.

As an example, here is how I currently look up my display positions using the A1, A2 etc. location codes:

let positions = {         A1 : [10, 710],B1 : [110, 710],C1 : [210, 710],D1 : [310, 710],E1 : [410, 710],F1 : [510, 710],G1 : [610, 710],H1 : [710, 710],         A2 : [10, 610],B2 : [110, 610],C2 : [210, 610],D2 : [310, 610],E2 : [410, 610],F2 : [510, 610],G2 : [610, 610],H2 : [710, 610],         A3 : [10, 510],B3 : [110, 510],C3 : [210, 510],D3 : [310, 510],E3 : [410, 510],F3 : [510, 510],G3 : [610, 510],H3 : [710, 510],         A4 : [10, 410],B4 : [110, 410],C4 : [210, 410],D4 : [310, 410],E4 : [410, 410],F4 : [510, 410],G4 : [610, 410],H4 : [710, 410],         A5 : [10, 310],B5 : [110, 310],C5 : [210, 310],D5 : [310, 310],E5 : [410, 310],F5 : [510, 310],G5 : [610, 310],H5 : [710, 310],         A6 : [10, 210],B6 : [110, 210],C6 : [210, 210],D6 : [310, 210],E6 : [410, 210],F6 : [510, 210],G6 : [610, 210],H6 : [710, 210],         A7 : [10, 110],B7 : [110, 110],C7 : [210, 110],D7 : [310, 110],E7 : [410, 110],F7 : [510, 110],G7 : [610, 110],H7 : [710, 110],         A8 : [10, 10], B8 : [110, 10], C8 : [210, 10], D8 : [310, 10], E8 : [410, 10], F8 : [510, 10], G8 : [610, 10], H8 : [710, 10],     } 

the [0] of the arrays is x and the [1] is y, and that’s also how I placed the figures.

Registration form – Delivery or Billing Address first?

This is a UI question for all you e-commerce design experts out there.
Is there a generally accepted standard for which address to capture first from new registrations on a typical online shopping site. Should you fist ask the new customer for:
1. their billing address. or
2. their delivery address?

In my humble view we should first ask for their delivery address. My reasoning is this: since they are probably in the middle of checking out, and we don't want to slow down this process any…

Registration form – Delivery or Billing Address first?

Public IP Address to be tested legally?

According to

Scanning a public IP address can be a cyber crime 

But there are a few public IP that can be used for testing purposes such as and which is belong to

and for

Is there anything else?

I would like to have something in range … e.g.. x.x.x.1-10

Possible Scam – reply address appears to be yours

Have received the following email which I believe to be a scam

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) In Partnership with: Swiss National Fraud Relief Center (NFRC) Case/Reference ID: IE3033900045 We regret to inform you that you have been a victim of identity theft. Your identity and consumer credit file have been compromised and used in an identity theft scheme recently uncovered in Ireland by federal authorities. Your more personal details have been undisclosed in this email for your own security as your email might have been compromised as well. The offenders have since been prosecuted, tried and ordered to pay restitution to victims involved willingly through wire fraud and romance or other scams, or unwillingly through identity theft and hacking. This means victims that had direct contact with the offenders by telephone or email in response to some type of scam and those who are hacked and are unaware of the incident prior to this notification. You have received this notification because this applies to you directly regardless of if you have lived in Ireland or not, that’s where the case was opened and that’s where the hackers were charged. For more detailed information about this case and the settlement pay outs that you are entitled to, immediately contact the Office of International Affairs at the Limerick City District Court by replying to this notification, or by visiting in person at 38 Roxboro Road, Limerick, Ireland between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Court holidays. If you are visiting in person, set up an appointment prior to your visit by telephone: +353 800 814 250 (toll-free) or by email. If you are unable to make a trip, you will be rendered proper assistance online and on the telephone. Regards, Ilia Price Administrative Clerk

The send address was Ilia Price The reply address was

Are you able to confirm that is is a scam

Kind Regards Richard Stafford

need helping finding ip address from a whatsapp phone number or other services like it

my wife has has a stalker for 4 years continuously making new phone numbers and she cant change the number because its for work. she works in the adult entertainment industry and this person is trying to ruin her life, and im fed up. he has been making fake reviews and fake appointments. im trying to find a way to get this persons ip address, possibly block it from sending msgs of any kind from any fake number service. i really dont know what my options are. if anyone can help i would appreciate it.

My email address is being used to enroll for online services. Should I be concerned?

Just before Christmas I received the following message in one of my GMail accounts:

attempt was blocked
******** [redacted by me]

Someone just used your password to try to sign into your account. Google blocked them, but you should check what happened.

I signed into that account and looked at the activity (not by clicking the link in the message, of course) and indeed there was a sign in attempt blocked from the Philippines.

I gather this means that an attacker entered the correct user name and password for my account, but was likely blocked because they couldn’t pass the MFA challenge. Or maybe Google’s fraud detection is actually decent and it knows I’ve never been to the Philippines? Either way, I immediately changed the password and (as far as I know) the attacker didn’t gain control of the account.

However, in the 2 weeks since then, I have received several email verification requests from various online services that I never signed up for — Spotify, OKCupid, a Nissan dealership in Pennsylvania (that one’s interesting), and a few others I’ve never heard of before. Someone out there is actively using my GMail address to enroll for these services.

The account in question is not my main account, and while the password on it was admittedly weak, it was also unique (I never used it on anything else). I changed it to a password that’s much stronger now.

Should I be concerned about this?

Also, if the attacker didn’t gain control of the account, why use it to enroll in all these services?

Is there any hook or filter that user data, specifically email address, is passed through on new order creation?

I want to create a function/module that corrects common email typos on new orders.

For example to auto correct gmail.con, hotmail.con to .com, and many many more common typos.

Is there any hook or filter that user data, specifically email address, is passed through on new order creation, so that we can modify it before it’s inserted into the database?

In Buffer overflow exploitation what if JMP ESP address contains bad characters?

I was writing an exploit for BOF. The server accepts only ASCII payloads. FInally I wnted to jump to my shellcode which is clearly in the stack. But only one module is available without ASLR and DEP which has address starting from 56566577. I got JUMP ESP, suppose in 5757578E, this doesn’t work. Becuase the 0x8E outside the scope of ASCII 0x00 to 0x7F. Consider no other register has the shellcode. How can I deal with certain situations?

To create ASCII shellcode I use below:

msfvenom -p windows/shell_bind_tcp -a x86 -f perl --platform windows LHOST= LPORT=8181 -b "\x00" EXITFUNC=seh -e x86/alpha_upper 

But this also has character above 0x7F. How can I generate shellcode within 0x00 – 0x7F.

memory hierarchy,memory address structure,cache

Consider a memory hierarchy composed of 4 GB addressable central memory per byte with 32 bit words, a direct address instruction cache (direct mapped) of 512 KB (for the data part only) and a 1 MB 2-way associative set data cache memory (always for the data part only) and both with blocks (or lines) of 256 bytes. The time of access to words of the cache (data and instruction) is equal to 1 clock cycle. The access time to the central memory words is 10 clock cycles. You are asked to: 1. Indicate the memory address structure for the two cache memories. 2. Calculate the size of the two cache memories including tag parts and validity bits. 3. Calculate the time required to load a block in case of failure (miss). 4. Calculate the average memory access time for a program where on average 25% of the instructions executed requires read or write access to a data item. The miss rate (failure rate) of the instruction cache is 1% while for the data cache it is 10%.