Mirasvit SeoContent conflict with customer address

I am using magento version 2.2.5. Mirasvit SeoContent extension version 2.0.92.

Problem: When the customer is login, the Customer not able to enter the address. Because magento225/customer/address/new/ or magento225/customer/address/new/edit/ is not opening. When I click on it, it will redirect to the magento225/customer/account page. I spent more than 10 hours to find out the reason.

I disabled all extensions that time address URL is opening and working fine. So I unable to extension one by one. That time I came to know that this Mirasvit SeoContent Extension creates a problem to open customer address URL.

Does anyone know how to solve it?

EDIT : Both functionality are important. We need SeoContent Extension and also want to save customer address. So Can’t disable extension.

Is it possible to intercept messages from email address or phone number that is expired? if yes, how?

I used to have an email account for receiving important messages but it was deleted by the email provider in which they claimed that deletion of the email address is still in progess but cannot be reversed. I desperately need that email address to receive important messages bascially i wonder if its still possible to intercept messages that were sent to the email address If yes, how? Also does this work on phone number as well? is it possible to intercept SMS that is sent to phone numbers in which {the phone number) is no longer in service?

In other words—if someone send a message to that email address/phone number, is it possible to intercept that message before it reached the email address/phone number? If yes, how?

SSO Log Users Out Based on IP Address

We would like to implement SAML based SSO for our organization. We do not want employees to be able to access specific accounts outsides of specific hours and IP ranges. (We do not want to setup a VPN for that use-case for multiple reasons)

Question: Is it possible to somehow log the user out of a specific account that he signed into via SAML when his IP changes and is not part of the allowed range anymore?

Things we want to avoid: – Browser extensions – Polling of any kind – No additional infrastructure if possible

I really don’t know if this is possible but would really appreciate your help.

MSVC, x64, Is it possible to reserve address space inside the method?

The MSVC x64 cl compiler, unfortunately, no longer support asm instruction (inline assembler) inside the functions, and as a result of __asm _emit instruction also become unavailable, unlike gcc (which is support instruction like __asm __volatile (“.byte ” “;”) for any platform x32/x64).

For me, it’s a big obstacle for moving from MinGW to MSVC compiler.

I ask this question with the hope that probably anybody knows how to reserve or place some arbitrary sequence of bytes inside the function?

Thank you.

Any way to pass FROM (sender’s) email address in gmail to a URL?

I would like to setup an auto-response email within Gmail.

In that auto-response email, I would like to add a link so that anyone sending me an email can click on that link and submit a form.

Since form is not connected to Gmail at all (form is on a webpage on website), there is no connection with gmail. Hence, sender of the email will have to fill out the form including their email address.

Is there any way in GMAIL that allows me to get SENDER’S email address and add to form link automatically?

For example:

Hi, Thank you for your email. Please fill out the form below and I will contact you soon.

click on the form here