Local SSH connection using private network IP address not working

I tried to ssh connect to the local machine itself as

ssh me@host -p 2222  

It prompt password to login

However, if attempt with

$   ssh me@ -p 2222 ssh: connect to host port 2222: No route to host 

the ip address:

$   ssh me@ -p 2222 ssh: connect to host port 2222: No route to host 

What’s the problem?

Is it possible to have a custom email address for a Google Group?

We have setup a Google Group which we are using as so we can share Google Documents with group and all the members are automatically added in.

Currently our Google Groups email is like this example@googlegroups.com. Is it possible to brand this with a custom domain / custom email address?

So it would be example@mydomain.com?

We are not on a G Suite paid plan.

How to correctly set “reply to” address

I have both mail system and mime mails modules installed on Drupal 8 to do emails from website to users.

  • Mail system: https://www.drupal.org/project/mailsystem
  • Mime mail: https://www.drupal.org/project/mimemail

I have a custom forward module that contains a custom form that users should use to forward an article to an email address they provide, I am using the extra modules to be able to style and use HTML module.

I got the settings to mail system as follows, I am using the mime mail module as the Formatter to enable HTML emails and the default PHP mailer as the sender.

Mail System module default settings.

Note: I tried first to use mime mail as the Formatter AND Sender but this actually did not work for some reason, it couldn’t send emails.

This way of using both modules enabled me to use HTML emails and I thought it was working until I found out that it is not working for all email services, for example, it does not work for Gmail (Which is a pretty big deal) Due to this error I found in Drupal’s recent log message.

Error sending email (from "MYWEBSITE" <MYEMAIL> to MYTEST@gmail.com with reply-to not set). 

Testing Receivers Emails:

  • Outlook: Working.
  • Gmail: Not working gives the above error.
  • Goddady Hosted Email service (Company’s Mail): Working.
  • Yahoo: Not working no error.

How to troubleshoot internal DNS resolution (Windows DNS server) pointing to a local server with a static internal IP address

To better explain the set up

  • I have a Debian server in a private network with a static IP.
  • There is a windows AD server that resolves DNS for clients internally.
  • A domain name is already registered and a public IP is pointed to the server
  • AAA record mapping to the static IP internally has been done (as i have been told)

Basically when you type in the domain name it does not reach the debian sever.

I dont have access to anything in the private network except the debian server.

How do i troubleshoot this issue? this web server was working before so it is not the firewall.

I can provide any required files from the debian server, please help out or even a helpful link would be fine.


Can ping IP address using wireless connection but not host names

First up: I’m a total Ubuntu noob with some Unix background

Installed Ubuntu 18.04 (complete overwrite on a 32-bit machine) and then updated to 18.04.1 using a wifi extender with cabled connection into machine. Firefox works wonderfully this way.

Take cable out so it uses the Broadcom 802.11 BCM4321 and Firefox times out. In terminal can only ping IP addresses and not host names.

Tried installing winbind and changed /ect/nsswitch.conf to include wins but no luck.

It seems like this should be simple. What am I missing here?

Is there a bitcoin explorer that can visualize where the coins are flowing from one address into another?

I remember playing with a bitcoin explorer tool awhile back where one can input a bitcoin address and see all the coins flowing into it in a tree like structure. I want to be able to investigate where the coins are flowing from and to. What is this tool?