How to show same company’s different office address in google based on the user’s country?

our company has five offices in five countries , once the user search in google, I need to show the office address based on the user’s country, for example if the user search from US , I need google to show US office address automatically, also if the user search a specific office address then the search result will show that country office address, for example, the user search "ABC UK or ABC UK office address " then the search result shows the UK office address. How can I do that?

Auto Submit Form 7 after address is selected from Google Maps autopopulate [closed]

I built a site in elementor and I’m using Form 7 for the contact forms. I have a contact form with one field – physical address, which auto-populates from Google Maps data (via API) I would like to have the form auto-submit when the user clicks on their address and have it redirect to a page with a more detailed contact form.

Timeout connecting to PostgreSQL from remote address

I’m going nuts here.

We had a production server running PostgreSQL 9.6; it took a dump on Thursday, we thought we had it up and running, but discovered an issue this morning with a materialized view. Any attempt to drop, alter, index or analyze the view locked up without throwing an error.

First step was to reinstall 9.6. On doing so, we were able to restore the data with no errors, and everything looked fine from the local machine.

However, we were not able to connect to the database from any remote IP address on the server’s network.

The system sits on a private network, and I connect to it through VPN. Two production web servers connect to it via the private network.

We’re running Windows Server 2016, and have tried the following to absolutely no effect:

  • Edited postgresql.conf ‘listen_addresses’ to ‘*’, ‘’, ”, and a comma deliminted list of these.

  • Changed the port in postgresql.conf

  • Edited pg_hba.conf file to: ‘’, ‘X.Y.Z.0/24’, ‘samenet’

  • Deleted and recreated the Windows firewall policy

  • Loosened up the incoming IP address restrictions in Windows firewall until there were no IP restrictions.

  • Turned off Windows firewall.

  • Deleted PostgreSQL 9.6, scrubbed every reference to it from the registry, except for benign entries like ‘recent items’, deleted every file from the HD.

  • Installed PGSQL 13

Same issue.

Tried these additional steps in 13, again, with no effect.

  • Changed the port in postgresql.conf

  • Changed the ‘listen_addresses’ in posgresql.conf to variations used above.

  • Used ‘all’ in ADDRESS field of the PGSQL 13 pg_hba.conf file as well as the other options (, X.Y.0.0/16)

As far as I know, I’ve tried all the obvious fixes: pg_hba.conf, postgresql.conf, Windows firewall, with absolutely no change.

Short of torching the whole d*mn thing and starting over, I don’t know what else to try.

Change of address tool couldn’t fetch the page error

We migrated from to seems we have done all requirements mentioned here for using search console change of address tool but now it has passed 4 days from our migration and still every time I try to use the change of address tool after pressing ‘VALIDATE & UPDATE’ button, There is validation failed pop up.

The error is:

Couldn’t fetch the page

Using the inspect url I see no problem with both urls. I also submitted an index request for both versions. All urls are redirected with 301 status code.

Missing or invalid site address

I have a multisite with parked subdomains. The IPs on the parked domains are all set to point to the admin/main site, the DNS likewise. Two subdomains were set up last year seem to work fine. Adding two more now fail returning the error ‘Missing or invalid site address’.

The wp-config seems to be correctly set for domains and the URL seems to be correct in phpmyadmin. Disabling plugins has no effect, restoring from backup has no effect, but I haven’t been using the site for some weeks. I am the only admin. The webhost support looked into it but can’t see the problem and tell me it’s not server related (ie not their problem).

Users (erroneously) type a short URL in the Google search box instead of the address bar. How to make it navigate instead of showing search results?

I’m using a URL shortener to publish pronounceable URLs for my pages so I can tell people something like, "Visit to solve that problem." If people go to the address bar of their browser and enter URL there, then the shortened URL works, and it redirects them to the intended destination page. But if a non-technical user goes to the Google search page and enters into the search box there, apparently, Google apparently isn’t smart enough to recognize that they typed in a URL. It tries instead to search for the URL as keywords and comes back with a list of search results.

When I click "New Tab" in my browser, I know the difference between the address bar and the search box, but many non-technical users don’t, and Google gives the same instructions in both places. Both locations claim to accept both search terms and URLs, but apparently they have different logic for determining which is which. For them to behave differently and not follow the URL when it’s typed into the search box instead of the browser address bar seems to be a fatal flaw in the entire concept of shortened URLs – unless there’s something else I can do to make them work regardless of which field someone types them into. Certainly I can’t be the only one facing this.

What can I do to teach Google that my shortened URL is indeed a URL and when someone types it in the search box, it should go to the place where that URL redirects to?

Can you hide a server IP address using Cloudflare?

I am in the UK and looking for a new server for my websites. Pricing in the UK is really expensive but I stuck with the UK as that is where my main audience is. I noticed that with providers like Hetzner in Germany I can get a better server and 1/2 the price.

Can I host the websites in Germany but still do well in search engine rankings in the UK? It has been suggested that using Cloudflare will ultimately hide the true server location and the search engines then base the best location on website characteristics such as language, topic and the like.

Google change of address tool from to .com resulted in huge derank

December 2020 I moved a site from a to a .com. No other changes, simple 301 redirect and use of the tool in google webmaster tools. The site had existed since 2006 and was the de facto site in the vertical, meaning I had plenty of P1s on google for medium tail keywords.

Now, 2.5 months later I am still hugely deranked for 10,000s of key words, and as a result I’ve dropped 40% of my traffic.

I was wondering whether anyone had any advice. Obviously this is a huge issue for me as it’s my livelihood I’ve built up over 15 years of hard work. I followed googles direction perfectly (my background is actually web dev and SEO) and it’s still deranked me.

I’m not sure the linking policy here, but the site is tyrereviews dot com, it used to be tyrereviews dot couk, and for example we used to rank 1 or 2 for the search "michelin primacy 4" in google UK however we are now page 2.

The new .com domain is targeted properly to the UK in webmaster tools too.

This is the same for many many medium tail keywords.

Capture User Email Address When Filling Out Form

We have a snippet of code that was provided by an optimization platform company we use that provides a real-time personalization to our website.

The user will fill out a form (Gravity Forms) and then be sent to one of our WordPress Thank You pages.

This code will be added to the Thank You page, but needs to be updated to capture the user’s email address once the Gravity Form has been completed:

<img src="//[customer's email address]" id="__tms_pc" height="1" width="1" /> 

Would you be able to help me replace the "customer’s email address" text with the appropriate code that will be able to capture each user’s email address when they fill out the form?

Is there a PHP string of code that could be used to replace the "customer’s email address" text? I have not been able to find a concrete answer while doing some research for this.

Pls how do I setup a from and to address and allow my UPS integrated solution calculate shipping based off the two addresses? [closed]

So, I am setting up a website to handle shipping services similar to DHL and UPS, but I am also using UPS services to handle the shipping cost through their API to my specific users, and I want to be able to calculate shipping by allowing users to enter a from and to shipping address, and calculate the shipping based on the distance. Any help would be much appreciated.