How does metamagic adept interact with flexible casting and the sorcery points cap?

You gain 2 sorcery points to spend on Metamagic (these points are added to any sorcery points you have from another source but can be used only on Metamagic). You regain all spent sorcery points when you finish a long rest.

Assume a level 3 variant human sorcerer has 3 sorcery points from their class and 2 from metamagic adept.

They spend 2 sorcery points from their class to make a 1rst level slot with flexible casting. Now they have 1 from their class and 2 from metamagic adept.

Are they able to convert a spell slot to sorcery points? Or can they not go over 3 sorcery points because they are level 3? In effect forcing them to spend the points from the feat before they can make more.

How does metamagic adept interact with flexible casting and the sorcery points cap?

Would the Eldritch Adept feat be unbalanced for non-spellcasters?

In Tasha’s Cauldron (and the preceding Unearthed Arcana), the feat Eldritch Adept grants one Eldritch Invocation, with a prerequisite of Spellcasting or Pact Magic. Hence, it excludes only non-EK Fighters, non-AT Rogues, Barbarians, and Monks.

I understand the thematic reasons for this prerequisite to exist, but are there game balance reasons for it? Answers should include example class/invocation synergies.

Does the Pyromancer sorcerer’s Fiery Soul feature work with the Elemental Adept feat (fire damage) to effectively ignore immunity as well?

The Pyromancer sorcerous origin from Plane Shift: Kaladesh gains the Fiery Soul feature at 18th level. Part of its description says:

[…] any spell or effect you create ignores resistance to fire damage and treats immunity to fire damage as resistance to fire damage.

The Elemental Adept (Fire) feat says (PHB, p. 166):

Spells you cast ignore resistance to fire damage.

Would these two stack together to allow the user to completely ignore fire immunity (so Fiery Soul treats the immunity as resistance, and then Elemental Adept further allows you to ignore that)?
Or would Elemental Adept be useless to a pyromancer at 18th level, as they can already ignore resistances?

Does the Elemental Adept (fire) feat apply to the Flame Strike spell’s radiant damage?

I noticed that the Elemental Adept feat states (emphasis mine):

[…] when you roll damage for a spell you cast that deals damage of that type, you can treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2. […]

Does this mean the feat applies to spells like flame strike which deal 4d6 fire damage and 4d6 radiant damage?

In other words, would taking Elemental Adept (fire), casting flame strike, and rolling a 1 on a radiant damage die allow me to treat that 1 as a 2 even though its damage type does not match the damage type I chose with Elemental Adept?

Is this variant of Elemental Adept for healing balanced?

I know that most healing does not work on constructs or undead in DnD 5e. However, for various reasons, I would like to subvert that. I was looking over feats to base such a subversion on and stumbled upon the Elemental Adept. Is the following feat likely to either break the game or be underpowered if I include it?

Healing Adept

Prerequisite: the Spellcasting feature and at least one healing spell

Your healing spells work on constructs and undead. In addition, if you roll to see how many hit points you can heal, you may treat any 1 on a die as a 2.

If it’s too weak, I am thinking it’s possible to modify so that it allows Raise Dead and family to resurrect an undead either as itself or as the undead it was. If it’s too strong, I was thinking of taking away the “treat any 1 on a die as a 2”, and possibly forcing you to pick if it works on constructs or on undead.

Discount bonus mean for an Adept gaining a Way


Adepts who follow this path are under the guidance of an animal mentor spirit, which they refer to as their totem, similar to some shamans. Through the emulation of their totem, these adepts seek to improve themselves, and like followers of the Spiritual Way, they’re considered to be more spiritual than the average adept. As such, they receive all the bonuses and drawbacks associated with their personal totem.

Because of their unique outlook, followers of the Beast’s Way have an above-average rapport with nature and gain a +1 situational bonus to all Animal Handling Tests; however, if the adept’s totem is a predatory one, this bonus does not apply against animals that totem would normally consider prey. When dealing with the same animal as their totem, the adept gains an automatic +4 for any Animal Handling Tests involving them.

Followers of the Beast’s Way may choose from the following skills for their discount bonus: Animal Empathy, Astral Perception, Berserk, Combat Sense, Elemental Strike, Enhanced Perception, Killing Hands, Magic Sense, Mystic Armor, Motion Sense, and Traceless Walk. In addition, Beast’s Way adepts are able to choose one power other power for the discount.

In what way do these skills get a discount bonus? I have not been able to find how to handle this for character creation nor post creation.

Can the Elemental Adept feat cause the Chaos Bolt spell to chain this way?

The Elemental Adept feat (PHB, p. 166) allows one to change treat results of 1 in damage dice for spells with a matching element as 2:

In addition, when you roll damage for a spell you cast that deals damage of that type, you can treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2.

The Chaos Bolt spell (XGtE, p. 151; GGtR, p. 67) has a variable damage type, which depends on the numbers rolled on the d8 damage, including doing cold damage on a 2. It also chains to another target if both d8s have the same number:

If you roll the same number on both d8s, the chaotic energy leaps from the target to a different creature of your choice within 30 feet of it

Suppose a sorcerer that has the Elemental Adept (cold) feat casts a Chaos Bolt, getting a 1 and a 2 on the d8 results. Can the sorcerer then say that the Chaos Bolt will deal cold damage, treat the d8 result of 1 as another 2 and therefore allow the Chaos Bolt to leap to a different target?

Arcane Adept: is this proposed Warlock feat balanced as compared to PHB feats?

While discussing Warlocks and the new Uneartherd Arcana at GiTP forums, we were kicking around the idea of a class only feat (versus the Xanather’s race based feats) and I arrived at the following homebrew Arcane Adept feat.

Purpose – support the Warlock design goal of customizability.

I quite frankly find that as I go through the invocation allocation from levels 1-20 that there are too few to support the “no two Warlocks are alike” design theme that choosing invocations offers. Yes, it is important to have to make choices.

What I want to know is if this proposed feat is balanced with respect to PHB feats. (Balance with Xanathar’s feats is not of any interest to me).

Secondary Objective: offer one more incentive to play a full-up Warlock, and not “take a dip” in the class for Multiclassing.

Feat: Arcane Adept
Prerequisite: Warlock level 4
1. Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
2. Gain one invocation of choice from those available to the Warlock and for which you qualify. {eg, Pact of the Blade can’t take invocations restricted to Pact of the Chain with this feat}
3. Gain one additional cantrip from the Warlock spell list.


  1. Why level 4? That’s the first time one is eligible, and it prevents the vHuman feat-at-level 1 (which also would not make sense since pact boon is a level 3 featue anyway).

  2. Why add a Cantrip? Because only two features in the feat seemed underpowered. If that is what tips the balance scales, it can be pulled.

Is this balanced vis-a-vis PHB feats?
Repeated for emphasis: feats in any UA, in the recently published Eberron campaign setting, and in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything are not considered relevant for this question. (But if after answering the question you want to add a comment, as a coda, in re a Xanathar’s feat, then that’s fine).