SharePoint content DB status is in stopped state for all the content DB from central admin under manage content DB section.

When i tried to create a new site collection, we found ” SharePoint content DB status is in stopped state for all the content DB from central admin under manage content DB section. “

1) We did perform SharePoint patching couple of months ago. Can we assume it happened successfully if the DB`s are in offline state since long ago?

2) What could be the possible reasons how to avoid it future?

Reddit admin leaking info to people at my workplace

A Reddit mod/admin has been leaking information about which subreddits I visit, which account usernames I've made, and has been sharing this information with my former co-workers.

Long story but basically I got this guy i used to work with in trouble at work for doing something illegal. He has a group chat going with some friends and co-workers from my old job. He has drugged me and livestreamed it to the internet. He has left countless scratches on my car and they have threatened me….

Reddit admin leaking info to people at my workplace

Adding menu item to WordPress admin bar for editors to edit one plugin’s settings

I installed the Siteimprove plugin to my client’s WordPress website and I need to provide editor access to the plugin. Editors by default do not have any access to plugins. I tried to add the following to my functions.php:

if (!current_user_can('manage_options')) {   add_menu_page(         'Siteimprove Plugin',         'Siteimprove',         'manage_options',         'siteimprove',         'siteimprove_settings_form'     ); } 

This is the code from the Siteimprove plugin that adds it to the menu:

/**  * Register menu for settings form page.  */ public function register_menu() {     // Add top level menu page.     add_menu_page(         __('Siteimprove Plugin'),         __('Siteimprove'),         'manage_options',         'siteimprove',         'Siteimprove_Admin_Settings::siteimprove_settings_form'     ); } 

I created a test editor account and this is not working. Am I missing something to get this working? Thanks for your help!

Magento 2 category updated programmatically not updated in admin

I am creating and updating the category programmatically from the admin area, while I create the category it’s showing in front-end and back-end but while updating the details, it’s reflecting in front-end but not in the backend.

$  websiteId = $  this->_storeManager->getWebsite()->getWebsiteId(); $  store = $  this->_storeManager->getStore(); $  storeId = $  store->getStoreId();  $  categoryFactory = $  this->_objectManager->get('Magento\Catalog\Model\CategoryFactory'); $  categoryRepository = $  this->_objectManager->get('\Magento\Catalog\Api\CategoryRepositoryInterface'); $  categoryCollection = $  categoryFactory->create()->getCollection()->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', $  data['id'])->setPageSize(1); if ($  categoryCollection->getSize()) {     $  categoryId = $  categoryCollection->getFirstItem()->getEntityId();      $  category = $  categoryRepository->get($  categoryId, 0); } else {     $  category = $  categoryFactory->create(); } $  category->setStoreId((int)$  storeId); $  category->setName($  data['name']); if ($  isParent) {     $  category->setParentId(2); } else {     $  categoryCollection = $  categoryFactory->create()->getCollection()->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', $  data['parent_id'])->setPageSize(1);     if ($  categoryCollection->getSize()) {         $  categoryId = $  categoryCollection->getFirstItem()->getEntityId();         $  category->setParentId($  categoryId);     }  } $  category->setIsActive($  data['is_active']); $  category->setIsAnchor($  data['is_anchor']); $  category->setIncludeInMenu($  data['include_in_menu']); $  category->setCustomUseParentSettings($  data['custom_use_parent_settings']);  // will set meta details foreach ($  this->additionalHeaders as $  header) {     if (array_key_exists($  header, $  this->headersMap)) {         $  additionalData[$  header] = $  data[$  this->headersMap[$  header]];     } } $  category->setCustomAttributes($  additionalData); $  categoryRepository->save($  category); 

for your further information Ienter image description here have updated the screens, kindly check and let me share your ideas and thoughts, thanks in advance for your support

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