Centrally apply a GPO rule to Local Admins

Pardon if someone asked before – tried searching maybe I missed it out.

Anyways, I have to

1a) Set a domain wide policy to Deny Access to this Computer from the Network 1b) Put each computer’s local “Administrator” in that policy

Where I’m stumped is that on the Domain Controller >> Group Policy Management, while changing the policies during the please Select Users and Computers phase, it only displays domain users. Can’t do a scope change either – it only allows searching the local DC, the whole domain, or the forest

I did some research on Restricted Users, sure I can use that tool to overwrite users group memberships but that’s about it, I can’t automate adding / centrally manage each PC’s local admin to the Deny Logon policy.

I’d value any ideas or alternative suggestions to this issue. Might have to explain to management or even go thorough the sticky way of simply doing this as out of the box default for new computers

icacls : create private directory (full control for user and no listing for others except admins)

I would like to create a folder with permissions similar to my home directory. I tried giving myself full control etc. but I managed to get locked out and had to use the takedown tool to be able to delete the directory.

I know Deny permissions take precedence over Allow but that’s about it. This is for Windows Server 2012R2.

Allow Backorder for Admins only Magento 2

Does anyone know how we can setup to allow backorders to happen only for orders placed in the backend admin?

So customers on the frontend store would not be able to place an order for an out of stock item.

Our sales reps need to be able to place orders for products that are out of stock, but not our frontend customers.

Is there an extension that would do this or any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

How can I explain our system admins that AV can’t protect our enterprise machines from malware that come from USBninja?

Was hoping to get your support to help to explain to our system admins how come the AV can’t protect our enterprise from attacks that can be generated from USBninja. How can I explain our system admins that AV can’t protect our enterprise machines from malware that come from USBninja?

Facebook Messanger- Shows Status Live and Approved review but not working with Non Admins

A Facebook Messanger bot which was approved last June(2018) has been operating fine since March 2019, Now. Developer Facebook page shows that pages_messaging is approved and the Status of the Bot is LIVE. However, the bot only responds to messages from Admin users- like it is in development mode but it is now. Non-admins can find and message the Bot but it will not get a response.

Side note, Facebook Developer platform is very difficult to navigate and find any sort of help.

My question is what could be happening that is forbidding the bot from answering to non-admins if the bot is live and seemingly approved to be messaging.