Is Adobe Creative Cloud uploading files from hard drive without my permission?

I was trying to uninstall InDesign from my Windows 10 computer. To uninstall/update any of Adobe’s programs, you have to first update to the latest version of Creative Cloud, which is a hub that manages all its programs (PS, Illustrator, AfterEffects, etc). Once the update was complete, I uninstalled InDesign, but noticed that there was a small progress indicator on the top-right corner.

When I opened it, I saw that it said “File syncing” was in progress. I thought “What file syncing? I never asked to sync any files!”

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I immediately paused the sync. Upon clicking on the settings icon, it turns out it was auto-syncing files from my entire C:/Users/[UserName]/Documents/ folder, without asking for any permission to do this! (I’ve since created an empty /Adobe subfolder so it doesn’t have anything to upload).

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I think I stopped it before it was able to upload anything. Has Adobe been automatically uploading files from its users’ /Documents folder without their consent, or am I overreacting? If so, is there a way to blacklist all internet access to all of Adobe’s products? I don’t want the next update to reset these permissions, and having to worry about auto-syncing in future versions!

Adobe Photoshop has killed my creativity by introducing so much anti-privacy, anti-security, and dumbed-down bloat [closed]

I could pick so many angles to this, but I will focus on a very famous piece of software which has been utterly ruined in recent years: Adobe Photoshop. This is not a rant, but related both to software design and psychology.

These days, it is not possible to install it on a PC without going through a program which they call “Adobe Creative Cloud”. It’s sort of a software “hub” from which you download/manage the actual software you want (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). It demands that you register an account and log in to use it; if you don’t, you simply cannot install or use Photoshop or any other Adobe software. (Other than some ancient, outdated copy you might still have as a physical box on the shelf.)

Just having that “Creative Cloud” stuff on my computer in the first place gives me the creeps. On top of requiring you to have an Adobe account and log in to it, it aggressively installs itself as a difficult-to-remove icon in File Explorer, and makes itself very “known” overall, with frequent “update notifications” which have been engineered to be difficult to turn off. All you really want as a user is a simple icon that says “Photoshop” which opens Photoshop and nothing else when you click it. There is no benefit to the user to have this intermediate software. Any updates to Photoshop could easily be checked and handled regularly by Photoshop itself. (But even then, I don’t want random updates all the time, anyway.)

When you start Photoshop these days, it shows you this screen:


The sheer idea that Photoshop even has the technical ability to transfer my project files (or finished files) away from my computer within itself is deeply unsettling to me, even though they give you this choice/prompt. There’s also something uncomfortable about the language they use, almost as to suggest that “you can (big smile) upload all your private files to our computers”, but (with a stern look) “for all you annoyingly privacy-conscious, un-hip, stone-age neanderthals, I guess we’ll also allow you to save your stupid files onto your stupid computer… maybe. For now. But you lose this and that benefit and remember that the Cloud is perfectly safe and you are really a very stupid and uncool person if you still want control over your files when we at Adobe could Cloud-store them for you instead in a far superior and more convenient manner. And don’t forget how convenient it is to go for the Cloud route and how uncool and old you seem if you pick this other, lame option.”

That’s how I interpret these “nudges” that all software these days seem to use to push the users into a completely insane situation where they store their private files on somebody else’s computer. This is not just about me and my personal situation; it makes my skin crawl to think of all the people out there who simply don’t have a proper understanding about privacy and security (nor could they be expected to), who are constantly being pushed into this extremely scary direction.

Again, even if they never will move to storing your private files by default in Adobe’s close (which is coming… believe me!), just the fact that the program has the technical ability to do this, and could be doing it if I don’t tread very carefully and vacuum all the settings for obscure little checkboxes which make it possible to turn this off, but 99.99% of all users won’t ever know it’s a setting, nor understand why they should go out of their way to disable it…

Over the years, as Photoshop has gotten worse and worse, not just in terms of privacy-destroying misfeatures, but also in terms of sheer “dumbing down” and bloat, for example, those auto-playing pop-up videos showing you how to use the basic tools, I have evaluated numerous alternatives. They are, I regret to inform, all absolute trash. There is no real comparison whatsoever. Things which just intuitively feel natural in Photoshop (most of its features, I just found out by using it and stumbling upon things which just made sense), are completely gone from those so-called “alternatives”. So, in practice, there is just no alternative/choice.

Maybe it sounds silly, but I’ve seriously lost my creativity and will to use software or computers at all in later years, and it definitely cannot be solely attributed to “unrelated depression”. Modern software, made by “modern people”, is designed with a completely different mentality than that which I remember from the “roaring 1990s”, when the PC truly blossomed and looked extremely promising.

Ever since the turn of the millennia, the mentality has increasingly shifted from “making really polished and great software for great people” toward “constantly change everything around randomly for the sake of change while adding enormous amounts of bloat and spying with zero benefit to the user who we deeply disrespect”.

Staying with old versions of software is impossible for obvious security reasons, but also practical ones. Some good new things are introduced, but get drowned in unwanted software cancer.

I no longer feel like having Photoshop on my computer, because it comes with all this garbage, and it increasingly feels like I’m using a dumb terminal and creating stuff “in the Adobe cloud” rather than on my machine. It feels like, at any given moment, that private image I’m editing might fly right away to some computer somewhere.

Maintaining a dedicated virtual machine with another costly Windows 10 license only to turn off its virtual network card seems like insanity. It’s just not practical or affordable. (Those evaluation copies of Windows 10 only work for 90 days and the rearm stuff never works.)

Basically, even if you can figure out some kind of “trick” to work around this, the fact remains that I’m drained of all my energy and creativity just knowing what they are doing. I want to feel like I’m using a fully “offline”, professional-grade, robust, industrial application — not some kind of toy for babies. I thought they had special editions for consumers, but now, even the “real” Photoshop looks ridiculous visually.

How can I open a PDF using SharePoint which opens outside of the browser? (I’m using Nitro not Adobe)

I’m trying to use promoted links as a tile format which links to a PDF file (also saved on SharePoint. I’ve linked the promoted link with a URL which points to the PDF on SharePoint and asks it to open in a new tab. When I click on the tile it works fine, except the image quality is very poor quality.

Is there a way to open said PDF in to Nitro from the promoted link instead of the in browser option?

Thanks in advance.

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Adobe not prompting for check out and open when PDF files are opened from SharePoint

I am working with SP on prem 2019 and have set files to launch in client apps by default and it seems to be working fine. Specifically for PDF files, when they are clicked from SharePoint, they launch fine in Adobe reader client but does not prompt for Check out and open.

I have version 2019.012.20036 installed for Adobe. if anyone came across this, please share thoughts what should be changed so users get prompted for check out and open when PDF launches in Adobe client.

Also FYI, versioning settings-> Require documents to be checked out before editing is set to Yes’ . Due to this for all word and excel files, check out and open prompt is working fine but not for PDF files.

Thanks in advance.

Tutorials For Adobe IIIustrator/PS ?

Hello. I am working on a website and i want to create some logos and graphics for wallpaper etc. I have Photoshop and Illustrator but i am a super beginner and they are extremely confusing for me. I searched youtube and the only tutorials i could find confused me even more. Does anyone know a good set of tutorials for beginner and up i can find on youtube or somewhere on the internet ?