Adsense Compliant?

Hello —

I used to run a website with Adsense with various scripts installed – from Business to entertainment. I believe I even has some sort of film downloader script installed. But I no longer have that site, However, I always stayed complaint with Adsense.

It's been a while – And am thinking about starting up a new Blog. After I get the new blog up and running, I'm thinking about applying for Adsense again. But I am not quite sure how much Adsense has changed.

So, I wanted to inquire,…

Adsense Compliant?

Using VPN over adsense ads


I have my company running and i got many clients who run adsense and other things on there website. I am into web designing and development… My one client is from Canada and he is using a VPN over adsense and clicking his own ads, And seriously he is earning $ 350/mo on average basis and he is taking wire payment since last 4 months(Which i have seen).

As far as i know, It is against adsense terms and they will ban you right away by saying invalid clicks etc etc.. I always feel…

Using VPN over adsense ads

Google Adsense and Google Admob issue for android

I want to add the google adsense and admob for mobile application and website but i’m getting below message from google .how can i proceed ? I could not able to find the issue related to this .

Thank you for your interest in AdSense. After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program. Our AdSense program policies are designed to ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our advertisers. We review all publishers and we reserve the right to decline any application. If you are able to make changes to meet our program criteria, you may reapply for AdSense in the future.

Adsense approval?

I want to apply for google adsense,i lost my old account .How much time it will take to approve membership? How many months old my website should be? How many posts should be there to get approved for adsense? Any tips would be appreciated.

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Is AdSense requiring sites be Individually approved now?

I have had my account for years and have manged many accounts over the years. I have a client who opened a new adsense account recently. They sent me their ad code to place on a site for them and it would not display.

They gave me account access yesterday and everything looked normal until I went to the "Sites" tab. On my account any every other account I have seen, this is an optional area that by default is enabled and only allows sites added to the list to work. The ads will still show…

Is AdSense requiring sites be Individually approved now?