youtube monetization/multiple adsense

Hello, plese follow the thread.

  1. Can I apply for adsense account with monetized channel that I bought?
  2. Can compilation channel with no music and no voice over be used to approve for adsense?
  3. Should each channel be managed from separate IP address? How to do it? How many are safe to run from 1 IP?
  4. Can I set channel country different that adsense country?
  5. How to create multiple adsense accounts?
  6. Correct way to transfer bought channel?

Do I need AdSense for an ads.txt?

I have signed up to be a game publisher with various platforms, and they all require that I add information to an ads.txt file. When I looked it up, all the articles mention Google AdSense. I don’t want any ads on my site other than those from the third-party game affiliates.

Can I add an ads.txt file to my root directory without AdSense?

Why is my site showing down or unavailable for google adsense [closed]

My site is up and running but still my adsense application got rejected. I got the following message: "We found that your site was down or unavailable. We suggest that you check your application to see if there was a typo in the URL you submitted. When your site is operational, you can resubmit your application".

UK immigration info website. Monetised with Adsense

  • WordPress based website
  • Short brandable domain name
  • Adsense income –

Incomes are rising. Industry has high click prices.

How is it monetized?

Screenshot attached.

How much time does this site take to run?
1-2h per months

Site is good indexed:…

UK immigration info website. Monetised with Adsense

AdSense AMP – Near 5,000 page views and 0 impressions [closed]

As the title I’m getting near 5,000 page views without a single impression.

I’ve installed the AdSense auto ads code in the normal pages and showing ads normally.

Also AMP auto ads codes are installed correctly and in AdSense platform report showing me that the pages are getting views, but 0 impressions.

To check the amp version of any page on the website, add /amp to the tail of the URL.

Screenshots: Content Platform : AMP is ON :

Which Part Adsense Code To Remove

I am using a custom Blogger template and the Layout widgets are not working. I need to remove a Adsense Link ad.

I tried removing the code, but the whole site disappeared. Could someone tell me which part of the code should I delete.

The HTML code is:

<b:widget id='HTML3' locked='false' title='' type='HTML' version='1'>
<b:widget-setting name='content'>&lt;center&gt;&lt;script async…

Which Part Adsense Code To Remove

Pagespeed insight score low after adding Googel Analytics & Adsense [closed]

I Added google analytics and adsense code in my html. After that my Google Page Speed Insight score becomes 65 from 90+. Is there anything I could do to optimize both these.

Insight link –

Adsense Reporting – Finding Earning not Attributed to an Ad Unit

I’ve been a publisher using Adsense since 2006.

Up until sometime in 2020, I was pretty good with having all ad placements allocated to (or "tied to") Ad Units.

Recently though, as much as half of my actual earnings don’t show up in the Ad Units report. e.g. If my overall earnings on a given day was $ 60, only $ 30 of that shows up in the Ad Units report.

Clearly I must have an ad (or multiple ads) running that don’t have an Ad Unit?

How would I go about troubleshooting that?

It’s all on the same site/domain so hopefully it won’t be too hard to track down.