Trouble diagnosing an AdSense Viewability / Active View issue

I’m having a viewability issue with a vertical Adsense placement (300×600 and under).

It’s a pretty standard above-the-fold, right column placement. The top of the placement starts around 200 px from the top of the browser window, so it’s a very visible placement. Easily the most visible on the site for desktop users.

The placement is hidden in mobile (by hiding the parent per current AdSense regulations) and doesn’t serve to mobile devices. (This is tested and confirmed, btw… so that’s not the issue).

The placement is currently scoring a meager 30% Active View in AdSense reports, which means it’s serving and not being seen — a lot.

Where else should I be looking to diagnose this problem? I’m pretty sure the viewability issue is negatively impacting RPM.

The site has excellent traction, with over 6 ppv and an average pageview time of nearly 1 minute. The bounce rate is a very healthy 33%. The CWV on the page are all healthy (Rather, as healthy as can be expected with a site running AdSense).

Anyone familiar with viewability / active view issues? Any thoughts on where else the issue could lie?


How to manage page caching to serve different AdSense units for Mobile and Desktop

I’m trying to cache the pages of my website, which are responsive and show the same contents for Desktop and for Mobile, with the exception of the location of the AdSense units if the visit is from Desktop or from Mobile:

  • for Desktop, I place the first ad (a 728×90 banner) just under the page title
  • for Mobile, the first ad is a below-the-fold 300×250 unit

The rest of the HTML contents are identical, except the AdSense code for the first ad. So I cannot cache the pages and I must query the database with the consequent load increment.

I wondered if any of you had similar experiences. Would you place the same AdSense code (e.g. responsive units) for the first ad (for both Desktop and Mobile), just in the below-the-fold of the mobile pages?

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