what are the advantages of using intimidation over persuasion

there are some pretty obvious downsides to intimidation the primary one is if it fails you may end up with a bunch of city guards on your tail. What about the advantages because from what I in my limited knowledge understand is that intimidation is just a weaker persuasion. Odds are I’m very wrong about that which is why I asked. Let’s go purely by RAW and RAI for consistencies sake.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wand of Cure Light Wounds and Wand of Infernal Healing compared to each other?

Every party in Pathfinder and every character in Pathfinder Society needs some healing source, and the two most common are a Wand of Infernal Healing and a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. It is often advised that everyone acquires one of the two wands as soon as possible.

Given that one of the two wands is used as a primary healing source, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

This question is about both PFS and normal Pathfinder games.

What Real-time Collaboration Advantages Are There By Using a SharePoint Document Library Versus OneDrive?

I know SharePoint is a powerful multi-faceted platform useful for collaboration and that it is obviously very capable when trying to work on a document or spreadsheet simultaneously with other users. But as far as the concurrent use of its file repository feature is concerned, couldn’t I achieve the same thing with OneDrive–that is, store files there that can be collaboratively edited in Word, Excel, etc.? Will collaboration break in OneDrive and possibly corrupt a file being worked on by two people at once? Otherwise, what advantages (strictly in relation to multi-user access of its file storage) would a SharePoint Document Library have over OneDrive?

What are the advantages of Ketosis?

We at the Just Diet Keto Foundation accept that a 3-month pledge to the eating routine is a base duty to enable your body to completely adapt to the new fat based fuel source. Since a great many people following a western eating regimen are not capable at using fat ideally, this period permits the body time to move toward becoming "fat-adjusted", using dietary fat proficiently and adequately. There are an assortment of…

What are the advantages of Ketosis?

What are the advantages a fighter/champion has over a barbarian/berserker? [on hold]

Both the fighter and barbarian are using a two-handed weapon build. I’m asking for the pros a fighter may have in combat over the barbarian because it feels like in combat the barbarian is superior. Things like number of attacks, AC, damage, etc.

So what advantages, if any, does a fighter/champion have over a barbarian/berserker?

Advantages and disadvantages of using bit masks in database

Not so long ago I talked to my colleague and he was definitely against using bit masks because it is hard to understand all the values that are stored in the database. In my opinion it is not always a bad idea to use them, for example to determine the roles of the current user. Otherwise you need to store it in a separate table, which will cause one more JOIN. Can you please tell me if I am wrong? Any other side-effects, advantages/disadvantages of using bit masks?

Is there an upper limit to the number of advantages you can have?

In Anima: Beyond Fantasy, at character generation, through Disadvantage use (up to the limit of three Disadvantages), you can end up with nine Creation Points with which to buy Advantages, many of which cost one Creation Point.

The sheet given by the devs has five slots for Advantages.

Is this an actual cap that I’ve missed, or just one of the many design flaws?

Measurable advantages of mob programming [on hold]

For the last few years my team at my job has been gathering for mob programming rather often. Today we discussed it and I raised the opinion that it would be favorable to be able to present an objective measure preferably based on efficiency and measurable evidence of the advantage (so that we can convince others of the advantages of mob programming).

I googled the term and read a little but found only descriptions of what it is like, no formalism, little or no principles of mob programming and no scientific evidence of the advantage. Still every guy in the team has a positive attitude towards mob programming.

Are there any more scientific studies about how mob programming actually results in measurable advantages?