Which published D&D adventures feature a dungeon with water-based mechanics?

I’m looking at designing a water-themed dungeon for use in 5e, along similar lines as Zelda’s various Water Temples. I’ve been looking for any published adventures which already do something similar to use as inspiration, but have come up empty. Any recommendations?

Suggestions from any edition of D&D / Pathfinder are welcome, with no restrictions in terms of PC level. Ideally the dungeon should have some (but not all) sections underwater, with ways to alter the flow / water-level in order to reach certain areas. Official WoTC / Paizo content preferred but third party content also welcome.

Is there any way for an adventure’s league character in the 8th season to gain heavy armor proficiency?

Is there any way for an adventure’s league character in the 8th season to gain heavy armor proficiency?

My wizard has no armor proficiencies, and the only way I found to get it was the following: Multiclass into fighter or barbarian and then gain the heavily armored feat.

Are there any other options?

Why is “Corruption” listed as its own saving throw on the Adventures in Middle Earth character sheet?

On the character sheet, under the Saving Throws section, there is “Corruption” listed. I can fill in the “proficiency” bubble or write a modifier in.

My question is: What am I supposed to use that part of the sheet to keep track of? Resisting Corruption is done by making a Wisdom saving throw, which is already on the sheet, so I don’t understand why there’s a separate saving throw proficiency for “Corruption” saving throws, whatever those are.

What 5E published adventures have generic optional rules sections usable outside the adventure?

I just learned that Ghosts of Saltmarsh apparently has a section called “Of Ships and the Sea”, presumably developed from the Unearthed Arcana of the same name. I generally don’t buy adventure books unless I’m planning to run that actual adventure — but it occurs to me that these rules might come in handy should my players in a different game decide to venture into the ocean. I learned about this because I happened across a review:

But it also has just as much info on how to navigate the sea according to 5e rules, the dangers that await, weather conditions and health issues, the creatures that inhabit it, and all the mechanics in-between. If you’re a DM and you want to create an adventure in the ocean, D&D just gave you every tool you’ll ever need to make it happen on your own terms. That’s one hell of an addition to the game that a lot of people who deal with seaside adventures will gladly take advantage of.

This seems pretty significant — in previous editions this might have been a section of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, or a DMG II, or a book specifically for adventuring in a that type of environment. This time around, it seems like they’re tying the publishing of this kind of rules expansion to adventure hardcovers.

So, this has me wondering. What other adventures published for 5E by WotC have significant rule sections like this? I don’t mean lists of magic items or monsters, but specific rules that might be useful in any campaign. Or, perhaps, what’s an easy way to find all such possible rules without looking through every published adventure, or just knowing?

What is the earliest possible entry level into the Oriental Adventures Shapeshifter prestige?

The Shapeshifter prestige class has a fairly high skill rank requirement, among other prerequisites.

What is the earliest possible entry level into the Shapeshifter prestige?

Prefer psionic based answers, but also willing to consider anything 3.x that would allow earlier entry. Best answer is the one that yields the lowest entry level, regardless of methods.

How do I get player characters who have non-adventurer backstories to go on adventures?

I have had an annoying issue where all my players make characters that don’t adventure and have jobs! This makes it really hard to incorporate them into the story and gives them very little backstory (as they want to never have met the rest of the party).

How do I get the players to stop this and go adventuring?

Are there any official adventures for non-werewolf shapeshifters?

I’ve recently picked up several breedbooks for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. While there appear to be many adventures for werewolves, I’m wondering if there are any intended for use by non-Garou changing breeds.

Although I could modify the Garou-based adventures for use by other changing breeds, I would prefer to use something that already incorporates that breed’s themes, if it exists.

Can I let my players play any official class/race in published adventures?

I’ve recently picked up SKT after my homebrew game came to a halt. Main reason for this is that I bought VGtM, XGtE and MToF.

My players really want to try out the new classes and races, but I’ve ran out of ideas to continue in the homebrew game, so I picked up a published adventure. On the back I noticed that the book should be used with the PHB, DMG and MM. I imagine this refers to requirements for GM’ing, but it made me wonder if there were any other restrictions.

So far I could only find that it’s recommended to have at least one character with the ability to understand Giant in the “How to run the game” section in the book when you run SKT.

Are there any restrictions or other things I should keep in mind when I allow my players to play classes and races from other official source books in published adventures? (e.g. certain race traits that affect parts of the story or powerful new classes)