What are the missing proficiencies per level for the Oriental Adventures monk and yakuza?

Oriental Adventures on the class monk says

[T]he monk starts with proficiency in one style of unarmed combat and two of that style’s special maneuvers. The monk also has five other proficiency slots. Of these, one must be used for religion and another calligraphy. The remaining slots can be filled as the player sees fit within the restrictions of the class.” “All monks have the martial arts special maneuver Missile Deflection in addition to the other special maneuvers thay may have or gain. This is not considered part of any martial style and so does not use one of the special maneuver slots for the monk’s chosen martial art. (18)

And on the yakuza it says

Yakuza begin play with three proficiency slots available. In addition, they automatically have the gaming proficiency. (26)

Table 56 (Oriental Adventures 51) shows the proficiencies character classes gain when they advance levels except that the table omits the monk and the yakuza (51). What are these missing values?

For comparison

The Player’s Handbook Weapon Proficiency Table and Unearthed Arcana show the following monk proficiences:

Class of Character | Initial # of Prof | Add Proficiency per Level | Non-proficiency Weapon Penalty Monk               |            1      |  1/2 levels               |     -3   

The Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide on Table 10 (23) and Wilderness Survival Guide on Table 1 (12) have the same proficiency entries for the monk:

Class of Character | Initial # of Proficiencies Weapon/Nonweapon | Add Proficiency per Level Weapon/Nonweapon Monk               |                  1/1                        |   1/1 per 2 levels 

However, using Oriental Adventures, it seems like for the monk and yakuza this information is as follows:

Class of Character | Initial # of Prof | Add Proficiency per Level            | Non-proficiency Weapon Penalty Monk               |         5         | missing (possibly 1/1 per 2 levels?) | -3 from PHB and UA Yakuza             |         3         | missing                              | missing 

…And I’d like to fill in the missing information.

Is there a Star Wars adventure for Awesome Adventures? [closed]

I teach English to a Japanese couple. I discovered they like Star Wars 4: A New Hope. I imagine there are a million RPG adventures for it but I want one for the Fate-based Awesome Adventures system (as I bought the book in Australia for myself and I don’t get reimbursed for expenses).

I want a adventure for two players with pre-generated characters — preferably a man and a woman — any necessary Star Wars setting info, a rather railroady plot so they can just play and get used to the system and the totally new experience of RPG roleplaying, while also learning English. I only have 1½ hours for the lesson but it can obviously be split over several lessons.

What are the differences between DC Adventures and 3e M&M?

DC Adventures is a version of 3e Mutants & Masterminds, released in advance of the core 3e books. In the course of answering someone’s question on the Ronin Army forums about the legality of the Green Lantern build, I cited the different rule for Create, namely that ranged attacks were done as Ranged Damage with an allowable trade-off, versus standard 3e where they are treated as an Area Attack and thus are strictly PL capped.

That made me realize that I wasn’t certain if I knew all of the differences between the two versions, aside from a different setting.

What published D&D adventures take place in the Astral Sea/Plane?

My players may soon find themselves in the Astral Sea. I don’t know much about the area, but if that’s where the adventure goes, so be it. Only problem is I find the 4e Manual of the Planes to be woefully uninformative. Are there any published adventures or modules that take place in the Astral Sea? Even if they aren’t appropriate for my game, reading one would probably give me a better ideas of what I can do to the players out there.

I’m running 4e and would prefer 4e material if it’s available. But I’m open to reading adventures set in the Astral Plane from earlier editions as well if that’s the best that’s out there.

Do Venture-Captain Sayrin Fyrewine or the Gristmill lodge appear in any published Pathfinder adventures?

I’m looking for information about VC Sayrin Fyrewine and her Pathfinder Lodge in Gristmill. I can find cursory mentions of them on the Pathfinder Wiki here and here. Those descriptions seem to be taken from Seekers of Secrets and Guide to the River Kingdoms, but I was hoping for a little more detail. Do they appear in any PFS scenarios or other published adventures?

DnD 5e Adventure’s League (AL) legal, Max starting gold, without using XGtE “This is your life” options

From my understanding of this text:

Prior to the start of any adventure (including your first), characters can sell any of their unwanted equipment for 50% of its listed value, and/or purchase new equipment. New characters can use this rule to sell some (or all) of their starting gear, and use the proceeds toward the purchase of better equipment

The most I can get my hands on from class starting equipment seems to be:

Fighter PHB (option to take 200gp & no other equipment, including any given by background choice)

Selling: 2 hand crossbows (sells for 75gp), light crossbow & bolts (sells for 13gp), Chainmail (sells for 37.5gp), dungeoneer’s pack (sells for 6.15gp)

Class total: 131.65gp

The most I can get my hands on from background starting equipment seems to be:

Detective Rats of Waterdeep: Appendix A (Does NOT count as your +1)

Selling: Magnifying glass (sells for 50gp), Bottle of ink (sells for 5gp), Quill (sells for 0.01gp), Folded parchment notepad, (how many pages..1…10?, sells for 0.1gp if 1), Common clothes (keep), Greatcoat (robe?, sells for 1gp), and hat (trinket?). Also a belt pouch containing 8 gp

Background Total: 64.11gp

Adding both together: 131.65 + 64.11 = 195.76gp

Even selling your common clothes & belt pouch you cant get to the ability of buying Splint armor for 200gp.

Did I miss any way of getting more gp, other than DM rewards and/or XGtE’s “This is your life” options?

I’d be happy to get splint armor, a quarterstaff (pike would be ideal), a sack & 1 day of rations. Under 201gp worth of gear, 5gp more would get me there

Is material from Adventures of Middle-Earth adaptable for Rolemaster?

I am currently running a Rolemaster campaign set in Middle Earth, TA 1640. I have source material for Rhudaur (where the group is right now), Rivendell, and Angmar.

I have come across this book bundle which features a lot of interesting regions, but the system is not Rolemaster or MERP; it is “Adventures in Middle-Earth”.

Is it going to be easy to use this material for Rolemaster, or are they very different systems? What age is it set in?

What psionic specific adventures or modules have been published for D&D?

What psionic specific adventures or modules have been published for D&D?

I’m willing to look at any edition, as my impression is that there are not a lot, and I’m willing to do the conversion work to the edition I will use. I prefer official TSR or WotC material.

I’m looking for adventures where the encounters are all psionic based, or at least the majority of them are.