Discord mass DM advertisement bot for $15

As you may have heard about Discord, it is a huge social networking chat where millions of user join guilds and do whatever they want. However, this script could be used to your advantage. With this script you could join these guilds and advertise users and direct them to your chat, website or whatever that may attract them. I am selling a Discord mass DM bot which will mass DM every member in the guild within a specific interval, except staff members or bots and have a really low chance of getting banned especially on phone verified accounts. Below are the features which might actually remove your doubt about whether it is worth buying or not: Easy to useFast and cheapIt has a really minimal risk of getting banned and can bypass the rate-limiting process of DiscordUses time intterval to DM usersIt won’t DM the same user over and over again unless you edit the list and remove the specific userSupport foreverScript is updated often and you will be added to a client Group chatHas the ability to ignore staff members and bots, no configurations necessaryYou can ignore users to prevent the bot from direct messaging that userThe bot will be able to detect if it got kicked out of the guild and then stop the DM process.The bot will DM the active members first and then DM the offline ones.The bot will notify you in-case it hits the rate limit or gets kicked out of a guild.Supports emoji and easy to setup your advertisement messageEasy to configureI will also provide support

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