Advertising third-party site listing on Google Ads

I have a client who would like to advertise their service on Google Ads, but they do not have a website. They are interested in getting more calls.

While I can offer to create a website for them, it would be a lot easier / cheaper for the client if we could create a listing on a third-party listing site and advertise that listing on Google ads instead.

Would that even work / be something that Ads can be set up to do ? If so, is the efficiency going tank a lot compared to a dedicated website ? Is there any other workaround this problem, different from the solution I am currently thinking about ?

Any help will be appreciated !

I am selling an advertising site

I am selling blank script for advertising, which aims to quickly and easily search for workers and advertise them ( site can be used for other purposes also ). The site has a Back-end, Cms and Front-end part. Back-end is written in Nodejs, Cms in React and Front in Next Js. The site is well ranked on Google, it is SSR and it is well SEO optimized ( i don't sell site for my country).
Note: The site is written from scratch
Some of the functionalities are:
1.Leaving an ad (SMS must be…

I am selling an advertising site

Why should you buy Facebook advertising accounts?

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Powerful banner advertising network

AdsHitz is a very powerful advertising network. It has 19 different advertising features, modules and ad types.
Overall, advertisers have already paid $ 393.
Alexa 170,143.

315 users, 165 websites in the database.

I will sell to a buyer who will read documentation and will be in contact with the developers who are very professional and supportive. I will not teach you all features and will not provide support after you purchase it. I am selling it AS IS with the account on the…

Powerful banner advertising network

Legal for providers to use navigation information for profiling / advertising?

My internet provider knows which sites I am connecting to (even if only the server names, when using https). Can they legally use that information for profiling / advertising? For instance, if they see me visiting they might decide to send me ads for strollers and diapers.

What is the legal status of this form of profiling in the major western countries (US / EU)?