Advice for a good sitemap structure

Who can me explain sitemaps? I am interested in the more complexed structure.

For example: on the homepage I have hyperlink to a page with categories A category can have a subcategory or a product.

The url structure look like this

  • Level 0:
  • Level 1:
  • Level 2:
  • Level 2: And so one.

What is a good structure for the sitemap?

I know the structure of a simple sitemap. But it are many urls…

Do I create an index sitemap with and split up everything like a sitemap for the homepage One sitemap for the categories and one for the products?

Categorisation advice for SEO in order to rank categories [closed]

This is sort of long but probably an easy question for you all. Don’t let the text scare you, it’s an easy read.

I’m a webmaster who’s trying to set up a music store webpage. Reading about different SEO concepts and tips, and most importantly John Mueller’s famous quote on page juice, I’m currently contemplating how I may set up a long-term SEO plan for the shops webpage. Since user experience, ease of navigation and backlinks are extremely important, I have decided to implement the following for causes that will be later stated:

STEP ONE: Set up the webpage so that different categories are set up for each instrument, except an instrument of selection

STEP TWO: The page that will be getting the backlinks will be something by the line of musical instruments, which is going to be set as a category. The instrument of selection will be set as a subcategory of musical instruments, which will also be receiving lots of backlinks in itself.

STEP THREE: As the shop takes on more visitors, other instrument categories will be added to the "musical instruments" category, which will be receiving backlinks from then on. This process is repeated until most categories are taken under the umbrella of musical instruments, from which point on, the category musical instruments will be redirected to the homepage, and the instrument subcategories under it made into categories of the homepage, thus just categories in themselves.

The rationale is as follows:

Backlink building will be most focused on the main keyword, which is quite a long process, given the seo competition being very harsh where I live at, I found it would be the best of my interest to start popping up different categories ranks up one by one. I wish to gradually work my way up to the main keyword while still earning from the specific instrument categories which are easier to rank for.

Moving this way will allow me to rank for these instruments on the way to building up the main keyword backlink profile, as category pages will generate seo for subcategories and increasing subcategory numbers one by one would make it so that the umbrella term which is musical instruments isn’t too spread over the place

My issues comes into play here: How effective will this strategy be? Given that people want to view musical instruments and not "pianos" per se when they view musical instruments, I can see why people would gravitate towards the homepage, lowering screentime on page (Analysis shows "musical instruments" pages are where most people spend time and money) and thus ranks, which I PRESUME WILL LOWER RANKS FOR SUBCATEGORIES (keep in my mind early game plan is profiting from specific instruments, since ranking for musical instruments is hard in the first place). However, categorising each instrument under musical instruments would be beneficiary for the the m. inst. rank.


  1. Is there any fallicious logic behind what is written above
  2. Would screentime play part in ranking for subcategories/links that take place at the page
  3. Would category seo even help subcategories at all, does google take the websites word for what the backlink profile popularity of the page is going to affect or simply care about where users are directed towards when they visit the webpage? 4.What alternative strategies would you recommend given I want to rank for instruments as I’m gradually building up for the main keyword


Advice want to Start Playing Again! Played as an Intermediate [closed]

So I used to play a while back ago. Was never that much into it. I actually used to think it was kind of stupid but as of late have been thinking about it more and more. At times it used to bore the crap out of me but when you’d get into it time used to fly by.

I played with some guys who were jerks and used to horse around a lot but would still get into it. I have a good enough idea of what to expect because of my experience and what I was exposed to. Just wondering if there were any ideas on what could help or questions, or thoughts etc.

I’ve already mentioned it to some folks. As far as planning goes, who’s going to DM and how the group structure should work for those not sure what to expect.

Once again I was never that into it. I’ve only played with one group but I went to shops and played as a child and it had a really lasting effect on me. So I want to take it slow and do it the right way.

The challenges I face trying to play are my culture. Drinking, girls, first generation-hispanic materialistic people. They’re some talented people, they have issues like everyone. Just wanted to try something different.

Maybe some guidelines, tactics, practical knowledge or anything that can contribute to the dynamics of our group. I’ve done limited research but my memory is hazy. Have already bought the materials and want this to be a memorable experience. Thanks and any comments or feedback would be much appreciated.

Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms

Hey guys. I recently took a freelance job as an in-house social media designer and we create new campaigns almost every second day.

I spend a lot of time repurposing campaign artwork for each social media platform. You know – one visual for Instagram, one for Snap, a CRM banner, Facebook, etc. I'm currently making them all separately and it takes so much time. I even need to work late to get them all done on time. I thought maybe someone knows a technique or approach how I could speed it…

Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms

Relations between deciding languages and computing functions in advice machines

I’m trying to understand implications of translating between functions and languages for P/Poly complexity. I’m not sure whether the following all makes sense. Giving it my best shot given my current understanding of the concepts. (I have a project in which I want to discuss Hava Siegelmann’s analog recurrent neural nets, which recognize languages in P/Poly, but I’d like to understand and be able to explain to others implications this has for computing functions.)

Suppose I want to use an advice Turing $ T_1$ machine to calculate a function from binary strings to binary strings $ f: {0,1}* \rightarrow {0,1}*$ . $ T_1$ will be a machine that can compute $ f$ in polynomial time given advice that is polynomial-size on the length of arguments $ s$ to $ f$ , i.e. $ f$ is in P/Poly. (Can I say this? I have seen P/Poly defined only for languages, but not for functions with arbitrary (natural number) values.)

Next suppose I want to treat $ f$ as defining a language $ L(f)$ , by encoding its arguments and corresponding values into strings, where $ L(f) = \{\langle s,f(s)\rangle\}$ and $ \langle\cdot,\cdot\rangle$ encodes $ s$ and $ f(s)$ into a single string.

For an advice machine $ T_2$ that decides this language, the inputs are of length $ n = |\langle s,f(s)\rangle|$ , so the relevant advice for such an input will be the advice for $ n$ .

Question 1: If $ T_1$ can return the result $ f(s)$ in polynomial time, must there be a machine $ T_2$ that decides $ \{\langle s,f(s)\rangle\}$ in polynomial time? I think the answer is yes. $ T_2$ can extract $ s$ from $ \{\langle s,f(s)\rangle\}$ , and then use $ T_1$ to calculate $ f(s)$ , and then encode $ s$ with $ f(s)$ and compare it with the original encoded string. Is that correct?

Question 2 (my real question): If we are given a machine $ T_2$ that can decide $ \{\langle s,f(s)\rangle\}$ in polynomial time, must there be a way to embed $ T_2$ in a machine $ T_3$ so that $ T_3$ can return $ f(s)$ in polynomial time?

I suppose that if $ T_2$ must include $ T_1$ , then the answer is of course yes. $ T_3$ just uses the capabilities of $ T_1$ embedded in $ T_2$ to calculate $ f(s)$ . But what if $ T_2$ decides $ L(f)$ some other way? Is that possible?

If we are given $ s$ , we know its length, but not the length of $ f(s)$ . So in order to use $ T_2$ to find $ f(s)$ , it seems there must be a sequential search through all strings $ s_f = \{\langle s,r\rangle\}$ for arbitrary $ r$ . (I’m assuming that $ f(s)$ is unbounded, but that $ f$ has a value for every $ s$ . So the search can take an arbitrary length of time, but $ f(s)$ will ultimately be found.)

One thought I have is that the search for a string $ s_f$ that encodes $ s$ with $ f(s)$ has time complexity that depends on the length of the result $ f(s)$ (plus $ |s|$ , but that would be swamped when $ f(s)$ is long).

So now the time complexity does not have to do with the length of the input, but only the length of $ f(s)$ . Maybe $ L(f)$ is in P/Poly if $ f$ is in P? (Still confused here.)

Thinking about these questions in terms of Boolean circuits has not helped.

Is there any way for the Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer’s Elemental Affinity to improve Eldritch Blast, or is the Sage Advice Compendium just wrong?

The Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer’s elemental affinity ability says:

Starting at 6th level, when you cast a spell that deals damage of the type associated with your draconic ancestry, you can add your Charisma modifier to one damage roll of that spell.

The cantrip eldritch blast deals force damage, and force damage does not appear on the Draconic ancestry table.

Nevertheless, the Sage Advice Compendium ruling on elemental affinity states:

Elemental Affinity benefits one damage roll per casting of a spell, even if the spell allows more than one roll. So, for example, the feature improves one of the rays of a scorching ray spell or one of the beams of an eldritch blast spell.

Is this just a case of using eldritch blast as a contextually incorrect choice of category representative of the type of spells this Sage Advice ruling is addressing, or is there a way to modify the damage type of eldritch blast so that it is an actual use case for this ruling on the elemental affinity ability?

WordPress Multistep Checkout Advice [closed]

I am after a bit of advice here from WordPress masters…

I am creating an ecommerce site where the products are subscription based. The subscriptions are sold on a yearly basis. However the products are not sent at regular intervals the products will be sent out on significant dates for that year.

For example pay for a subscription and they get sent a gift on their birthday, Christmas and fathers days.

How can I go about creating a system that allows me to sell the subscription as follows…

User Selects Plan -> directed to a new page where they enter details of recipient (name, address, birthday etc) -> directed to checkout page.

P.s I need all the recipients details to be saved to a CSV file to email over to my suppliers.

Need advice for blog layout

This is my first post, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules.

I need help improving the look of my basic website blog. It is at

Currently it uses a softaculous platform called flatpress. It is fine, but I don't think it allows me to change colours or add my own header jpg.

Should I go for basic html, or get a wordpress theme? If a wp theme, how do I find one simple enough that looks like my site but allows a custom header?

online store advice

Hi folks, I hope things are well.

I am creating a new online store. I don't have a website yet. I don't need my own domain at first. I am located in Canada and would like to sell to Canada OR to (Canada and the US). I will be selling hockey / baseball cards etc. Some but not all items will have images. I need to be able to bulk uploads / updates of items (from csv, excel etc) and have them automatically go into specified categories (tens of thousands of items eventually). Would be…

online store advice