Advice for teen planning on pursuing career in mathematics

I am currently in High school, 16, and currently just curious as what to do as a career and going into Mathematics seems quite interesting. I have done some very math-based things on my own, such as being in the process of working on a CrowdMath problem and absolutely love it and have been making decent progress on it. However I am still quite scared of how hard it is, and how much talent plays a role in it, because one thing I know is that I am not talented at all.

tl;dr In high school wanting to go into mathematics, but feel that lack of talent and fear of workload is stopping me from making a firm decision.

Can anyone here tell me how large is the workload, how much talent plays a role in it and what could I possibly do to make me better prepared (things such as books or certain things to work on)

Corporate Portraiture Advice

I’ve been commissioned to do a series of corporate portraits.

This is something I’ve not done before, but, quite frankly, the money was too good to turn it down! So, now I have to get my skills and confidence levels up so I make a passable go of it.

The company wants a half-body shot of each of its executives — some 60 people spread across four offices. The executives will be seated at a “desk”. They can rest their arms on the desk surface, or not, as they choose. Each image will be cut-away from the background and placed within a black box on the company’s website. The bottom edge of this box will replace the desktop so it will appear the executives are resting their arms on the lower edge of the box. It’s important, therefore, that the desktop does not appear in the shots other than the front edge, so I’ll need to shoot head-on to the table.

I’ll have a room in each office that I can use as a impromptu studio. I want to keep things as simple as possible and buy as little kit as possible. Also I have to lug everything about myself so my kit has to be light enough for me to travel with and compact enough to allow me to go by train and taxi. I do have a light but sturdy sack-cart I can use.

My plan is to buy a white backdrop. Either some sort of folding screen, or a portable hanging-system to take a paper roll. I think I favour the screen, although I’d need to keep it in place somehow — any suggestions? Or any recommendations for the type of system to go for?

I also plan to light the person using two Westcott 43-inch white-satin umbrellas each fitted with a Canon 430EX II flash on portable light stands. I’ll have each umbrella just out of shot at 45° either side of the subject and raised so that the centres are slightly higher than the subject’s head. I can’t think of a simpler set-up! Hopefully, there’ll be enough stray light to light the background without the need for an additional flash. The background will, after all, be cut away, but it does need to be lit evenly enough so it’s easy for the web-guys to do the cut-away.

I’ll either shoot with my Canon 5D-III and a cheap (but sharp) 50mm f/1.8, or I might try using my Fuji X100F with a 50mm conversion lens. The advantage of the former is I can use my PocketWizards to trigger the flashes. For, the latter, I’ll have to run PC sync cables to both flashes and use two PC adapters.

My main question is: (1) What background system (type, not brand — I know the rules here!) would work best?

But, also, I’d like to know: (2) Does this seem like a reasonable plan? (3) Are there any obvious holes or oversights? (4) Any tips or comments anyone cares to offer!

Many thanks!

Advice on how to model my microservices

I need to tackle this problem : we have to model some services aimed to handle all our customer registration process : – this include registration of the personal data (name,surname,email whith a scan of his ID card…) – contact information : with email and address (with proof of domicile)

The customer account is created as soon as the email address his confirmed (via a link sent to his email address) and the account is effective as soon as all the scanned data are verified by a backoffice user.

The customer have access to his information and could for example change his name by providing a proof (a copy of his new ID card). If the backoffice user validate the scanned Id card , the customer name change become effective. A variation could be that the change is effective and could be roolback later in case of rejection in the validation process of the scanned document.

For the microservices part, our architecture is like this : – We have designed a customer microservice – As we have a lot of (scanned) document to validate : we have created a proofValidation microservice. All our integration are point to point, as we are not using any message queue (some of us find it’s complicate to manage and we could do more or less the same think with a db).

But I am not sure how to expose those service to a UI : for example to handle the name update : should I create a hight level service responsible to handle the process (some kind of orchestrator) and roll it back if there is a rejection int the validation of the scanned document ? If this hight level service need persistence for rollback isn’t it ridiculous to have only one or two tables ?

Another possibility is to handle all the use cases in the customer microservice : but in this case this service could evolve more often than not when the requirement on the registration process are changed…

Need some advice about Blogging

Hi all
I am not sure if infact this is the right forum for this question but I have a request and I need some advice on how I might set this up.

Basically what I want is the ability for any registered WordPress user to be able to add a paragraph or 2 to a blog post. In other words, I want something like Wiki where users can login to the site and add a paragrpah or longer to an existing post. Obviously I would want what they add held in moderation until I can actually view and approve it,…

Need some advice about Blogging

Advice on using this alternative method of finding the Laurent expansion of $\tfrac{1}{z^2(z-1)}$

Say we want to calculate the Laurent series of $ \tfrac{1}{z^2(z-1)}$ about $ z_0=1.$ Now I know that one way to do it is to say that $ f(z)=\tfrac{1}{z^2}(\tfrac{1}{z-1})$ and appy the geometric series expansion to the brackets term. But I wanted to try and do it a different way :

First we split f into partial fractions and compute the Laurent series separately.Now consider the Laurent expansion of $ \tfrac{1}{z^2}$

We know that $ 0$ is a pole of order 2 which implies that $ \forall n>2,a_{-n}=0$ . Therefore $ \tfrac{1}{z^2}$ haa series expansion $ \tfrac{a_{-2}}{(z-z_0)^2}+\tfrac{a_{-1}}{z-z_0}+a_0+a_1(z-z_0)+…$

Now to calculate the the $ a_{-2}$ coefficient I applied the following trick

$ a_n=\tfrac{1}{2\pi i} \int_{\gamma}\tfrac{f(z)}{(z-z_0)^{n+1} }dz=\tfrac{1}{2\pi i} \int_{\gamma}\tfrac{1}{(z-z_0)^{n+3}}dx=\tfrac{1}{2\pi i} \int_{\gamma}\tfrac{1}{z^{n+3}}dz$

$ a_{n-2}=\tfrac{1}{2\pi i} \int_{\gamma}\tfrac{1}{(z-z_0)^{n+1} }dz=\tfrac{f^n(z_0)}{n!}$ But as n $ f(z)=1$ this implies that $ n$ must be zero and so $ a_{-2}=1$

Now when I tried to use the same trick on $ a_{-1}$ It doesn’t work because now we can’t use Cauchy’s formula. Also when I tried to use u substitution by letting $ u=z-z_0$ it returns that $ a_{-1}=-\tfrac{1}{z}$ but I know this is not rue as I know from the method that I mentioned in the first paragraph that $ a_{-1}=1$ So does anyone have any suggestions on how I can find $ a_{-1}$ continuing with the method I’m trying to use ?

Could use some advice :)

Hey guys, I'm looking for some feedback on three names. – and I'd like to sell and develop the other two. I have for sale on for $ 8,000 (their appraisal) but no bites so far. I would be using to push referrals to's affiliate program. I am thinking just a site to funnel targeted traffic to various cbd affiliate programs. What are your ideas?

Creating a Domain of Dread for d&d. Any advice?

Me and my friends just finished playing through Curse of Strahd for D&D 5e and my character unfortunately wound up dying and being resurrected by one of the Ancient Ones, resulting in my DM deciding my character had been cursed by the Dark Powers as a result, and they decided to banish my character to his own Domain of Dread, making him an immortal Darklord.

After we were done my DM said that he wanted me to design my character’s Domain so that either him or i could use it as a campaign setting, and i really like the idea. Only problem is i have no experience making a setting like any of the Domains of Dread, so i thought i could use some advice.

Here’s the info i have so far:

1) The character that became a Darklord was a Shadar-kai paladin of the Raven Queen named Ivellios that both broke his oath and became cursed by agreeing to a pact with an Ancient One known as Delban, the star of ice and hate.

2) The Domain is supposed to be set up in about the same style as Barovia, and close to the same size too, except the entire Domain is themed around ice and snow and cold and all that jazz.

3) By the time the campaign takes place, Ivellios has been a Darklord for around a century or two, and due to his pact with Delban, he is ice-themed himself(mabye even made out of ice at this point, i’ll let you decide) and has become the first of a new kind of powerful ice-themed undead that has yet to spread beyond the Domain to the Material Plane.

Let me know if any of you come up with something or just have some advice for me, because i could really use the help. Thanks in advance!

Building an Online Service, need general advice


Hopefully I am posting this the right place. Please tell me if this belongs somewhere else.

This is a rather broad question regarding building an service. I am not asking for specific code or anything, just general advice.

Does anyone have an idea of how I should approach the following:

A website sends a text file with some custom info based on parameters a user changes. text file is sent to local computer of mine. The text file is used for some external calculation, creating an “asset”, 3D model. (I got this part). Then the asset is sent back to the website and uploaded live, made available for the user. So my biggest question is how could one make a website send a text file to a local computer (the website is hosted by some third-part most likely..) Is there any system, protocol, methods for doing such. And vise versa, send the processed file back to the website and make it live, automatically.

I am very grateful for any advice at all regarding any of this. I am a VFX artist so currently working with phyton and VEX, but looking into java, html and those things now a day. Thanks!

Need advice how to setup a dynamic multi domain Virtual Host / Codebase for a SaaS software

I’m not sure I chose the best title so feel free to suggest a better one, but here is what I’m looking to do:

I have a SaaS software and a domain e.g

I have 3 plans, and each one of them is a different codebase.

Each client will have a subdomain e.g, however each client may have a different plan.

Current apache config simply uses a wildcard ServerAlias, which allows me to handle all domains in one vhost, however it only points to one codebase (docroot).

Is there a smart way to make the docroot dynamic based on the client plan? If not, how would you handle this setup?

P.S: I want to keep my Apache site configs as simple as possible, and as automated as possible. and avoid creating many config files e.g: vhost for each client.