Looking for advice for my proposed spouse applying for uk visa, using visitor or tier 4 dependant?

I am currently on a tier 4 general student visa in UK as Indonesian (since 29 September 2018), and plan to stay in UK until 14 October 2019. So in my case, I’d like to invite my proposed spouse to come to stay with me until my departure date (bear in mind, as we havent married yet. We will marry at 7 April 2019 at Indonesia, I will go home first of course). After coming back to Indonesia for our marriage, I need to go back to London at 23 April 2019, as I will have exam at May. The problem is, I can’t decide between two of the visa type:

For visitor visa


  • She can apply now (without marriage certificate)
  • Cheaper (obviously)
  • She can go to UK with me (this will be her first time traveling abroad, hence she will need guidance, her parents does not allow her to travel alone)


  • High probability of refusal because the proposed duration of her stay will be 5 months and 19-21 days (I know you can say like, “oh I will just say my stay will be in weeks, but in reality I will stay for months”, but this is some kind of deception isnt it? I know you can try to explain for later visa application but I will try to avoid that)

For tier 4 dependants Pros:

  • Higher probability of acceptance for the proposed duration


  • She will only be able to apply later after the marriage
  • More expensive (need to pay full year for the visa and IHS, even though she will only stay with me for less than 6 months)
  • She will travel alone, because visa decision may be after 23 April 2019 (dont even ask me to pay the priority service >_<)

The main problem is, she needs to travel with me, I already read lot of things, like how it is not good idea of using visitor visa for staying almost 6 months (especially for proving not to be overstayer etc), and even how you need a lot of relationship evidences (mainly marriage certificate) to get the dependant route.

I am totally confused right now, any help will truly be appreciated.

Thank You!!

NEED ADVICE – Which next marketing job/career would suit me? I’d like your opinion !

Hello !

My current work contract is expiring soon and I am looking for my next step. I have gathered that many of you are marketing veterans and I would be very grateful if you could spare a couple minutes to advise me !

My background:

24 y/o male

Speak English & French fluently, German & Spanish conversational

Business Management Masters

Job Experience:

-Intern Portfolio analyst (working mostly on Excel to consolidate 1000s of co's products by figuring out which ones were useful…

NEED ADVICE – Which next marketing job/career would suit me? I'd like your opinion !

Merge sort algorithm to solve different problem. Advice?

I am a beginner in Python and wrote this program to solve the following question. where are the areas that I can improve the code? I want to write in Pythonic Way. Any advice?

Q- I have an array A with the sizes of apples and have to create another array S which would contain the indices of the apples in sorted order given that we cannot directly access or touch A only a function is_large(A,i,j) function can access it. It returns -1 is A[i] > A[j] and 1 if A[i] < A[j]. I wrote the program but it is giving incorrect results even for small arrays what is the problem? The main problem is that the first element is not changing positions because of that the whole array is unsorted.

def is_large_apples(apple_size, i, j):     """ Takes two indices and tells     which one of them is larger or smaller """      if apple_size[i] > apple_size[j]:         return 1     elif apple_size[i] < apple_size[j]:         return -1  def mergesort_apples(s, l, r):     """ This function takes indexed list and      makes recursive calls to sort the array """     if l < r:         mid = (l+r)//2         mergesort_apples(s, l, mid)         mergesort_apples(s, mid+1, r)         merge_apples(s, l, mid, r)   def merge_apples(s, l, mid, r):     """ This function takes the list and     the indices to merge them into the final array"""     nl = mid - l + 1     nr = r - mid     left, right = [], []     left = s[l:mid+1:1]     right = s[mid+1:r+1:1]     i, j, k = 0, 0, l;     while i < nl and j < nr:         print(s)         if is_large_apples(apple_size, left[i], right[j]) == -1:             s[k] = left[i]             i += 1         else:             s[k] = right[j]             j += 1         k += 1      while i < nl:         s[k] = left[i]         k += 1         i += 1     while j < nr:         s[k] = right[j]         k += 1         j += 1  apple_size = [5, 7, 1,44,2,33] # Given list of sizes. s = [x for x in range(0,len(apple_size))] # Original list of indices. mergesort_apples(s, 0, len(s)-1) print(s) 

Setting up VPS server advice

Good morning everyone!

I would like to ask for your advice on a project I am playing with. I apologize beforehand if the terminology I use isn’t correct: I have only just begun to explore servers and I don’t have an IT background.

I want to setup a VPS server as the endpoint for a private VPN: I want to browse using the VPS’ IP address.

Problem is.. I don’t know much about it. I have deployed linux systems on VPSs before to play around with them but.. I do need some pointers with this project, mostly because I don’t know where to start looking for information.

If you could help me setup this VPN, or point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. Thank you beforehand!

Need advice on a scroll situation where the clicked item is hard to place

I am developing a GUI where I have a list with products to the left. When a product is selected, an info box is shown to the right. My problem is that the scrollbar for the products is placed to the right of the products (to follow convention), but that is suboptimal since the scrollbar becomes a visual “wall” that separates the selected item to the left from the info box about the selected product.


I have thought about putting the product list to the right, but that feels wrong since attention works from the left to the right. I also tried to put the scrollbar to the left of the products but that breaks the cultural learned standard that a scrollbar is placed to the right.

An Apple iTunes inspired scroll list where the products scroll when the cursor is placed on the top or bottom of the list is an option, but it’s more complicated to implement and the lacks the advantages of the scroll bar…

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Advice for improving internal dashboard

I work for a book manufacturer, a component from our internal dashboard looks like this. I’m not a designer by trade and as it’s come to refactoring the project, I figured now would be a good time to clean up the ux a bit.

The purpose of the component is to show the planned vs actual (jobs scheduled vs what we actually did) as simply as possible.

Should also specify that the buckets are a management request so they can’t change but everything else is up in the air.

(The export expands into an export via email or straight csv)

Any advice would be great! Sorry if the question is inappropriate.

Worried first time DM/general player of DnD seeking advice!

I need whatever help I can get with my first ever DnD session!

To be honest, I have little to no experience with roleplaying games. I used to roleplay with my friends, but I wouldn’t consider that experience in the world of DnD. I got introduced to DnD through The Adventure Zone, Stranger Things, and other pop culture references to the game. Since my family are the ones I’m most comfortable sharing my nerdy interests with, and they’re, uh, older, I’ll be DMing for my parents and my brother. My family is also entirely new to DnD, and I’m not really sure how to prepare them in advance.

I bought the starter kit along with some dice (to treat myself), I’m currently reading through the starter kit manuals, and I’m watching whatever video or post I can find related to DnD. But from what I hear, it’s very difficult to DM and listening to podcasts make me so overwhelmed to start.

I just need whatever advice I can get, and whatever information I should read on too, besides the rule book and story that comes with the starter kit. Anything I could be missing, or something to ease my worries.

Thank y’all so much in advance!

Help and advice on getting s B2 visa to USA from the UK

Hello I’m from the UK and I’m 27 years of age My girlfriend lives in Chicago in the USA

I been with her 3 years I have gone and saw saw last year July 2018 for 3 months on a esta …..

They I tryed going back December on the esta and I got sent home at the border and they cancelled my esta

Now I need a visa to see her

I’m worried course I’m scared I might get denied

I don’t work in the UK haven’t for few weeks

But I do live in a flat but I only just moved I’m the start of February

So I don’t know if I should apply for one or is it to soon to apply and should I leave it month or two cause I only just got a flat

Could someone please help me and give me advice on what I should do

LED light for omega c700 enlarger – need advice please

Has anyone used a LED light in an Omega C700 Condenser Enlarger? I’ve tried it once and it worked well but when I tried to use it again the light started flashing. I’m using an 11w warm white LED light. I’m also using a transformer as my enlarger requires 120v and I live in a country that uses 220v. Could this be a reason for the light not working? Or is my enlarger just getting old?