May giving advice offend somebody in Germany?

It is pretty common in Czechia to give advices to your collegues, even your bosses — what they could do better, what could be done better in development, etc.

In the near future, friend of mine is going to business-trip to Germany. I have heard something strange I dont understand. He has been told by his boss, that he definitely should not give advices neither to his German collegues nor bosses, because it would most-likely offend them if they have been told how they should do their job.

It is well known Germans are a little bit uptight so it seems it might be true. Is it ? May German be offended if you would give him an advice ?

Drupal 7 – Webform select options advice

I have a Drupal 7 webform where one of the components is selecting an email address from a list.

What is the best way / webform component to use for this?

One option I’ve though is adding them all into the taxonomy db table and creating a pre built list based off of a taxonomy list.

This would work but I’m expecting approx 1,000 results, so scrolling through a selection options component isn’t really ideal.

Is there any sort of search and select webform component module that could be used instead of the standard select options? Or perhaps an alternative way of tackling this?

Select options

Select options values

-4000 PayPal balance! Advice help

How’s it going everyone I joined this site after browsing for a long time and figured i will post

posted a high end item on eBay it sold it for $ 4000 never shipped the item i issued a refund but i don’t have the 4K in my act and let my act go in the negative we’ll it isn’t yet but will be after the next failed echeck

I have every intention of paying PayPal back

Do I have 120 days before it get sent to collections?

Once again was just tying to get a quick loan since my credit score is…

-4000 PayPal balance! Advice help

Need Advice, What to built on this domain name, ripple (Crypto)

Hey guys! I was really confused what to do with this domain?

It's "ripple . com . pk" , I'm wondering what would I built on it? What type? Is this domain even worth anything?

I know there are plenty of highly reputable, experienced people on this forum, I would appreciate your time, kindly let me know you think is the best thing to do.

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Need advice with Web Development

Hey everyone,

This is my first post and I am based in Queensland Australia. I am looking to have a website developed for my business. I am having a very hard time trying to find a developer who can deliver the complete product. Over the past 2 years, I have lost nearly 15k as the developer wasn't able to finish the task. I had one developer who insisted that WordPress was the way to go and he wasn't able to complete the job, and I hired another developer who insisted that PHP and…

Need advice with Web Development

Advice needed please

got a bit of a head scratcher here, I'm putting together a site for my son who is starting up digital marketing, the issue seems to be that one of the text sections seems to bleed over onto the above text section when viewed on a mobile, I'm by no means an expert in this field, maybe someone with more experience would be able to put me on the right track,
thank you in advance,