Just DMed my first game and need advice on how to continue [on hold]

I just ran my first game as DM. It was on discord and it went quite well. My players want more, and the downside is that I have only played DnD twice before DMing and couldn’t find a DM for us.

So now that you know the backstory I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to DM 2 player games who (thank god) are into the role play but decided to make these abominations of characters: a high-elf ranger and a hill-dwarf barbarian.

I thought homebrew would be a good idea but I did my best to mitigate the amount of homebrew as was in the game as it was their first game but it went quite well.


I DMed a game after only playing 3 hrs of DnD it went better than expected and need tips on how to continue 3 hour, 2 man games without making it look like I’m trying to negate what they can do on the homebrew front.

Need advice for re-applying UK visa refusal

I was refused visa twice for my graduation because the visa officer did not believe that the funds are mine and the officer wanted clarification for the origin of funds.

When I apply the visa, I submit only 1 my bank account. All the money in that accounts are coming from my another bank account. Now this time, if I’ll submit both accounts and I ‘ll explain all the sources of funds, do I have a chance?

Advice needed with optimizing JavaScript For Loop function

I need help optimizing the following jQuery code. The below jQuery snippet has been partially optimized to use a native JavaScript for loop to make some alterations to the html instead of using the jQuery .each() method. What further techniques could be used to make the click event more performant?

$  ('.table__button').click(function() { 	for (var i = 0; i < $  ('table.table td').length; i++) { 		if (!$  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).hasClass('table__cell--disabled')) { 			$  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).css('background', $  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).attr('data-colour')); 			$  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).css('text-decoration', 'underline'); 			$  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).css('font-weight', 'bold'); 			$  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).css('text-align', 'center'); 			$  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).addClass('is--coloured'); 			$  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).html('I am now ' + $  ($  ('table.table td')[i]).attr('data-colour')); 		} 		$  ('.table__button').attr('disabled', 'disabled'); 	} });
/* do not change the css */  table { 	width: 100%; 	margin-bottom: 40px; } tr:nth-child(odd) { 	background: #f0f0f0; } td { 	padding: 10px; }
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <!-- do not change the markup -->  <table class="table"> 	<tr class="table__row"> 		<td class="table__cell" data-colour="green">Make me green</td> 		<td class="table__cell" data-colour="yellow">Make me yellow</td> 	</tr> 	<tr class="table__row"> 		<td class="table__cell" data-colour="blue">Make me blue</td> 		<td class="table__cell" data-colour="red">Make me red</td> 	</tr> 	<tr class="table__row"> 		<td class="table__cell--disabled">Leave me alone</td> 		<td class="table__cell--disabled">Leave me alone</td> 	</tr> </table> <button class="table__button">Colourfy table cells</button>

Here is the codepen – https://codepen.io/kelborn/pen/EBNjKe

Looking for someone to give me advice about an app idea

Basically, long story short… I have an app idea. I don not wish to disclose it in the open for obvious reasons. Basically I am just looking for someone to give me some advice and to get your personal opinion on it. the app is just an idea at the moment but I am determined to build it and make it a reality. The app is retail based so maybe someone with retail experience could help…but not compulsory.

If you are interested PLEASE message me on Instagram @trolleze Or by replying to this thread. Thank you in advance, Sam