Advise on pulling retainer back in line [on hold]

We are playing a 5th Ed. campaign were my character is the lead at the request of the DM. She is the leader, female, nobility. She has a handful of retainers, who generally work well together. Unfortunately, one (we’ll call him ‘Adam’) has become something of a loose cannon; and we’re not sure if it is an issue with the character, or the player himself…

The DM started off the campaign with a section aimed at my character, and everything was fine.

‘Adam’ became the next foci (though my character remains party head), where we dealt with his section of the campaign.

But now we have moved on to another section and character, ‘Adam’ is continuing to manipulate the setting to his own (real life) political agenda. He’s always been politically left, and although I agree we should be doing something to rectify the problem in our current locale, I feel his petulance and threats to stay behind if we don’t resolve the matter are undermining my character’s authority.

After discussion with her retinue and a good night’s sleep, I concluded the only right thing for her conscience and family name is to offer assistance, but I now feel like this is being viewed as a ‘win’ by this character/player against mine. (We came to this conclusion after said player bragged about how he ‘controlled his own section, and is dictating how this one goes too’!)

Not only that, but his actions have put the party in mortal danger (where he nearly died, and all three of us could have been killed), so, I’m now in a position where I feel my character has to reinforce her authority by ‘letting him know his place’.

But how to do it?

We’ve been playing as a group for many, many years, and as I say, he’s always had a perchant for ‘righting social wrongs’, but since 2016 our real-life politics have diverged a lot more.

I don’t want to affect the player, I just want to show a take-no-guff position from my character’s standpoint as his employer, leader, and nobility.

I’m not a quick thinker, I like to ruminate on my options, so I’m not great at making a point with swift action.

But, even now, there were only two things I can think of:

  1. On the basis that he has threatened to remain behind if we decide not to stick around to resolve the situationWe stay and resolve it without comment, only for me to then release him from his oath at the conclusion of the section.

  2. I decide we are all leaving without resolving the issue and demand he ‘step up’ or walk. If he refuses to join us, I dismiss him on the spot.

Of course, in writing this, I have just realised there is a third option – to test him.

  1. Call his bluff by demanding he follow me to see what his reaction would be, only to then resolve the situation and deal with his response at that the conclusion point.

    If he follows, ask him to reswear his oath of loyalty.

    Or cut him loose if he refused to follow me.

Any other ideas / advise guys?

Please advise: two Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_Trap BSODs right after refreshing Windows

I’ve been plagued by BSODs for months now, and just when I think I’ve solved the cause of one error type, I start getting them of a totally different error type, so today I bit the bullet and refreshed my Windows install. As I began the arduous task of reinstalling my most important programs, I was almost immediately hit with an Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_Trap. I restarted, at not long after I got another.

I’ve heard that type of BSOD error can sometimes be caused by bad RAM, but I’ve run memtest86 and it turned up clean. Anyone have a clue what’s going on?

EDIT: I forgot Windows doesn’t like it when you try to upload a file straight from C:\Windows\Minidump. Here they are now. First crash, second crash, and I just noticed a Driver_State_Power_Failure BSOD at 2 am last night, so here’s that too.

No Internet on Advanced Tomato router – Please advise

I got a new R7000 router, it worked fine on stock netgear firmware. I decided to flash it with advanced tomato 3.5-140. Flashed and installed fine, I followed all the instructions. However I can’t get it to connect to the internet?! I’ve changed the basic settings to PPPoe as that is what my connection uses, still didnt work. I’ve tried reseting to default, erase nvram, hard reset and even reset the modem a few times. But still nothing has worked. I am totally at a loss with this. I’ve had many routers over the years and not had an issue like this. What am I missing?? I’ve googled this problem but can’t find an answer, seems a reset fixed it for most.

Please help

Who’s responsibility is it to advise transit time issues due to changes – Interline / Oneworld ticket

transiting from Dubai via Madrid to a local flight in Spain operated by Iberia. (Terminal 4S arrival, Terminal 4). All tickets issued by Emirates. Original transit time 2.5 hours, now down to 25″. Iberia have advised me of the the flight change as a FYI (but have not mentioned the transit time might be an issue etc). I’ve heard nothing from Emirates although I can now see my itinerary has changes. Is it alway upon the traveler to work out that their might be an issue (25″ is to short to transfer from 4S to 4 in Madrid) with after booking changes with interline connections ?

Hardware advise


We are about to buy our 1st server for colo 🙂 This Server will for Sharing hosting

Chassis: SC813MFTQC-350CB2
Motherboard:… | Read the rest of

New to Development: request to kindly advise foundational and beginning study topics (from the below list)

Although alittle later than most, I am determined that I would like to greatly expand my understanding of development. With this, I recently purchased a development bundle to help kick-start my journey. There is such a wealth of information available that I am not so concerned with finding reference materials, but rather my question pertains to which topics/programming languages/etc. are perhaps considered easier for a beginner…

**Can anyone kindly advise which of the below, or perhaps suggest another topic, to kick-off a self-paced development study? (I know formal training and education is normally recommended/required, but I just trying to expand my personal understanding and not actually trying to move into a new career – we shall see…)

Below are the topics which I have placed into my “foundational” bucket… (My end-game is to be able to actually use the Mac development tools).

Basic Introduction To C++ For Beginners Become A Full Stack Web Developer: Beginner To Advanced Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 JavaScript Essentials: Get Started With Web Coding C# 7 & .NET Core 2.0 Recipes The Complete Google Go Programming Course For Beginners From 0 to 1: Learn Python Programming Easy as Pie Java Programming for Beginners Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-By-Step Guide