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I work for a company and have through default been dragged into helping out with their Google Adwords account, I only have a very basic understanding of Adwords.

Each of our adverts seem to have some text attached to the bottom of the advert, which makes the advert read very badly. I cannot edit the information in the normal way as it appears in grey, when attempting to edit the advert.

Does anybody know where this info can be edited from?

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How to create a Remarketing campaign on Google Adwords

The power of remarketing ( aka retargeting) is undeniable, it is one of the strongest tools every Online marketer will use in order to generate conversions and increase sales. What makes this method of marketing so strong (when used correctly), is the precise timing of the “follow up” phase.
Within the following article, I will guide you step by step how to start running a Display Remarketing Campaign on Google Adwords. The first part will explain how to configure the settings and the second part will discuss optimizing the marketing funnel.

How to setup a Google Adwords Remarketing Campaign?
Google Adwords Remarketing campaign requires a special “cookie” that you install on your website by HTML or Google Analytics. After implementing the tracking Cookie we will need to define a Remarketing campaign associated directly, to the website traffic the cookie collects.

Create a Remarketing Audience and Installing the Tracking “Cookie” Tag

In order to start running your Remarketing campaign you must have a remarketing tag implanted on your website, the Tag must have collected enough traffic to start operating campaigns.
To create a Tag, Click on the Campaigns Tab, then on the sidebar click on “Shared Library”
Now select from the sidebar “Audiences” and press the Red Button that says “+ Remarketing List. Within the dropdown select “Website Visitors”.
Enter the required information and press Save. Good job, now we have the Remarketing Audience ready.
On the right corner of the Audiences” tab you will see a small warning window that says that your tags are not detected. Press “Tag Details” and within the window that poped up find the “Setup” button.
Now within the Setup page, copy your tag and Paste as HTML or Connect the remarketing tag via Google Analytics. If you still need help with this step, I am including a detailed tutorial by Google at the bottom of this article.
Define the settings for your Remarketing Campaign

Like any Google Adwords campaign that we want to launch, our first step will be defining the settings via the “Campaigns” tab. Click on the red button that says “+ Campaign” and select “Display campaign” for the list. Follow the steps bellow to define the settings for this campaign.

Name your campaign and select the option that says “Buy on your Website” (under the Green column “Drive Action”)
Define the Location and Language you prefer targeting, take in consideration that your ads will be displayed ONLY to people that visited your website \ landing page. Due to that fact, I find that on remarketing campaigns you can be a little “loose” on this selection.
Select your preferred Bid Strategy and define your daily Budget.
Open the “Ad extension” dropdown and select your desired ad extensions
Open the “Show Additional settings” dropdown, I recommended advising the Ad delivery and Device sections. Define if you would like to advertise also on Mobile Phones and your preferred time of delivery. Don’t worry, You can change these settings later on.
When you have finished, Press “Save and Continue”
Now we are at stage 2 “Create a Ad Group”. Fill in the information on top, then select “Remarketing and Interests”, this will open a window with the “Select category” drop down on the upper left corner. Select “Remarketing lists” and select the desired tag.
When you have finished, Press “Save and Continue”.
You should now be on the 3rd stage of the Campaign creation, this is the part where you upload your media assets and create the Ads. When you have finished uploading the banners, press “Save and Continue” and confirm your campaign settings.
Great work! Your new Display Remarketing campaign is now ready. Remember that this is a new un-optimized campaign that needs to be optimized in order to generate awesome results.
How can I optimize my Adwords Remarketing Campaign?
Optimizing a Remarketing campaign for a high conversion rate and low cost CPA is a real challenge. Even though this might sound like rocket science at this point, I assure you that the only way to conquer this challenge is by trial and error, so start messing around with the different segmentation options.
The secret to optimizing is recognizing definable segments of your Target Audience, and serving them the optimal campaign. Here is how I perform a audience segmentation within my remarketing campaigns.

How to segment your Target Audience in a Remarketing Campaign?

The trade off of segmentation is winning higher targeting accuracy while losing more time to maintain and setup your campaigns. Find your balance! Each company and industry have different requirements. With that been said, I will almost always segment my audience by the following criterion: Interest in Product, Geo, Age, Gender.
To segment by Interest in Product we need to define a

Still Need help creating an Adwords Remarketing Campaign?
Obtaining the Media Assets for a professional Remarketing campaign can be a tough task – Luckily, Veedkit offers a Full Suite remarketing media pack , check out the Promotional Video archive and surely you will find a solution.
If you have specific questions I encourage you to leave a question in the comment section below. I will do my best to reply quickly and get your Adwords Remarketing campaigns running.

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Google holding my adwords hostage!

I need some help… Google denied all my ads because they said there was malicious or unwanted software. I called them after I saw this and informed them that I did not have any malware or unwanted software on my website. They said they would look into the issue and get back with me within 24 hours. That was on Thursday 10/18/18. I called back on Friday after 30 hours and they said they are still checking into it. Finally, on the next Monday, they tell me it's not malicious or unwanted…

Google holding my adwords hostage!