How to find cost per click on google adwords

Hi guys,

How can I figure out how much should I pay for each click?
I have read articles about this. I know the basic things like I should set my budget and google gives me a price.

Where can I find the cost per price?

I called one of the agencies that provide services like publishing ads on google adwords,
the operator searched my keyword, told me all the relevant keywords. like this:
first keyword: between 5 and 10 cents,
second keyword: between 5 and 20 cents,
and etc.

is there any panel to check this on google adwords or somewhere else?

I wanna check the cost per keyword to figure out how much my budget should be.

any help would be appreciated.

Does Google Adwords Certification Adds Any Value?

This post is regarding a question which I'm very curious to know. That is, does the Google Adwords Certification actually adds any value to the Passed Candidate or Company's profile?

As of now, I found there are couple of websites available across the web which are providing all Google Adwords Exam questions and answers.

Anyone, even without simplest Google Adwords knowledge can pass Google Adwords Certification program easily by searching those websites and their answers.

So, my…

Does Google Adwords Certification Adds Any Value?

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How to “not” consume all the budget at early stage on a day at Google Adwords?

Let me introduce me with greetings since I am new here.

I am currently setting up the budget of Google Adwords at 200 dollars at a day. ( Say, 6,000 USD a month. )

Although, I am Japanese and the words may be different in English version, let me ask here since we don’t have a specific oriented site in our country.

I am setting the target time zone at from around 10am to 21 am ( around ) every day.

But the huge flux of clicks eats all the budget set to each day and we are unable to display the campaign at the later stage of a day.

Is this a mistake of the portfolio management?

Or since I struck a new campaign, is the Adwords still “learning”? ( Some words already have the quality score of 7 but others 1-2, although click percentage is over 2%. )

Should I wait for sometime or do something else?

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