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I believe I had a student pay someone in Africa to do their homework on a Google Doc due to a possible VBA script in Somalian? [on hold]

So I have a student that is…ahem…unwilling to do their own work and I had an interesting situation that I was hoping I could get other’s perspectives on.

I assign the homework as a Google Doc that they make their own copies of and this particular student had an asian script question mark[?instead of ?] so I started looking into the edit history and found something even more interesting, this script was at the top of the document and then taken out before new answers were put in:

fvb ilaaly dhajo vba fvb ilaaly dhajo vba FVB ILAALY DHAJO VBA FVB ILAALY DHAJO VBA 7   A -> H 

Google Translate gives a translation for “ilaaly dhajo” as “keep watch” in English, but I’m assuming it might be part of a scripting command in Somali? Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?

I’m less mad that the student cheated because I expect that he will just continue to do it no matter what and if I call him out on it then he will just get better at not getting caught.

I am more upset that he apparently gave the person the log in to his Google account (which is connected to the school district) instead of just sending them a copy of the document! If they could then potentially use this account to pivot to greater levels of access.

With all the cities being taken down from ransomware/encryption attacks I’m wondering if I should escalate this to someone that would listen; the school’s IT is being run ramshackle over by all the students and I doubt they would even understand what I’m telling them, let alone take the appropriate action. What say you all?

What kind of font(s) offer maximum on-screen readability for consumption on smartphones in Africa?

I know that Africa is very large and very diverse, a continent and not anything like a single country, and cell phone hardware is presumably not uniform.

However, if it is known, what kind of font(s) would be optimal for ebooks intended for consumption on smartphones in Africa?

Travelling to S Africa on a U.K. Passport from NZ [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • I have two passports/nationalities. How do I use them when I travel? 5 answers

I have UK and NZ passports and am travelling to S Africa from NZ and returning to NZ. I have no visa to enter S Africa on my NZ passport. So I would like to leave NZ on my UK passport and return on my NZ one. Is this possible?