Is the grappling strike maneuver a part of an attack or used after the hit?

Battlemaster says

Maneuvers. You learn three maneuvers of your choice, which are listed under "Maneuvers" below. Many maneuvers enhance an attack in some way. You can use only one maneuver per attack.

but unlike other maneuvers, grappling strike uses "immediately after you hit" instead of "when you hit"

Is grappling strike limited to the one maneuver per attack clause?

My (send mail function WordPress) its made for salesstaus, has stop working after an update, maybe some code is outdatet

//send mail to owner if status set to 'Job Dispatched' if($  _POST['new_status'] == 10){     $  owner_email = get_option('purch_log_email');     $  result = $  wpdb->get_results('select wsf1.value as firstname                                      , wsf2.value as lastname                                     , wsf3.value as email                                     from XXXX2_wpsc_purchase_logs  wpl                                         left join XXXX2_wpsc_submited_form_data wsf1 ON wsf1.log_id = AND wsf1.form_id = 2                                         left join XXXX2_wpsc_submited_form_data wsf2 ON wsf2.log_id = AND wsf2.form_id = 3                                         left join XXXX2_wpsc_submited_form_data wsf3 ON wsf3.log_id = AND wsf3.form_id = 9                                     where = "'.$  _POST['id'].'"');         $  message    =   '<script type="application/json+trustpilot"> 

{‘ ."\n" ."\n" .’"recipientEmail": ‘.’"’.$ result[0]->email.’"’."," ."\n" ."\n" .’"recipientName": ‘.’"’.$ result[0]->firstname."".$ result[0]->lastname.’"’."," ."\n" ."\n" .’"referenceId": ‘.’"’.$ _POST[‘id’].’"’."," ."\n" ."\n" .’ }


    $  from       = " <>";     $  to         = $  owner_email;     $  subject    = "Trust Pilot"; 

// // $ headers = "From:" . $ from; $ headers = "From: " . $ from . "\r\n"; $ headers.= "Content-Type: text/plain;charset=utf-8\r\n";

    //wp_mail($  owner_email, 'New Dispatched Job', $  message);     

// Trust-Pilot

// mail(‘’, $ subject, $ message, $ headers); mail(‘’, $ subject, $ message, $ headers); }

How to fix category url 404’s after category permalink change

I am working on SEO for a website. So, I wanted to append "-coupon-codes" to all category URLs.

My Category Base Slug is : stores

Example what I wanted to achieve redirection :

/stores/walmart to /stores/walmart-coupon-codes 

as stores/walmart is indexed in google, I want to 301 redirect to new url

I tried this htaccess :

RewriteRule ^stores/(.*)/$   /stores/$  1-coupon-codes [R=301,NC,L] 

This was redirecting all store links to /stores-coupon-code but its 404 as original category URL doesn’t contain -coupon-codes,

and if I change any permalink to include -coupon-codes, Then, the original store URL becomes 404, and redirection isn’t working.

Do you double the delayed damage for Melf’s Acid Arrow after a critical hit?

The spell Melf’s Acid Arrow does 4d4 on hit and 2d4 next turn (I’m ignoring what happens for a miss). If you roll a 20 for your spell attack roll, you double the 4d4 to 8d4.

What about the 2d4 next turn? Does that get doubled too or does that just stay at 2d4 because it occurs on the next turn?

I know that How does extra damage work for critical hits? covers additional kinds of damage during a critical hit, but this is the same substance that did critical damage, continuing its damage in a later round.

production site routes to staging site after cloning

Hello I am new to wordpress, our website was down (due to plugin update) I was not even able to access the admin panel due to this, so I went to the directory and copied from our staging directory (the only working directory) to the public_html directory (Production Directory). This did fix access to the website but now when I access the website the home page is referencing the correct directory (non staging) but when I navigate to any tabs I am re-routed to the staging site (staging directory) which I do not want. Does anyone know how to fix this in order to stop the public html from redirecting to the staging html?

How long does a Suggestion last, after the spell is over, in the NPCs head? [duplicate]

I’m aware that the Suggestion spell could last up to 8 hours or until the task is performed. However, take this scenario as an example.

I’m running Curse of Strahd for my group. They just made it to Vallaki with Ismark and Ireena in tow. They walked through the town square, saw Izek with guards, and comically went over to him to ask questions. Shortly into the awkward conversation, Izek noticed Ireena and immediately wanted to take her away for "questioning." The wizard in the group then cast Suggestion and told Izek, "There’s no need to take her." Izek failed his save so he agreed and went about his business replacing the old posters.

This is an interesting scenario for me because Suggestion worked but the wizard didn’t word it in a way that would last long (in my opinion). So at what point in time would it dawn on Izek that Ireena is in town and that he should arrest her? Would he need to see her again?

I have an idea in my head how this is going to play out but wanted others’ take on it. Thanks!

When does a .com domain become available after it expires? (With status clientTransferProhibited)

the domain I want is taken and according to ICANN it expires on 2021-01-05. The only status it has is "clientTransferProhibited". I am not sure how to interpret this domain status… Does this status prohibit me from getting the domain once it has expired? And can I acquire the domain as soon as it expires according to the expiry date on ICANN?

Is it necessary to make a full backup after pg_upgrade with Postgresql?

pg_upgrade allows one to quickly upgrade big Postgresql databases, by taking advantage of the fact that the raw data does not need modification, it is only the configuration and metadata. However, I’m wondering how to handle the situation where the database was originally backed up using a full base backup, and from then on using archiving of WAL files. But how does that work with respect to upgrades? I tried to test it, so I configured postgres.conf of the new version to also WAL archive (to a different folder) and then upgraded using pg_upgrade. Both clusters produced some WAL files, however, it doesn’t seem to be possible to restore the database by using the original base backup combined with the WAL files (the new version refuses to start on such a directory, and the old version starts but only replays WAL files up to the point of the upgrade). So I’m wondering what the official procedure is regarding backup after using pg_upgrade. Does one have to make a fresh base backup or is there a way to only backup the changes made by the upgrade (WAL files or otherwise)? I can see there’s a procedure for upgrading standby servers but that is not the same scenario (although related).

Procedure to truncate the desired table after a specific time does not work properly,”SYSDATE” and the “SYSTEM CLOCK” show different hours!

I wrote a procedure as you can see below:

create or replace procedure truncate_test is         hour_part char(40);     begin    <*** Other Parts***>                         select to_char(sysdate, 'HH24') into hour_part from dual; -- Check the time here      if (hour_part >= 16) then     execute immediate 'truncate table cust_modern_channel_branch';   end if;     <*** Other Parts***>  end; 

This procedure is a part of an ETL which runs everyday.The aim of this part of the procedure is to check the time and if it’s after 4:00 PM in the afternoon, it truncates the table (ETL might reach the truncate part at different hours). I’m using this query to extract the hour part of sysdate select to_char(sysdate, 'HH24'). The problem is that this query select sysdate from dual returns this 3:28:43 PM (I’ve omitted the date part) so the above query returns 15, but the system clock (bottom right corner) shows 4:08 PM !!So I’m expecting that the procedure truncates my table when I execute it cause it’s 4:08 PM but sysdate is showing a different time and nothing happens! why is this happening? Why the sysdate and system clock shows different hours?

Thanks in advance