Does an object count as “being moved” when placed in a Bag of Holding before its wielder moves, and then after moving they take the object out again?


The Eldritch Knight in my game is looking for ways to make the spell magic circle be used quickly in battle, since casting it takes one minute. He came up with casting glyph of warding on his armor, choosing the Spell Glyph option. So when needed, he could trigger the glyph for quick use of the stored spell. If I understand the glyph spell correctly, this would work, but it would also greatly limit his mobility:

When you cast this spell, you inscribe a glyph that later unleashes a magical effect. You inscribe it either on a surface (such as a table or a section of floor or wall) or within an object that can be closed (such as a book, a scroll, or a treasure chest) to conceal the glyph. The glyph can cover an area no larger than 10 feet in diameter. If you choose an object, that object must remain in its place; if the object is moved more than 10 feet from where you cast this spell, the glyph is broken, and the spell ends without being triggered. […]

(emphasis mine)

Since mobility is quite useful in combat, he’s now thinking of casting the glyph on some small object, which he then places inside the party’s Bag of Holding:

This bag has an interior space considerably larger than its outside dimensions, roughly 2 feet in diameter at the mouth and 4 feet deep. […]


With this interaction, would he be able to use an action to retreive the item from the bag and then (for example) use Action Surge to trigger the glyph, instantly casting a stored spell (magic circle in this case)?

We’re curious about how to interpret this by RAW, if possible.

How can I get usernames to tab complete again in 19.04 server when using su?

One of my servers was originally running Ubuntu Server 18.04 (Bionic) and a very common task would be to substitute user, eg. su like this:

su someusername 

Usually I would use tab completion to avoid typing the entire username. However, after upgrading to Ubuntu Server 19.04 this no longer auto completes when pressing tab. When I press tab right after typing su I get a list of files instead of usernames.

I have verified that I have bash-completion installed and I even tried:

source /etc/bash_completion 

However, it didn’t help.

Linux Mint broke and I can’t get it to work properly again on dual boot

I have used Linux Mint 18 with Windows 10 in dual boot since over a year now and never had a problem. Out of nowhere I was unable to boot Linux, seemingly due to a Windows update, because I didn’t use Linux for a while. I thought okay nice, I can easily reinstall Linux (19 this time) and use my Timeshift backup to restore my data.

Well, that didn’t quite work: Linux got installed but somehow my mouse didn’t work. I couldn’t get the drivers to work properly and broke Linux again, so “shit here we go again” and an installed it again. My mouse works fine this time but after restarting Linux, I was unable to log into Cinnamon. I type in my password, the screen flashes, and then the login screen comes back. This loop continues forever. So I reinstalled the Cinnamon desktop. That didn’t work either. So I reinstalled Linux again. Now I can’t even boot into it, because it doesn’t show up in the UEFI as boot entry.

How do you guys handle this kind of situations? Is there an even “cleaner” way to reinstall Linux?

My drive setup is as follows:

  • 500GB SSD for Windows 10 only, with its own EFI partition (I guess it is for the Windows Bootloader only?)
  • 250GB SSD for Linux Mint only, with swap, /, /home, and EFI partition (that is the one used by GRUB I guess?)

One important thing to point out: Before every reinstall of Linux, I deleted, and formated its partitions via Windows, but kept the EFI (GRUB) partition. I just deleted the ubuntu folder from the EFI partition and deleted the old UEFI boot entries. Was that a bad idea?

Magento 2: How I can Module Registration Again In M2Epro Extension

How I can Module Registration Again In M2Epro Extension. Because I mapped the new domain for my website so when I first time registers the module, it generates the License key for that domain but I want that License key for my new domain. How I can achieve this?

I am facing that errors when try to integrate Amazon with magento 2

enter image description here

If the sun of Athas was tampled with again, what color might it become next?

Intended as a part of a series of questions starting here, if the sun of Athas was tampered with again, is there any indication in the material as to what might happen next: would it die, nova, supernova, or change color again (and if change, to what color)?

2e, 3e, & 4e sources are all fine, as I’m looking for a general answer, not an edition specific answer.

Does catching on fire stack if a character catches on fire again while still burning?

The effect catching on fire is unclear on if it can happen multiple times to a character. For example, the spell Fires of Purity (Complete Divine p.165) states:

Any creature taking fire damage from fires of purity must succeed on a reflex save or catch fire. Creatures on fire burn for 1d4 rounds and take 1d6 points of fire damage each round, unless they succeed on Reflex saves (at the spell’s DC) in subsequent rounds or douse themselves in water (see Catching on Fire, page 303 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide).

So for a hypothetical situation, a dual-wielding fighter makes 5 attacks against a creature and hits all 5. The target must make 5 Reflex saves, and they fail 3 of them. Which scenario happens:

Scenario A: Max Damage

  1. The creature takes 3d6 “catching on fire” damage the first round from the initial ignitions
  2. The creature takes up to 3d6 fire damage for the next 1d4 rounds (1d6 fire damage for 1d4 rounds for each of the 3 attacks)

Scenario B: Medium Damage

  1. The creature takes 3d6 first-round catching on fire for the 3 times it caught on fire
  2. The creature takes 1d6 damage each additional round for the maximum number of rounds equal to the highest of its three 1d4 round duration rolls

Scenario C: Least Damage

  1. The creature takes 1d6 first-round damage, with no additional damage since it’s already on fire
  2. The creature takes 1d6 damage each additional round for the highest number of rounds from its three 1d4 round rolls

Damaging spells stack, per the discussion in this question, but this isn’t a spell. This is effectively a non-magical effect that boils down to “does a character who continues to be exposed to an effect that catches one on fire get more on fire.”

An error occurred starting StarCraft II. Please try again. (18.04)

In January 2019 I switched to Ubuntu 18.04. To my great relief I was able to easily install StarCraft II through Wine. That was the end of the story until now, when I got a new computer, but this time I’m having a lot more trouble. Thanks to this very site, I was able to install (though I was having quite a bit of trouble with it for other reasons), but then, after installing StarCraft II, I couldn’t get it to start. When I try to start StarCraft II, I get an error message saying ERROR: Game Initialization Failed: I followed by another error message saying StarCraft II: An error occurred starting StarCraft II. Please try again. (Error 2:1), and then nothing.

If I tell to try running the 32-bit version, the error messages don’t appear, but it still doesn’t actually start (and the latter message will appear if I kill SC2.exe). I can’t find much useful information online about either of these messages, so I’m asking about it here instead.

Magento 2: How to load data by Page using same collection object again?

I am using \Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\CollectionFactory and loading data by creating objects.

$  collection = $  this->collectionFactory->create()                     ->addAttributeToSelect('*')                     ->addAttributeToFilter('type_id',  array('simple', 'configurable'))                     ->setPageSize($  limit)                     ->setCurPage(1); $  result = $  collection->getData();  

The $ result contains the first-page result. Can I use the same object to render the second-page result?.