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Professions-SEO.comSEO & Web Development Agency, Worth over $ 1000!

SEO & Web Development Agency, 8 Years Aged Domain, Worth over $1000!

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2. How does your business make money?
This business framework has a drop shipping one, It's very simple. ExiteWeb is already an agency website and has all kinds of services there. Once you receive any projects, you gave them your own price and have…

SEO & Web Development Agency, 8 Years Aged Domain, Worth over $ 1000!

Was I right to leave my rp group after feeling like my player agency was violated?

Everyone. I was apart of a discord RP group but I recently left after this incident. To give some background. I was being repeatedly belittled OOC by other members and was being made to walk on egg shells around everyone. I was already Abit on edge the whole time I had been apart of this group which was for around six months. So this event starts and we find this group of nineteen children who had survived a horrific attack. They end up being affected by some unknown disease so we are all in quarantine with them.

This whole time my Character gravitates to this one little girl and makes sure to dote on her. Several of the children including her are confirmed to be orphans. My character is in her 30’s and I thought I would be given the chance to adopt her. Well the GM barely rped as her because they could not handle dealing with multiple players and scenes very well. They give us permission to just npc the children to an extent because they can’t keep up. So I am just writting scene after scene the whole time of cuteness. I am ignored by most the players and the GM even when I try to interact with others but I just play it off and try not to let it bother me.

So after the event ends the GM announces that the particular little girl I was taking care of was adopted by another player who hadn’t even met her. Needless to say I was very livid. I ended up leaving because I felt like no one was taking me into consideration or even allowing me to really interact with the events. Two players reached out to me to try and get me to come back even though in there own words the mods were "Cold hearted." I didn’t talk to the GMs about it because I was so mad and hurt to be stepped on like that, nor did they ever try to reach out to me. Am I just being childish here or am I in the right?

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How do I keep the game moving without undermining player agency?

In basically every game I’ve run or played, regardless of the system, I’ve encountered the same problem: things that should be quick decisions end up taking ten, twenty or even thirty minutes, and not for any really good reason. Gameplay generally goes something like:

GM: Okay, you’re standing on the edge of the forest.

Player 1: Okay, I ready my bow and start forward.

Player 2: Hold on, I’m still talking to this other guy.

Player 3: Did we stock up on bread? I need to put on my night vision goggles.

Player 4: [Crazy roleplaying thing!]

GM: Okay, are you guys going into the forest?

Player 1: I am, yeah.

GM: Okay, but are you going alone? Is anyone else going?

Player 2: One sec, I need to cast detect evil.

GM: Okay, what about everybody else? Is player 1 in the forest by herself? What’s happening?

And so on …

Since part of the point of playing roleplaying games is being able to manifest your own character and make your own decisions, it’s hard for any one player to enforce a consensus in the group (except in some rare cases), and it’s even harder for me as a GM to justify undermining player agency by just saying, "Okay, well you’re all in the forest now." What if Player 2 feels cheated because he didn’t get to cast detect evil and find the scary monsters? But at the same time, when this kind of hemming and hawing happens constantly, even at not particularly crucial moments, the game really starts to drag, and more action-oriented players start to tune out. So basically, this question has two parts:

  1. As a GM, how can I design adventures to minimize these moments?

  2. How can I move players smoothly past these moments when they do arise?

I’m not interested in answers that use a stopwatch or other artificial method of advancing the game, because I find that breaks immersion. I’m looking for storytelling and facilitation techniques. Pointing out game systems that specifically avoid this is also welcome.

Also, as a corollary, is there anything that individual players can do to help things along?

How to deal with low agency players?

I have a group of players who is very intent on playing "Dungeons & Dragons" specifically but suffer from having astoundingly low agency.

For example, if placed in a room with nothing but a door, the players might spend fifteen minutes in idle discussion. Overall, they spend more time on idle speculation about past events and characters than engaging the present situation. This is not an issue of consensus building or analysis paralysis – the players simply don’t readily engage the present situation if it does not demand an immediate response. Regular dungeon exploration is essentially out of the question.

Comparatively, they will readily engage with combat encounters (albeit they never use any character abilities or tactics, simply taking the Attack action every turn – nonetheless this seems to make them quite happy.)

I am leery about any solution that might feel like I am playing the game by myself. For example, I could assume the players open doors they come across rather than defaulting to assuming they do nothing, but at some point this becomes ridiculous – e.g. assuming they jump on a trampoline they encounter. Similarly I would be reticent to lead the players by the nose using an NPC.

One solution that comes to mind is setting the characters up to manage a specific location such as a town or base, where they can primarily be acted upon by outside forces (e.g. attacking bandits, visiting merchants, etc.) Assuming this were the best solution, I would be looking for resources that facilitate this style of play.

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