Does Deadly Agility work with light thrown weapons?

Does Deadly Agility work with light thrown weapons?

Deadly Agility (Combat)

Prerequisite(s): Weapon Finesse

Benefit(s): You may add your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength modifier when wielding a light weapon or a weapon that gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat (such as the rapier) when determining additional damage inflicted upon a successful attack.

When wielding a weapon in your off-hand, Deadly Agility will add the same fraction of Dexterity as you normally would for Strength.

I’m just asking as RAW "add your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength modifier when wielding a light weapon or a weapon that gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat" since there are weapon the are light that can be thrown (daggers, shuriken, darts, etc.).

Can a Tabaxi’s Feline Agility be used with the Haste spells doubled speed?

A friend of mine played a one-shot and they were all told to make 20th level characters. He made an 18th level monk tabaxi with 2 levels in Rogue. He tried to make his character as fast as possible. My biggest concern was Feline Agility being paired with Haste (Cast by his gfs sorcerer).

Let’s start by breaking this down a bit.

The tabaxi is an 18th monk, so he gets a +30 to his speed, making his walking speed 60.

Then he took the mobile feat- making his walking speed 70.

If this tabaxi was affected by the Haste spell (see below) his walking speed would double, so now it is 140.

Haste (Pg. 250 PHB)

Until the spell ends, the target’s speed is doubled, it gains a +2 bonus to AC, it has advantage on Dexterity saving throws and it gains an additional action on each of its turns. That action can be used only to take the Attack (one weapon Attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object action.

Cunning Action

You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

So far no problem… but now he wants to dash… three times.

140 (Current base walking speed) + 140 (Action used to dash) + 140 (Hasted action) + 140 (Bonus action dash from the rogue’s Cunning action) = 560 feet.

And now he wants to use feline agility to make his total movement for the round 1120 feet.

Feline Agility (Volo’s Guide to Monsters, p. 115)

When you move on your turn in combat, you can double your speed until the end of the turn.

This feels extremely excessive (Because I think that speed would be over 150 miles per hour), but usually, I care more about everyone having fun than being a rules lawyer. But I am curious, Can Feline Agility and Haste’s doubling of speed stack?

Does teleportation count as movement for a Tabaxi’s Feline Agility trait?

A Tabaxi, after using his Feline Agility trait to double his movement speed for a turn, must then move 0 feet on a subsequent turn in order for his trait to recharge.

If the Tabaxi teleports, does it count as movement for his trait? (If so, this means that the trait won’t recharge on that turn.)

Is Agility the end-all-be-all in sink stats for SWADE, specifically for Fighter tropes?

I had started reading Savage Worlds in an attempt to find a way to get more out of my weekly games. I have started to find that playing D&D 5E is more and more tedious and the role-play and story are taking a backseat to the rules. Partly this is my fault because I made a promise to a player that we would not change a bunch of the rules in 5E to make them make sense.

Overall I have enjoyed what I have read in SWADE. There are issues. I think that Strength should be the stat for Athletics and Acrobats should be segregated again but that is personal preference and can be done for my setting with a bit of effort.

But that same player to which I made that promise of not changing a bunch of stuff in 5E has read (maybe half) the book and got to combat and told me he didn’t want to play it. He has made 2 characters one with high agility and the other with high strength and has concluded that agility is a sink and every single person absolutely has to spend points in it to be efficient.

We are both software developers so I don’t doubt that the accuracy argument is correct it is just that I don’t think he has given the system a fair chance.

I personally think that whereas the agility fighter can hit more often he still has to break the toughness threshold and has a severe disadvantage on that front, especially in melee. These were the numbers I was given and they are accurate but I am sure there is something we are both missing as to a counter to this. I was also a Marine so I know about cover and tactics and have easily wipe parties with seemingly inferior foes before.

The Argument

Agility is simply too good a stat in this system.

Given 2 characters with equal resources the fighter with higher agility will always come out on top.

The target number was a Parry of 7 he posits that you can hit a raise often enough to offset the strength fighter’s advantage in damage in the rarer chances that he hits.

He feels that in order to offset the advantages that Agility grants you, it would cost too much and the fact that an overwhelming amount of skills and abilities are gated through Agility that it makes it a stat you can’t sluff in.

So looking for how this is not an issue I have read about here or anywhere else for that matter about this RPG system. I have read that Savage Worlds doesn’t lend itself well to the Fantasy trope though.


Does the Agility Fighter outshine the Strength Fighter in Savage Worlds at every turn?

Cheerio / jQuery equivalent of Descendants.LastOrDefault (HTML Agility pack)

I have web scraping code that is implemented in C# .NET Core 2 with the HTML Agility pack.

We ported most of our server over to node.js. The only remaining part is this web scraping bit. I’m currently trying to replicate this with Cheerio/jQuery, but i’m not too familiar with jQuery syntax.

What would be the equivalent of

DocumentNode.Descendants("table")             .LastOrDefault(t => t.InnerHtml.Contains("<td align=\"center\">Test</td>")) 

I tried doing:

$  ('table > tbody > tr > td > table > tbody') 

But this gives me a lot of tbodys still. I essentially want to grab the table’s rows. The table I want should contain that td field.


Was there a talent that let you roll operate with intelligence instead of agility?

It’s been some time but I’m planing out a character for a Dark harasy 2e game but I remember there being a talent that let you use an interface port to operate a vehicle with intelligence instead of agility if you could plug into it. I’m trying to find it but with no luck. Dose anyone know what book this is in?

Парсинг с помощью Html Agility Pack

Пытаюсь вытащить температуру из html кода страницы: введите сюда описание изображения

Пробую вот такой код:

        HtmlDocument hap = new HtmlDocument();         HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb();         HtmlDocument doc = web.Load("");         HtmlNodeCollection nodes = hap.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("/html/body/div[1]/form/div[1]/div[2]/div[5]/table/tbody/tr[1]/td[1]/div[2]/div/table/tbody/tr[1]/td[3]/div[1]/a");         if (nodes != null)         {             foreach (HtmlNode node in nodes)             {                 Console.WriteLine(node);             }         }         else             Console.WriteLine("Ничего");         Console.ReadLine(); 

Но в nodes ничего не собирается. Как я понял, с помощью моего XPath (достал я его с помощью расширения для Firefox) ищется то, что заключено в тег a, собственно температура, но он не собирает вообще ничего.