Aireplay-ng deauth has no effect

I am trying to deauth my laptop which is connected to my home wifi. aireplay-ng has no effect on my laptop. The commands I used are in order airmon-ng start wlan0 then after getting the mac address of the access point and my laptop i use aireplay-ng -0 1000 -a (mac address of AP) -c (mac address of laptop) wlan0mon this will repeatedly output 01:23:38 Sending 64 directed DeAuth (code 7). STMAC: [84:3A:4B:0B:3C:A8] [ 0| 0 ACKs] however the right zero will go above zero if I do a google search or use the internet in some way. But the left zero will never change from zero. My laptop uses 802.11n and operates on the 5Ghz band, my current theory is that for some reason I cannot deauth devices on the 5Ghz band. What leads me to belive this is that I am able to deauth my ps4 which operates on 2.4Ghz while most other devices in my home operate on 5Ghz.

aireplay-ng deauth not working

aireplay-ng deauthentication does not work for me. Despite everything goes well before, when I enter command aireplay-ng –deauth 2000 … it only sends a few packets (like 3-4), but sometimes more, however, it does not disable the device from the network. How can I fix that?