Two tickets, same origin, same destination, same airline, same day, different time. Problem?

I booked a morning flight (US domestic) on Delta airlines. Unfortunately, something came up at work and I need to shift to an evening flight (same airline, same origin, same destination, 8 hours later) so that I can spend the day at work.

I can’t get any money back for the morning flight. Is there any harm in keeping both tickets? Will the airline notice that I can’t possibly take both flights and cancel one or both tickets?

There is a reasonable chance that my work engagement will be cancelled or rescheduled. (It has already been rescheduled once.) So if that happens I’ll take my original flight. Thus there is some reason to keep both tickets.

Airline (Air Caraibes) refuses to compensate for baggage delay – what are my options?


On the 19th January 2019, I flew from ORY (Paris Orly – France) to PTP (Pointe à Pitre – French Caribbean) with Air Caraibes.

The flight got delayed (2h42 according to the company) and once we arrived at the destination, passengers were told that because the plane was not the one initially planned, pretty much none of the luggage were actually in the baggage hold, that our luggage would “probably arrive the day after in the afternoon” and that we’d have to queue to fill various papers.

After queuing for an hour (only between 1 and 3 staff members – not sure if airline or airport – were filling papers manually for all passengers of a full plane), it was eventually my turn and took this chance to ask about the procedure regarding things we’d need to buy. I was told that we’d “be obviously fully refunded for the corresponding expenses” and that’d we simply have to keep the receipts.


Ever since, I’ve been struggling to get the compensation for expenses (swim suits, toothbrush, toothpaste, sun screen and shower gel) by sending of loads emails and customer complaints to the airlines.

On the 12th Avril, I was eventually asked for the following documents:

  • luggage report filled at the airport

  • rush tags

  • receipts corresponding to essentials

which I provided on the 25th April.

Then, on the 13th May, I got a replying saying that “compensation only applies to delays longer that 24 hours”.

I cannot find anything related to a 24 hours delay for compensation online (here for instance).

A 24h delay seems pretty arbitrary to me as the essentials we’d need for the first 18h hours not so different from what we’d need for the first 24 hours…

Is it legal ? Is the fact that I was told otherwise (with no proof) relevant ?

What should I do ?

Additional details which only makes the story worse:

  • we were delayed 2h42 then wasted one hour to fill papers but we cannot get compensation for this because compensation starts after a 3 hour delay

  • because the plane was not the one initially planned, there was no multimedia system whatsoever and we were not warned beforehand – a 9 hour journey appears longer when you did not take any book or computer

  • the air crew fully knew that almost no baggage where in the baggage hold but no one was told until we were at the destination

  • an insufficient number of staff were handling the passengers

  • in the afternoon the next day, we had no news related to our luggage despite trying to contact the airline via all possible ways (customer request, phone calls, emails, etc) – not the best way to spend the first day of holidays

  • eventually, I contacted the airport which told us that our luggage were indeed ready to be picked up

  • the form filled at the airport asked for the address we’d be staying at but nothing was done to deliver the bag to our hotel so that we’d have to go to the airport ourselves (more than 1 hour each way) – again not the best way to spend the first day of holidays

Even if technical incidents happen, Air Caraibes handled the situation in the worst possible way with no communication at any stage of the problem

Trying to change return ticket date on group flight but travel agency is being difficult and airline reroutes to agency

I’m a member in a student chorus that’s going on tour to Hungary. Our director/the university booked and arranged the tour through a travel agency. I wasn’t sure I’d get to join but about a month ago everything got confirmed.

I called the travel agent to see if I could change my return date. She was very rude and said nothing could be done because it’s a group ticket, and that I would’ve needed to make these arrangements months ago.

On a whim, I called the airline this evening, and the representative let it slip that the date can be changed (no idea about fee), but the agent has to call the airline’s support number and do it directly because they’re the ones that booked it.

  • Is this true?

  • Is there a reason for the agent to not work with me? (I said I’d be willing to pay a fee)

  • Most importantly: Is there a way around this on the airline’s end?

Do “last-minute” upgrades qualify for airline reward points?

Sometimes when checking in for a flight online, I see that the operator offers an upgrade (for a better seat or class) for a lot less than the normal fare would be.

In such cases, does the upgrade qualify for the usual loyalty points and miles that would accrue had the ticket been purchased the usual way?

If it makes a difference, I’d particularly like to know about Air France/KLM.

Would a domestic airline send a delayed luggage abroad?

I will be flying tomorrow with Southwest, and the day after back to Europe with a different airline.

I am wondering whether Southwest, should my checked-in luggage be delayed (because of them), would send this luggage to Europe?

I know from experience that this would be the case with international airlines but I am not sure how it works for a company serving domestic flights only (or at least no flights to Europe).

Southwest official information is below, but I am not sure how it works in practice for international customers.

How will my baggage get to me if it is delayed?

We will make every effort to quickly recover and return your baggage to you to minimize the inconvenience caused by the delay. In most cases, we will deliver your delayed baggage to the location of your choice. You may also be advised of additional options by the Employees helping you locally, depending on the situation that caused your delay or the intended delivery location.

What would airline do if I miss a connection & I don’t have visa for the country I am stuck in?

Due to a recent air force dog fight between India & Pakistan few weeks back, Swiss Air has been avoiding the Pakistani air space & that has been causing delays for both arrivals & departure. My arrival in India was quite late & looks like my departure from India would be late too (LX 147 for those who are interested).

I have a connection from Zurich to Toronto (AC 879) & have a layover of about 3 hours. I have been tracking LX 147 almost regularly & from the looks of it, there are high chances of me missing the connection.

I know it will be Airline’s responsibility & they will rebook me on a next flight but in case I need to stay overnight, what would happen then? Would I get a conditional visa to stay there by the authorities?

Also, I should mention that I am a Permanent Resident of Canada & I am an Indian citizen. Moreover, the booking is on single ticket.

Airline changes plane, boarding is done by calling names, my name not called, Service insists that I was late

Today my gf wanted to flight home (Berlin Tegel -> Minsk). She had booked a flight long ago with airbaltic and checked in 1h before depature. When boarding should habe started, there was a plane change all of a sudden. People panicked and where rushing the counters to know what was going on.

In the end, the boarding was done by calling the names on the fligth list one by one. At this point my gf asked one of the service workers there to help her out. She just replied that she needs to wait. So thats what she did.

After all names were called, 5 people were still there. The same service worker insisted that she called all names and therefore these 5 people were obviously late. This obviously was not true.

However, my gf and the other group of 4 called the airline hotline (no counter for airbaltic in Berlin Tegel). To my gf they responded that they will call back. While on phone, the group of 4 left (no traces, so no witnesses that she was indeed at the gate). At some point the hotline called back. Not unsurprisingly they only found, that the Service Workers at the gate had marked them as late and so there is nothig that they can do (ofc they cant -.-)

My gf is crushed. What can we do? The ticket was scanned at the security control but I am afraid thats the only proove we have that she was there in time.

// UPDATE: My gf was lucky and found the group of 4 and will exchange numbers. That at least gives me a bit of hope

China Southern airline canceled their Flights and not didn’t refund any money

I bought China Sothern airline from Lahore Pk to SFO US and traveled on this flight, later I needed to changed dates for return and I paid the extra $ 500 for the date change. The problem is that China Southern has canceled all their flights which use Indian airspace to go to Pakistan because of tension between both countries. Due to this reason,=I can’t use the return ticket. They are just pushing dates ahead and not resuming their operations even when most of the airlines already resumed their operations. Am I entitled to any refund because they are not refunding any money back? I need to go back asap.