What drawbacks customers are facing in airport parking facilities in United Kingdom and Ireland? Kindly suggest some improvements

Flypark Plus We are airport parking facility company in UK aimed to improve customer experience and services with new products launching under customized services as per customer desire. We need some suggestions for improvement for main marketing strategy pile up for the future.FlyPark Plus is the parent company

How can I get from Miami airport to the hotel if I don’t have a car seat for my baby?

I am flying to Miami from South America this month with my family (my wife and my baby of 5 months) and made a reservation of a Minivan (Hertz). My intention is to buy a child seat (USD 150) on Amazon and send it to the Hotel (in Sunny Isles).

My idea was to rent the child seat 1 day with Hertz, so I can return it the next day, but they only offer the whole period rent (10 days; USD 90).

Is there a different solution I am not seeing?

Which coach station is easily accessible from Heathrow Airport?

I want to travel from London (Heathrow Airport) to Canterbury.

Can some one tell me which of the following station is easily accessible from Airport? I have seen distances in maps but it can happen that something which is close but has less access, by which I mean public transport.

  1. Victoria Coach Station
  2. Elephant and Castle
  3. Walworth
  4. New Cross Gate
  5. Lewisham Rail Station
  6. Eltham

Any other cheaper ways (around 8 GBP; bus fare is 5GBP) to travel from Heathrow airport to Canterbury is also welcome (though not part of main question).

Taking photos or pictures of declare and nothing to declare on airport from a relatively far distance in a baggage claim

Hello there 3 days ago at bergen airport i warned my cousin who unfortunately had weird hobbies not to take pictures at the baggage claim since the baggage claim in bergen airport is really close to the custom signs however from a distance he took a picture of the sign declare or nothing to declare from the seats in the baggage claim but he turned off his phone when passing through the customs and put in his pockets. I wonder if it is allowed taking pictures in the baggage claim and signs of the customs area from the baggage claim? because it is not allowed to put our phone out and taking pictures whilst passing the customs or immigration area of an airport.

JFK airport to downtown Manhattan at night

I’ll be arriving to JFK airport in New York fairly late at night – flight arrival time is 23:10, so with passport control and luggage reclaim, I’m guessing it’ll be about midnight by the time I get out of the terminal.

I will need to get to a friend’s house in Downtown Manhattan where I’ll be staying. Were it in the morning, I’d take the air-train connecting to subway. Uber quotes $ 85 (don’t know whether that includes tolls). I suspect a regular taxi will be even more expensive.

What’s the best way (on a balance of cost and time) to get there? I’m willing to spend a bit more to get their quicker/easier. I will have at most one piece of luggage (a small cabin size suitcase).

Conflicting answers about Transiting Zurich International Airport

I am living & residing legally in the UAE for 10 years.
For return trip Dubai – Zurich – Djerba, Tunisia with a transit of 10 hours in inbound and outbound flights, here is what may happen:
VERSION 1: Swiss embassy “to know whether you are allowed to stay in the transit area consult the link”. I did so I learned that I am a passport holder of a country that is exempted from a compulsory transit visa. Great I meet all the requirements.
VERSION 2 : Consulting Swiss airline check-in officers in Dubai Airport they said “After contacting police authorities in Zurich, we are assured that you and your family don’t have the right to land on the airport”. Transiting not allowed.
VERSION 3 : I mailed the passengers and immigration authorities at Zurich Airport and the answer was that I have the right to transit the airport as I meet all the requirements.