Is it possible to buy a train ticket CDG airport to Paris truly online?

Next week, I am landing in Paris CDG airport and an hour later I have to be at Gare du Nord. Therefore, I wanted to buy a ticket in advance to get from the airport to Gare du Nord as quickly as possible without having to buy a ticket first.

Here is what I did:

  1. Googled and found this where it says that the ticket with RER B costs 10,30€.

  2. Followed the link to Book online with Parisinfo where I chose “RER B One way Train Ticket Charles de Gaulle airport – Paris” and clicked on “Add to basket”. So far so good.

  3. How it wants me to choose where I would like my order delivered to:

    • Collection point (Free)
    • Home delivery (from 14,50 €)
    • Delivery at your hotel in Paris (12 €)

So clearly, this particular path ends up with them wanting to deliver the ticket physically.

Is there a way to buy this ticket truly online? By “truly online” I mean that I don’t just pay online but the ticket actually gets delivered online, with a QR code to verify its authenticity if needed before or on the train or something like that.

What’s the point of DHS warning passengers about Manila airport?

I’ve seen the following warning printed next to all TSA checkpoints in a US airport:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced the determination that aviation security at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL), which serves as a last-point-of-departure airport for flights to the United States, does not maintain and carry out effective security consistent with the security standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

What is the point of this warning? Are they warning passengers that direct flights to Manila will be cancelled soon? Or is it just a generic warning designed to force Manila airport to improve their security?

Very early check-in in Frankfurt airport

In some east-asian airports is possible to check-in several hours in advance, so that you can spend time more time inside the airside of the airport (so you can use the lounge for example).

I wonder if that is the case in the Frankfurt International Airport, for a flight from Korea Air.

Is it possible lets say check-in 5 hours before the flight departure and enter in the airside?

European airport policy about certain chemical substances [on hold]

As title tells, i want to know if airports are restricted on some chemical reagents, including: iodine, potassium nitrate, sulfur, silver, copper hydroxide, copper metal, carbon electrodes, potassium bisulfite and simillar things. I want to mention that listed stuff is all solid stuff that is allowed to non licensed trade like on eBay and so on, only some of them are on watchlist due to drug and explosives manufacture, like iodine, potassium nitrate and sulfur. I know that they got tendency to freak out with liquids and anything that even looks little bit suspicious, im gonna proper pack & label everything and if additional questions are needed, im able to answear them all. Is it possible?

For example, if i want to travel from EU to UK by aircraft, and i have my goods in small quantities in original packing that are all inside my backpack in a box. None of them are illegal, some are watched, none of them are liquids, none of them are really hazardous, poisonous or corrosive. For example they scan my luggage and decide to ask me some questions, i got nothing to hide so ill answer them all. My three additional questions are, -Can they still turn me back and not let me in, even if my ticket is already booked? -If yes, is there any way to avoid it by early declaration about my “special” possibly hazardous stuff? -If yes, would it cost much more? (i imagine yes)

Airport transfer in Manila between Terminals 1 and 3

I am soon going on a tour to the Philippines (Cebu) with a stop in Manila. There, I need to transfer from terminal 1 (which serves for international flights only) to terminal 3 (domestic flights only). The two flights in and out of Manila are booked on different airlines. According to my search on the internet, I could find out that one may either take a (yellow airport) taxi (for maximum 200 PHP) or use the “new” shuttle service of the airport.

I have only three hours to make the transfer and have to get my luggage and check in for the next flight. Which way should I do it, in order to make my connection?

I just entered USA without passport control at atlanta airport

Im a canadian nexus holder, and i landed on atlanta airport earlier this morning on delta flight. Exiting through the plane the security (or airport worker) guided me to exit through the hall which i followed, ended up at the airport train platform. I got in the train and got off at the international baggage claim area, and exited the airport witbout any problem. I was not aware that it is strange until my friend just told me thst is is abnormal and it might get me into a big trouble. Should I call the airport or TSA or does ithis happen normally(or from time to time?)