How does my car stereo find the album art and album and track names? And how do I stop it?

When I listen to the radio or a compact disc in the car, the stereo sometimes displays the album art and the title of the album and track. Sometimes instead of album art it displays a genre (like “Country”) and a related graphic (like an anonymous model smiling and wearing a cowboy hat). In the case of a c.d. it also displays other information, like “1/12” for the first track on an album with 12 tracks, information about time, and so on.

Usually, everything it says is correct. Sometimes it gets something wrong. For example here’s a photo of the stereo playing the Beatles “Let It Be” but displaying the album art for another album.

enter image description here

It seems plausible that the stereo is reading some of this information from the disc (or from the radio signal). But it seems unlikely to me that the album art is included on the disc, particularly in this case in which incorrect art is displayed. What seems more plausible to me is that when I put in the disc, my car stereo reads information from the disc to identify the disc and then retrieves this information from some database outside of the car.

Wouldn’t this mean that some agency somewhere is logging what music I listen to? Is it doing this when I listen to radio too? Is there any way for me to listen to radio and c.d.’s in the car without this part of the process? For example can I copy the c.d.’s in some way that strips the identifying information from the copy?

And what WOULD be the correct Stack Exchange, or the correct place on the internet, to seek help with this question?

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How can I view Google Photos that are not in a Google Photos album?

  1. Go to Google Photos
  2. Add a few photos to a photo album
  3. Go back to All Photos

See all of the photos there, even ones you copied to the Album. No problem here, per se. At least not yet.

What if you want to delete photos that you did not copy to that album? Where is the selector or filter that filters those “in an album already” photos from this main view? Or is there a way to create such a filtered view such that I can then cherry-pick photos for deletion?


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