Sharepoint 2013 – Custom List View Filter – Alert me is not sending emails

I don’t get email alerts for a specific list view filter.. Alerts for other generic list/docs/workflow are all working… Can you guide me please?

Checked all the Immediate alerts job, List–> Advanced settings –> email etc..

All the settings are correct.

What am i missing?

Alert me How to display word document in browser window?

We need to display a word document inside the browser as part of our SharePoint application. But when we tried to achieve this, it is always showing a popup with options like Open, Save and Save As. We don’t want this popup and directly want to show the document in browser window itself (not in corresponding applications like MS Word ).

We have a SharePoint application and document (Word) will be Stored at document library on SharePoint Server we want to display it in browser window on Client machine. We are able to achieve this for PDF file but for Word (.doc or .docx) files, same code is showing a popup with options Open, Save, Save As.

elastalert gives 400 error for posting an alert to pager duty

name: Rule – AuditBeat SSH Login Failed
type: frequency
index: auditbeat-*
num_events: 1
minutes: 1

auditd.result: “fail”
process.exe: “/usr/sbin/sshd”
event.action: “error”

pagerduty_service_key: xxxxxx
pagerduty_client_name: “xxxxx”

minutes: 0

How can I optimize a alert system that processes 1000 request / hour?

I am building a solution where IoT-devices send in measurement-data to a API thats hosted on AWS. For each measurement-type the user can set a threshold value, that when reached will trigger an alert to be sent out.

My design is based on events, so each new measurement thats recieved in the API generates a work item on an AWS SQS-queue. A lambda-function then processes the work-item and reads all the threshold-alerts for that particular device from a database, and checks if any of the recieved data has passed the threshold. If the threshold is passed, it sends out an alert email.

The API processes about 1000 requests each hour and the reading of all threshold-alerts from the database is getting expensive/time consuming.

So my question is if there is a better way to design this alertsystem? I was thinking of adding a cache-layer that will cache all threshold-limits since they dont change that often, but this means I have to use a distributed cache and still make a roundtrip via HTTP.

All suggestions welcome!

System workflow

No certificate found alert in nodejs https server in mobile

I have created a website using nodejs . And using ssl certificate from . It is working fine on desktop and i checked it in SSL Checker it is working fine . But in mobile it is showing alert No certificates found. Please see the image attached.

enter image description here

here is my code

var app = express(); const port = process.env.PORT || 80;  var options = {     key:fs.readFileSync('./ssl/private.key'),     cert:fs.readFileSync('./ssl/certificate.crt'),       ca: [         fs.readFileSync('./ssl/ca_bundle.crt'),     ],     requestCert: true,     rejectUnauthorized: false };  https.createServer(options, app).listen(443);  app.use(function(req, res, next) {   if(! {     return res.redirect(['https://', req.get('Host'), req.url].join(''));   }   next(); });  app.set('view engine', 'ejs');  app.use('/file', fileRoutes); app.use('/task', taskRoutes); app.use('/', mainRoutes);  app.listen(port, () => {   console.log(`Started up at port $  {port}`); }); 

Wireless display disconnected alert stays visible

After disconnecting from a wireless display, the following alert stays visible at the top of my screen, above all other windows:

wireless display disconnected alert

The two lines on the left, and the two buttons on the right are unreponsive to mouse manipulation, the only button that is reponsive is Reconnect, which will in-fact reconnect to me to the display I’ve disconnected from – even if someone else is already connected to it.

I also cannot drag the alert, nor does a context menu appear on right-click.

How can I get rid of this?

CPX-Traffic Scam Alert – Augusto CPX-Traffic – May Peterson CPX-Traffic [SCAM ALERT]

I have had a contract with CPX-Traffic manager named Augusto that he'll bring me traffic and I will pay him on a CPA basis.
I signed the IOs and sent him $ 1000 through Paypal – Which he insisted to get it through Payoneer or Webmoney Only!-
After a month of sending the money they were only able to provide me with 5 conversions!!! 5 conversions in one month totalling about $ 10 from the $ 1000 I sent them!!!
After I asked them for a refund, they came up with a lot of excuses not to pay…

CPX-Traffic Scam Alert – Augusto CPX-Traffic – May Peterson CPX-Traffic [SCAM ALERT]