How to get users that have an alert set up for a list?

I’m on SPO so I’m trying my luck with my limited CSOM knowledge. Basically I`d like to get the users have set up an alert for a list.

Im able to query the alert but the "User" property is only displayed as the class name "Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.User". Heres my code:

$  ctx = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext $  site   $  web = $  ctx.Web $  ctx.Load($  web)  $  alerts = $  web.Alerts $  ctx.Load($  alerts) $  ctx.ExecuteQuery()  

This gives the following output if I call $ alerts:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, I don`t know how to extract the user’s email address from here.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Can I alert on new items in a specific view

Continuation of question here I’ve created a filtered view based on a choice column. How can I make an alert that will only trigger the first time a document is uploaded that meets the choice view criteria? I don’t want alerts for changes after the upload.

My testing indicates that this is impossible as item creation happens on upload, but the dialog box where the choice is made triggers a modification and is not part of the item creation. I also attempted to use a default choice tied to a folder and then upload directly to the folder to see if the change would happen fast enough. It still didn’t work. So I exposed the Version column in the view. All items were showing 1.0 and not 2.0 as I expected. I don’t know what is going on here.

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Sim change alert on galaxy s8?

How do i enable sms alert for sim change on my samsung galaxy s8?

I recently jumped from galaxy s3 to s8.

S3 had this neat feature called “SIM change alert” where you can enter a few phone numbers and if someone unauthorized replaces the sim card then the phone will send sms messages to the phone numbers entered earlier alerting them about the theft and thrives phone number.

However I’m unable to find a similar feature in my galaxy s8. Some articles on the internet state that signing in on my google account automatically activates antitheft features. But i don’t see a place to enter phone no where alert messages would be sent

Running android 7.0

Alert about duplicates and remove them

So I want ask if I’m doing it right way.

Im still learning..

I want check textarea duplicates and alert if duplicate and remove it.

$  (document).ready(function(){   $  ('#lol').keypress(function(){     var data = $  ('#lol').val().split('\n');     var result = data.filter((word, i, arr) => arr.indexOf(word) === i);     $  ('#lol').val(result.join('\n'));     data.unique();   }); });  (function() {     "use strict";      Array.prototype.unique = function unique() {         var self = this;         return self.filter(function(a) {             var that = this;             // console.log(that);             if(!that[a]) {                 return that[a] = true;             } else {                 alert("duplicate");                 return that[a] = false;             }         }, {});     } })(); 

Create Custom Alert Based on Document Properties

Our organization is using a process in which the creator of a document drops it in SharePoint, reviewers have to either enter comments or concur on the document, and then the document is approved when everyone concurs.

We track which reviewers are still pending for review. Sometimes the reviews come late, which delays the entire process. It would improve efficiency, it users got a notification that a document that requires their attention has been dropped in to the system.

I can create general alerts, but how could I customize SharePoint alerts? For example, below a document is entered into the system and three reviewers are selected: ADCO, CapCom and CCP (Engineering). The required reviewers is a choice property of the document library

Document entered in SharePoint

Then, the document is in the system for everyone to review:

Document in Review Cycle

Can I create an alert such that I only get emails whenever a document is created in which ADCO is selected as a required reviewer?

The SharePoint alert does not seem to have much flexibility. SharePoint Alert

Get current product detail in the product alert module in magento 2

I want to get current product details in vendor/magento/module-product-alert/view/frontend/templates/product/view.phtml, when i saw this file block which refering is \Magento\ProductAlert\Block\Product\View so i looked into this file and i saw one function called function getProduct().

So in vendor/magento/module-product-alert/view/frontend/templates/product/view.phtml i had written following code to access current product details like this <?php $ product = $ block->getProduct(); ?>

When i print this product object i am not able to get the product details. please help me.