macOS, Can’t disable default calendar alerts

I’ve been having this problem for probably about a year now, and I have no idea why.

I like having a default calendar alert, and I do use them. However for many of my repeating calendar events, I don’t want the default alert, instead wanting only to be notified at the time of the event, for example.

So on those events, I change the default alert value to “none”, and when prompted if I want to save for all future events, I say yes.

If I then edit the event, I can confirm visually that the alert has been changed. I can quit Calendar, re-open it, and again confirm that the former default alert is now set to “none”.

But then if the event is more than a couple of hours away (like the next day for instance), the default alert will be back. For all future events.

I do use iCloud calendars between my iMac (macOS Sierra), Macbook (High Sierra), and iPhone (iOS 11.3), and it doesn’t matter which device I make the change on, it will always revert.

This is seriously annoying, does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

Daily alerts for cheapest flights anywhere at any given time?

You can search for flights from your location to “Everywhere” in And the system will show you the cheapest flights first no matter the destination or date.

Every day prices change, so it would be very useful to receive daily, weekly or monthly updates via email for the current cheapest flights “Everywhere”.

Is there a service that can provide this?

Tray Icon application with pops up alerts

I am coding a Tray Icon application in Java – it runs in the background & polls a server. On receiving a particular message from the server the application pops up an alert from the Tray Icon. The Alert contains a summary of the message. The user can click somewhere on the alert to get a dialog which gives more details & also allows the user to do some operations.

I have 2 questions. The answers to each question may influence the answer to the other.

1) What’s the best way to go from the alert to the details dialog – should I have the summary in the alert along with a button on which the user clicks to go to the details dialog?

2) If there are multiple messages from the server (either multiple messages in the same dialog or single messages one after the other), what’s the best way to display this? should I have multiple popups or one behind the other or what? I am currently thinking of going with stacked alerts enter image description here

Can i run “DemoteNewsArticle” & “CommentsEnabled” commands without altering the ModifiedBy and Modified fields and without sending users alerts

I am working on a SharePoint online classic team site. and from time to time I run these remote power-shell commands:-

1- To un-post a modern page from being shown as News:-

$  clientSidePage = Get-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "TEST-PAGE.aspx" $  clientSidePage.DemoteNewsArticle() 

2- To disable comments on a modern page:-

$  cred = Get-Credential   Connect-PnPOnline -Url hhttps://* -Credential $  cred   Set-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "test-page.aspx" -CommentsEnabled:$  false 

now the first command will cause the ModifiedBy + the Modified fields to be updated. where the second command will cause the ModifiedBy field to be updated. also both commands will cause users’ alerts to be sent (when users set the alert on every change).

so can i modify my above 2 commands, so the ModifiedBy and the Modified fields will not get updated? also to prevent users’ alerts from being sent?