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What would be required to monitor Amazon Alexa traffic?

I had this interaction with a friend’s robot today:

“Alexa, are you spying on me?”

“I only send audio data back to Amazon when I hear you say the wake word.”

If I wanted to ensure that Amazon is indeed only exfiltrating recordings from the network /after/ saying the wake word, what would be required to do that? I’m imagining something like having the router block the Alexa outbound traffic unless an additional device, say a raspberry pi, also detected the wake word and opened the gate. (I imagine Alexa polls periodically just to make sure it’s connected and would complain.)

You’re welcome to provide a packet inspection/forensic solution, but I’m curious about third party work-arounds that actually forcefully prohibit communication.

I further understand there is another security issue, that Alexa could very well only send audio data back to Amazon when she hears the wake word, but /could be recording all speech all the time/, and just sends it back to Amazon in bursts when woken up and perfectly compliant with what she told me, and I don’t think there’s a way around that.

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