How to create a folder alias inside of Google Drive

I like always to save files I receive by email into my shared folder in Google Drive. The problem is that my folder structure in Google Drive is pretty deep, so I have to click through many folders to finally arrive at the desired folder.

I would like simply to create an alias for the destination folder (that’s like ten levels deep) inside the root directory of my Google Drive folder. I tried creating an actual Mac alias but that alias didn’t show on the Google Drive folder structure (only my Mac).

Any ideas?

How to create a font alias in Windows 7 or in Outlook

I have a work colleague that uses OCR A Extended as the preferred font for his outgoing emails. It is difficult for me to read his emails. Is there any way to create an alias in Outlook 2010 or Windows 7 for whatever is received with font OCR A Extended to be shown with a more preferred font? I still require this font from time to time for my work.

Is there a way to tell if SharePoint was installed using a SQL Alias?

I know that a SQL Alias is listed now but I would like to find out if SharePoint was installed while specifying that alias during the install. On the ‘Servers in Farm’ page, I see both a SQL Alias and the SQL Instance listed, so I am a bit suspicious. How can I determine for certain how SharePoint was initially installed, via the SQL Alias or via the SQL Instance?

How to create alias addresses in Gmail without registering a new email address for each one?

It appears I need to actually register new email address in Gmail, and then I can service them all from one Gmail login by adding them in Settings.

Is there a quicker/simpler way?

I do NOT mean using periods or plus signs. I mean actual unique and different email addresses

what is the significance of alias in python?


I am looking at the unit test infrastructure code (Ref. and I see lot of aliases like the following:

assertEqual = assertEquals = failUnlessEqual

assertNotEqual = assertNotEquals = failIfEqual

assertAlmostEqual = assertAlmostEquals = failUnlessAlmostEqual

assertNotAlmostEqual = assertNotAlmostEquals = failIfAlmostEqual

assertRaises = failUnlessRaises

assert_ = assertTrue = failUnless

assertFalse = failIf

I am wondering what could be the useful feature in using aliases?

I typically avoid aliases as they can be hard to debug and reduces code readability.