Determine if the original path of an alias is local or remote

I have a folder full of thousands of aliases and need to isolate the ones referencing a remote path on another computer on an AFP network. I can iterate all of the alias files over a terminal command with Automator but can’t find the right command to determine the original path of an alias.

I’d be grateful for any help. Thanks.

maven alias is not actually working after macos update

After macOS Mojave update I can’t use mvn alias anymore

Here is the snippet from my /etc/bashrc profile:

export MVN_HOME=/Users/user/Documents/apache-maven-3.5.0/bin export PATH=$  JAVA_HOME:$  MVN_HOME:$  PATH 

But I’m still not able to run it in terminal:

-bash-3.2$   mvn -bash: mvn: command not found 

P.S.: I even tried to create this alias in my bash profile, but still no progress.

What can be wrong?

Is it good for SEO to have domain alias that describes company service? [duplicate]

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I have bought a domian that is like Where service is eg. “haircut”.

Is it good to have this kind of domains as aliases to main domain company.example?

What would be best for SEO, serving the main domain content on this alias or redirect 301 from alias to main domain?