Web service allowing live streaming of audio podcasts with guest call-in functionality

I am looking for an application which allows one to start live audio (optionally also video) podcasts. A requirement is that this application allows for listening guests to call into the show and be live with the host. Another requirement is a live chat.

The only one I am aware of is blogtalkradio.com but that one is not an option at this time. Are there any other ways? Maybe on YouTube live but I haven’t figured out how to achieve the guest-call-in feature.

Does allowing death saving throws after being stable break the game?

After you roll three saves on a Death Saving Throw, you are stable and do not make other death saves. However, one of my player pointed out that if they keep rolling death saves, they might get a 20 and become conscious and be able to participate in combat again.

I’m planning to implement this rule:

After being stable, optionally you can roll a death saving throw on each of your turns. On a 20, you gain 1 HP and become conscious. Failing death saves does not destabilize you, including rolling a 1.

I don’t expect this to change things much. My goal is to give characters a chance to participate in combat again without being healed by others (we don’t have any healers other than a bard, who focuses on buffs/debuffs instead).

Are there any problems I should watch out for when implementing this rule?

Is there a pattern name for allowing users to add fields?

Example one.

Example two.

When a user is allowed to add/remove additional fields (or field groups) within a form, what is this interface paradigm called?

EDIT: in the example screenshots, each “row” of field(s) can be added/removed by the user, building up a list of “things”.

There’s a separate question about this type of input paradigm (Allowing the user to add input fields). It’s asking about design/workflow, but not the name of the pattern. However, all/most of the screen examples on that question are relevant examples for my question

Allowing both hover and select state on a section / component

Do you think allowing both hover and select on a component makes sense in the bellow context?

  • The tool is a drag & drop application builder (UI builder).

  • Configuring objects (sections in the page or components such as buttons, checkboxes, inputs, etc) is done by first selecting the object in the page.

  • The user can always select another object or multiple by also clicking on Command.

  • Each object also has a hover state

I was thinking that once something is selected it doesn’t make sense to have the hover state anymore, as hover is an indicator that it can be selected/interacted with. (once selected objects can also be dragged and repositioned in the layout)

Would you approach this differently?