Google is caching my homepage almost properly but not other pages

My website is built on NodeJS with ReactJS as frontend and has server side rendering.

Problem 1: Home page is cached properly by Google but other pages are cached without their CSS.

Problem 2: Blogs which are brought dynamically are not shown in the cache.

Link :

Thanks in advance


An almost surly fine-time game of coin toss where you win with probability $p$

Given a fair coin and a number $ p\in(0,1)$ . How do you Design a game that finishes in finite number of tosses with probability $ 1$ . And further, with probability $ p$ you win the game.

I thought about random walks where head, you add 1, tail you subtract 1. And you want to get to $ n$ . But that gives an approximation to $ p$ and not $ p$ .

How can we confidently say that stacking Reach Spell, Persistent Spell, and Ocular Spell lets you persist almost any spell?

I’ve recently been reading up on the finer details of The Twice-Betrayer of Shar and found that there exists an objection to whether or not it can Persist the spells that it claims to be able to. This has lead me to read further in to how the build’s tricks for persisting spells works.

As I understand it, the central premise of the build is that the correct permutations of Reach Spell, Persistent Spell, and Ocular Spell should let you persist “just about every spell on the books“. However, I’m unsure of how such a strong claim can be made. Reach Spell only works on touch spells, Persistent Spell only works on spells with “a fixed or personal range“, and Ocular Spell only works on “ray spells and spells with a target other than personal“. This game has so many of different descriptors for spells that I find it impossible to believe that these three metamagic feats are enough to let you persist almost anything.

So what have I missed? How can it confidently be said that this combination lets you persist almost anything, when there’s so many different types of spell in the game? Have I overlooked some qualifier?

Workflow for a data-heavy, almost spreadsheet-like management game

I’m absolutely fascinated by the management games, such as Football Manager, with dozens of spreadsheets and thousand of pieces of data.

Coding it all in Unity, especially for a prototype, feels like a lot of useless UI work. Trying to just make it from scratch with React suffers, at the same time, from architecture problems…

What architecture or approaches would help tackle this problem?

Sorting almost sorted array

Encountered this question but I couldn’t solve with the complexity they solved it:

Suppose I have an array that the first and last $ \sqrt[\leftroot{-2}\uproot{2}]{n} $ elements has $ \frac{n}{5}$ swapped pairs, and the middle $ n – 2\sqrt[\leftroot{-2}\uproot{2}]{n}$ elemnts are sorted. What is the complexity of sorting the unsorted array?

They claim in the answer that sorting array with $ I$ swaps is $ O(n\log{\frac{n}{I}})$ .Why?

Proof that an almost complete binary tree with n nodes has at least $\frac{n}{2}$ leaf nodes

I’m having some trouble proving what my title states. Some textbooks refer to almost complete binary trees as complete, so to make myself clear, when I say almost complete binary tree I mean a binary tree whose levels are all full except for the last one in which all the nodes are as far left as possible.

I thought of proving it using induction but I’m not really sure how to do so. Any ideas?

Is pinning global root CA almost same as not having any certificate pinning at all?

I have seen multiple mobile applications that are pinning Global Root CA’s instead of intermediate/leaf certificates. Doesn’t this expose to the same risk as not having certificate pinning at all?

Considering the classic coffee shop attack scenario where the owner of the network has a certificate issued for his domain (* signed by DigiCert)

Now if the mobile application is trusting any certificate issued by Digicert then you can effectively MiTM? Am I missing something?

How do I stop two of almost every process running?

How do I stop two of almost every process running? Gnome seems to be running duplicated. I found it because an error was indicating Failed to start server, Address already in use, (Bind Failed). I’m not sure what I did to cause this. Recently, to get NoMachine to display properly with my monitor disconnected, I had to run sudo init 2. Could it be related to that? How do I fix it?

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