Has Wi-Fi hacking gotten almost impossible?

I have read about Wi-Fi password cracking for a while and used different tools my self, such as:

  • Airodump for monitoring
  • Aicrack for getting key from cap files for WEP/WPA/WPA2
  • Reaver for WPS
  • Bully for WPS
  • Reaver and bully with PixieWPS for WPS

I have tried the tools on WEP, WPA and WPA2, where only WEP is able to get cracked. The weak point of routers was WPS, but reaver and bully seems outdated and I have not gotten them to work on a single router yet. WPA2 cannot be cracked as far as I have understood, and the only way to actually get a password from WPA/WPA2 is by having a word list, which in itself is an extremely bad solution. There is an incredibly low chance of a password being in a word list, and if we talk outside the USA, they are non existant. Since WPS cracking seems to be secured, WPA/WP2 not being able to be cracked without word lists and WPA3 on the way, would that mean that currently Wi-Fi with WPA/WPA2 protection is most likely impossible to hack?

GNAT: GPS: missing library -lSystem linker error after fresh installation using (almost) empty program [MacOS]

Program contents:

procedure Main is begin    null; end Main; 

Error message:

gprbuild -d -P/Users/xxx/helloworld/helloworld.gpr /Users/xxx/helloworld/src/main.adb Compile    [Ada]          main.adb Bind    [gprbind]      main.bexch    [Ada]          main.ali Link    [link]         main.adb ld: library not found for -lSystem collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status 

What I tried as user root:

find / -name '*ystem*' 

but could not find any library with a name System

Environment MacOS: 10.13.6

GPS version: gnat-community-2019-20190517-x86_64-darwin-bin installed without any problem

concept for (almost) untraceable networking setup

I have been working on an my digital footprint lately trying to reduce as much as possible be it fully encrypting my device with veracrypt installing 3 AV’s or spending hours trying to find a trust worthy VPN but I’ve realized almost every method is flawed in one way or another but what if i combined them all I’ve found similar concepts but never an identical configuration to my own this it should also be noted this is all theoretical and I have not actually set it up as of yet so here goes. It would begin with a connection to a bullet proof VPS preferably hosted in Iceland paid for with either dash or ethereum from there it would connect to a randomly selected SOCKS5 proxy and then to a commercial VPN lastly going through TOR before connecting to the final website

Computer > VPS > SOCKS5 > VPN >TOR

any criticism or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

[ Politics ] Open Question : So did anyone else watch ‘President Trump-30 hours’ with George Stephanopoulos and laugh almost nonstop?

Trump was being pretty ridiculous the way he kept patting himself on the back and denying the truth (George tried to straighten him out on a few points). He also kept insisting he was treated unfairly and that the news was fake. He especially was upset about polling data. But at the same time he said such data didn’t matter. Oh. He repeatedly said Mueller said ‘No obstruction’ when the report specifically says ‘It does not exonerate him’ (From obstruction)

Why do almost all international trains to Russia show as sold out?

Trying to book a train from Germany to Russia, the Russian railways seem to show all connections as sold out several months in advance. For example, Frankfurt-Moscow shows as sold out on 12 July, 19 July, 9 August, and only De Luxe Sleeping left on 26 July and 2 August, and unavailable on 16, 23, or 30 August, even though it should run on those days (it’s shown in HAFAS). Well, maybe it is sold out on those days, but I don’t believe it, considering it still has many empty places for tonights departure, which is less than 3 hours away. And even if I check Minsk-Moscow for 2 October, all connections are shown as sold out:

Minsk-Moscow, 2 October

I’m not planning on taking a local train from Minsk to Moscow, but in any case, I don’t believe that every single train from Minsk to Moscow is sold out 4 months in advance. It’s sold out on other days too, except for tickets on the train coming from Kaliningrad.

Am I missing a trick for booking international trains to Russia? I find it hard to believe (almost) all tickets for August and September are sold out, whether it being the Paris-Moscow, Berlin-Moscow, Warsaw-Moscow or even Minsk-Moscow trains. Is the Russian booking system buggy, or is there something going on with international trains? Domestic trains show up just fine.

Isn’t it almost always not helpful to just change the password of a container after a leak?

Let’s assume, an attacker gains access to an encrypted container with a weak password. They start a brute-force attack and I assume they will succeed. To protect any content which has been added to the container after the leak, I decide to change to a stronger password.

However, at this point, it doesn’t make sense to just change the password of the container, right? Won’t I have to reencrypt everything since the attacker can extract the “master key” of the container which won’t change with a password change?

Projection of an invariant almost complex structure to a non integrable one

My apology in advance if my question is obvious or elementary

We identify elements of $ S^3$ with their quaternion representation $ x_1+x_2 i +x_3 j +x_4 k$ . We consider two independent vector fields $ S_1(a)=ja$ and $ S_2(a)=ka$ on $ S^3$ . On the other hand $ P: S^3\to S^2$ is a $ S^1$ -principal bundle with the obvious action of $ S^1$ on $ S^3$ . Then the span of $ S_1, S_2$ is the standard horizontal space associated to the standard connection of the principal bundle $ S^3 \to S^2$ . Then each horizontal space has an almost complex structure $ J$ . This is the standard structure associated to $ S_1, S_2$ coordinate.

Is this structure invariant under the action of $ S^1$ ? If yes, we can define a unique almost complex structure on $ S^2$ which is $ P$ related to the structure on total space. Now is this structure on $ S^2$ integrable?

As a similar question, is there an example of a principal bundle $ P\to X,$ such that $ P$ is a real manifold and $ X$ is a complex manifold and a connection admit an invariant almost complex structure which project to a non integrable structure?

Plain mean harrassment, this has been going on for almost 7 years

Hello my name is Jacqueline Setree. I married a man that has terrified me for 7 years now. I am on my knees begging google PLEASE, PLEASE make him stop. I sort of understood that by marrying him that he could do what ever he likes as far as my phones,computer and all of my privacy. Since marrying him I have I have had a massive stroke and the horrible list just goes on forever. I am such a private person I even called the police and they are going to try and make a case. I bought a brand new computer which he is in it. I went to best buy and had it factory reset well I guess I learned real quick that you can back door almost any computer. I am now a single woman trying to find work and I really need my computer. O and I also had my phone replaced 4 or 5 times since February. PLEASE GOOGLE HELP ME. thank you Jacqueline