Does a mage need Spirit sphere along with Forces sphere to create sunlight against a vampire?

From what I understand, the fact that the sun burns vampires comes from the religious significance of the sun, as intense light does not actually damage vampires beyond sending them into a frenzy.

So would a mage that is planning to create sunlight against a vampire need Spirit sphere?

How can I use audacity to record audio output along with mic input?

My goal is to record 4-5 hours of audio for my long form podcast. I need it to be able to accept input from the mic and output from the laptop audio (so I can record conversation I have with other people over discord), and create files that aren’t too huge.

People suggested audacity to me, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it record the audio output.

Someone told me I should:

Use JACK (useful for routing sound from one program to another among other things) together with Audacity. To get the sound output from your laptop (assuming you use PulseAudio), use a PulseAudio JACK Sink. qjackctl is a GUI interface for JACK that makes the routing a bit easier (and visual).

I have audacity and qjackctl installed, but it’s really overwhelming trying to figure out how to make this work when I don’t know what most of these words mean.

Could you help me with this process, or suggest a simpler alternative?

Using Office 365 along with hosted email

I have bought a hosting plan at HostGator and it comes with a dedicated IP.
I am currently using the email which comes with the hosting.

After using it for a month I realized that emails do not work in certain countries. I mean if I am travelling to US my emails won't work. After doing some research I found that Office 365 would suit my need well.
But since Office 365 is subscription based. I would like only new people on my domain to use Office 365 and others to use email hosted…

Using Office 365 along with hosted email

Deformation of pairs (X,D) isotrovial along D

I have a log pair $ (X,D)$ which is purely log terminal and $ D$ is a projective divisor ($ X$ may not be projective). Moreover, $ D$ is a variety of Fano type. Is there a space of finite type parametrizing first order deformation theory of the pair $ (X,D)$ which are isotrivial along $ D$ ? i.e. the induced flat deformation on $ D$ is isotrivial.

How to reduce observable pipelines when fetching user information along with user posts?

Here is my code with 2 services, one is messageService which is used to get user messages and the other is usersService used to get user information based on user_id:

this.messageService.getMessages()       .switchMap(response => {         let resArray: any[] =           post => {             return               this.usersService.getUser(post.user_id),               Observable.of(post)             );           });           return Observable.merge(...resArray)       }).switchMap(res => {         res[1]['user'] = res[0];         this.messages.push(res[1]);         return Observable.of(res[1]);       })       .subscribe(final_post => {         console.log('final post:', final_post)       }) 

I suppose using merge and then again swtichMap to merge these data is not optimal and best practice.

The question is how should I get user messages using Observable and then getting users information for each message (each message may have different user information), then merging them into one object which finally will be used in the desired component.

Order for a single product getting placed and cancelled automatically along with all orders

There is no issues in placing order from the webiste. But in magento admin panel along with each order a default product is shown as ordered and cancelled. This is making me confused. How to solve this issue.

Embellished Flare Abaya with Tight Sleeves – CS037-XL SKU: CS00037-XL Canceled AED375.95
AED375.95 Ordered 1 Canceled 1 AED375.95 AED0.00 0% AED0.00 AED375.95

Adorned Abaya with Soft Black and White Wool Layer – CS007 SKU: cobracs00-L Size L Ordered AED400.00

Ordered 1 AED400.00

AED0.00 0% AED0.00 AED400.00

The one which is in bold is not ordered from website. But still it is shown in the magento dashboard. This is the case for each new orders. The product showing as ordered and cancelled is the same in all orders.

Display all files in a folder (object) along with nested subdirectories part 2

Previous post: Display all files in a folder (object) along with nested subdirectories

Task: Given a main directory/folder, list all the files from it and if this directory contains nested sub-directories, list their files as well.

Background: It was bought to my attention that the use of dummyCounter is considered bad practices. But, I still haven’t managed to find a different approach that suits my needs. Currently, my dummyCounter is used to prevent duplicating the parentFolder, as well as allowing me to break my loop.

My previous approach: I have used folderStack.Any() as a condition for my while loop, but that resulted in the last nested sub-directory not getting shown. Then I tried using a “dept counter” but that proved too difficult to intercorporate while using a Stack approach to hold my data.

I would greatly appreciate community feedback. And should there be any problems with my post regarding community rules, let me know. – I tried not to repeat any of my previous issues.

_Folder Partial View

@{ string GlyphionFolderIcon = "glyphicon glyphicon-folder-open"; } <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-2">     <a class="btn"        role="button"        data-toggle="collapse"        href="#@Model.Id"        aria-expanded="false"        aria-controls="@Model.Id">         <span class="@GlyphionFolderIcon"></span>     </a> </div> <div class="col-sm-5">@Model.Id</div> <div class="col-sm-5">@Model.Name</div> 

_File Partial View

@{ string GlyphionModelIcon = "glyphicon glyphicon-paperclip"; }   <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-2">     <a class="btn"        role="button"        href="@webUrl@Model.Url"        target="_blank">         <span class="@GlyphionModelIcon"></span>     </a> </div> <div class="col-sm-5">@Model.Id</div> <div class="col-sm-5">@Model.Name</div> </div> 

_Layout View

@foreach (var parentFolder in Model) { Stack<Folder> folderStack = new Stack<Folder>(); folderStack.Push(parentFolder); var currentFolder = folderStack.Pop(); int dummyCounter = 1;  //Parent folder @Html.Partial("_Folder", parentFolder);  <div class="collapse" id="@currentFolder.Id">      @if (currentFolder.FoldersContained != 0)     {         do         {             //Prevents a copy of the parent folder              //otherwise, this display nested folders             if (dummyCounter != 1)             {                 @Html.Partial("_Folder", currentFolder);             }              <div class="collapse" id="@currentFolder.Id">                 @if (currentFolder.FoldersContained > 0)                 {                     for (int i = currentFolder.FoldersContained; i > 0; i--)                     {                         //Pushes all nested directories into my stack                         //in reverse inorder to display the top directory                         folderStack.Push(currentFolder.Folders[i - 1]);                         dummyCounter++;                     }                 }                  @if (currentFolder.FilesContained != 0)                 {                     // Should they contain any files, display them                     foreach (var file in currentFolder.Files)                     {                         @Html.Partial("_File", file);                     }                 }             </div>              //Ends the while loop             if (folderStack.Count == 0)             {                 dummyCounter = 0;             }              //Prepares the next nested folder object             if (folderStack.Count != 0)             {                 currentFolder = folderStack.Pop();             }          // I make use of a dummy counter inorder to break the loop         // should there no longer be any nested directories and files         // left to display         } while (dummyCounter != 0);     }      <!-- //Finally, display all files in the parent folder, should there be any-->     @if (parentFolder.FilesContained != 0)     {         foreach (var file in parentFolder.Files)         {             @Html.Partial("_File", file);         }     } </div> }