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Selling ready made website that's already getting subscribers!

Can’t install an app from Google Play which I already bought

I already bought, and after removing it from my android (both uninstall and from my account apps) I decided to download it again, but it asks me to buy it again.

After all my tries, I have given up and tried to buy it again, but it says “you already own this”: I cant buy it I can download it I dont have it in my android I have tried system format without backup I have sent the developer an email in which I doubt will help in any way

App name: External Keyboard Helper Pro

Please help me, I must have it installed as using the android tv with the remote control is a nightmare!

design decision – already existed bad design [on hold]

If there is an already existed project but with bad design and there is no time for refactoring and code enhancement for the already existed code. So for example in a layered architecture rest web service , the service layer classes are interacting with each other directly without interface (coupled) So is it a good decision to put an interface for my new service added unlike the rest ?

Already Disablng Wayland but Ubuntu still using it (NVIDIA error)

i know that wayland and nvidia drivers are not compatible, so i disable wayland by un-comennting it

[daemon] # Uncoment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg  WaylandEnable=false 

on /etc/gdm3/custom.conf but when i run

echo $  XDG_SESSION_TYPE wayland 

the system still using wayland, i suspect this is the culprit why my Nvidia drivers are not running correctly

when i run nvidia-settings

i got this

ERROR: Unable to find display on any available system   (nvidia-settings:2876): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 04:14:26.090: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed ** Message: 04:14:26.095: PRIME: No offloading required. Abort ** Message: 04:14:26.095: PRIME: is it supported? no 

it’s strange but i have no idea what happened

Here is my Xorg.1.log

Is it necessary to “Restore” files from a Time Machine backup if I can already access them directly from the backup disk using Finder?

I have an external hard drive that I’ve separated into two partitions: one that I use for additional file storage, and one that I use as a dedicated Time Machine backup disk. Something has gone wrong with the Time Machine partition, such that it will no longer mount, cannot be repaired, and cannot be erased on its own, neither by using Disk Utility nor through the command line directly, so I’ve decided to just erase and reformat the entire drive.

I used Time Machine to backup the file storage partition onto a second external hard drive (by selecting the second external hard drive as my backup disk and excluding all volumes other than the file storage partition of the first external hard drive from the backup), with the plan of then restoring this backup onto the first external hard drive after it’s been erased and reformatted.

Having never restored anything using Time Machine before (at least aside from after upgrading to a new version of macOS), I was expecting that the backup would be stored on the second hard drive in some sort of archive file-esque format, with the individual files being inaccessible until the backup has been properly “Restored” somewhere else using Time Machine. However, when I opened Finder after the backup had completed, I saw that the result was a lot more like I had just copied and pasted everything from the file storage partition onto the second external hard drive.

Aside from the fact that everything is stored within a folder called “Backups.backupdb”, it really seems like I’ve effectively just transferred everything from the file storage partition of the first external hard drive onto this second external hard drive; the backup folder on the second drive is approximately the same size (just a few MBs larger) as what was stored on the file storage partition of the first drive, and every file I’ve tried to open from the second drive (pictures, pdfs, mp3s, etc.) has worked fine so far.

So, my question is, is there any reason I should bother “Restoring” this backup to the first hard drive, or can I just start using the second hard drive the same way I was using the file storage partition of the first hard drive before, and then just use the first hard drive for something else after I erase and reformat it?

The only potential issue I can currently see with doing the latter is that the backup folder on the second drive does seem to be in a sort of “read-only” mode, as I’m prompted to “Authenticate” with my password when I try to transfer a file into one of its subfolders, and maybe this is reason enough on its own to bother going through with “Restoring” the backup to the first drive. However, I don’t really know much about the specifics of how Time Machine works, so I’m also interested to know if there are any other issues associated with using a Time Machine backup folder like a regular storage folder that I’m not aware of.

Why is port 8080 already allowed?

can anyone explain to me how is it possible that, after enabling a firewall, i had to enable http in order for my site to continue working, but since this site was running under port 8080, it was already accessible (the port was already open). So I am wondering why would port 8080 already be open, if http had explicitly to be enabled?

Magento 2 console script dealing with area code not set / area code already set error

I’ve written a console for invoicing frontend orders

If I put Magento\Sales\Model\Service\InvoiceService in the constructor and run setup:di:compile magento console throws an ‘Area Code Not Set’ error.

You can’t set area code as part of the constructor because when you run this and other console commands you see ‘Area Code Already Set’ error.

I understand state and why setting the ‘area’ is necessary.

My workaround is to do the following

use Magento\Sales\Model\Service\InvoiceService;   protected function execute(InputInterface $  input, OutputInterface $  output) {     $  this->state->setAreaCode(\Magento\Framework\App\Area::AREA_GLOBAL);     $  this->method(); } public function method() {     $  this->_objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();     $  this->invoiceService = $  this->_objectManager->create(InvoiceService::class);     // do stuff } 

So basically using object manager at runtime instead of injecting. I’m constantly reading that using the object manager is bad. Therefore I feel like I’m not understanding a key concept.

So my questions are this:

a) Is this the right way to work around the issue?

b) If it’s not – what is the correct approach?

c) Does using object manager add resource overhead? Or is it more that it will be deprecated at some stage.

Will I still be charged a cancellation fee from a hotel if I’ve already paid for my night in full?

I booked a night at a hotel on and have already paid the reservation in full which is £153. I can’t make it anymore due to a family emergency. The email said that I will have to pay a cancellation fee of £153 paid if there is a no show or I cancel. Does that apply if I have already paid for the hotel? It seems strange to pay the full amount of the hotel as cancellation fees if I have already paid for it.