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DND 5E – Monk build help and touch mechanics – Also some item questions

first post/question here.

Right now I have a Level 13 Way of the Open Hand Monk (he hits 14 in the next long rest). And I am considering to multi-class after hitting level 17. Sacrificing the capstone and the +5 movement.

I currently have 20 DEX/WIS as a Variant Human. So my AC is 20, I have Bracers of Defense being made so when I attune to that I will have AC 22.

I do get my final unarmed die, my last proficiency bonus and my Quivering Palm when I hit 17, so I am thinking at this point is safest to multi-class.

My decision to do this is dependent on whether if the following setup works.

I wanted to take 2 levels in Fighter and 1 level in Cleric or just 3 Levels in Fighter with Rune Knight Archetype.

Fighter Level 2

Fighting Style: Mariner – This is mostly for the +1 AC for AC 23 with the bracers

Second Wind: Meh, can be useful, but this is just an added bonus.

Action Surge: Biggest reason I want Level 2 Fighter. Having a second action on a boss fight can be big, and with Quivering Palm, ending it in the same round on something that needs to die fast can be crucial. Or having 2 Quivering Palms in 3 turns.

IF I go Level 3 Fighter

Rune Knight – Fire Rune and Stone Rune would be my runes of choice.

Fire Rune does not cost a bonus action to invoke and can be invoked on a successful attack. It’s straight up 2d6 fire damage, but if it fails on a STR save, it is also shackled for 1 min and keeps getting hit with 2d6 until it finally saves.

Stone Rune can be invoked as a reaction on a target that ends his turn within 30 feet from me. It has to save on a WIS throw or become charmed for 1 min, leaving it incapacitated until it saves.

Giant Might – Also learned at 3rd level Rune Knight, for 1 min: become large, Advantage on STR saves/checks, extra 1d6 per turn on my unarmed/weapon strike (I also run Contact Poison when I can, can be 1d4/2d4/2d6 depending on potency added to Giant Might). This can be done as many times as my proficiency score. So at Level 17 Monk, 6 times before a long rest.

The Level 1 Cleric option

Inflict Wounds or Guiding Bolt – 3d10 or 4d6 with advantage on next attack… Since I am a Monk, I am confident I can make Inflict Wounds hit, especially since I have Stunning Strike. Guiding Bolt would be nice for advantage, but I have 2 other melees with me that we get advantage on enemies often, also knocking to the prone and Stunning Strike helps with advantage.

Shield of Faith – +2 to AC for 10 mins on a bonus action… With 20 WIS/DEX, +2 AC from Bracers of Defense, +1 AC from Mariner Fighting style, and Shield of Faith, I am looking at 25 AC. This will be one of my choices for a spell slot.

Cantrips for Cleric is kinda meh for me, I really just want the two Level 1 spell slots for the above. But I would go with Toll of the Dead and whatever else I decide on.


How does Inflict Wounds work? When I use a spell slot to do this and I go for the hit, does the hit use my Monk/Proficiency modifiers?

Does it count as an Attack Action? (I am new to Spells, as this is my first character in DnD 5E, with 2+ years in the making).

If it does hit, and is counted as an Attack Action, can I still use my bonus action to burn a Ki point and use Flurry of Blows after using Inflict Wounds?

How can I get a stronger Monk Weapon? I paid 6k Gold to get my bracers, but haven’t had much opportunity to get a strong weapon from any where in the game, so I had to pay for the bracers to be crafted…

Additional Info

Party make up is 1 Wizard, 1 Sorcerer (I think?), 1 Cleric (recent addition), Monk (Me) and a Ranger (when he shows up).

Feat: Lucky Weapon: Reg silvered quarter staff

16th Level Feat: Thinking Sentinel or Tough, since I only have 122 HP at Level 13 atm.

I have saved the party from dying with CC, high movement and high AC on more than one occasion. I want the new cleric to focus healing on the Wizard/Sorcerer/Ranger since they have lower AC than I do and I tend to disengage to assist when they are overwhelmed with something else that I am not already fighting. I was thinking of multi-classing into Ranger, but I don’t see a lot of good things from what I have read so far.

Our leveling system is based on Time Played and not EXP from kills, so more than likely we will hit Level 20.

Only have 3 levels to spare since I am going Level 17 WOTOH Monk. Any other suggestions I will consider.

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How much damage is dealt/taken when that damage also reduces a creature to 0 hit points?

The particular case where this question came up was when a Hobgoblin Warlord attacked my ally, who had 7 hit points remaining. The attack’s damage was rolled for a total of 13, meaning they would fall unconscious. However, I am a Redemption Paladin which means I can Rebuke the Violent:

[…] Immediately after an attacker within 30 feet of you deals damage with an attack against a creature other than you, you can use your reaction to force the attacker to make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the attacker takes radiant damage equal to the damage it just dealt. […]

The question that arose was how to calculate "the damage it just dealt". Did the Hobgoblin Warlord deal 7 or 13 damage to my ally?

The only thing I found that somewhat answered this was the section on "Instant Death" which includes the following (emphasis mine):

[…] For example, a cleric with a maximum of 12 hit points currently has 6 hit points. If she takes 18 damage from an attack, she is reduced to 0 hit points, but 12 damage remains. Because the remaining damage equals her hit point maximum, the cleric dies.

This seems to state that the Cleric still takes 18 damage, even if her points drop to 0, but then it also states that 12 damage "remains". It’s not what I would call definitive and it doesn’t explicitly state that that is how damage works so I’m wondering if there’s anything that makes this even clearer.

Can a magic item be activated when someone/thing else is also holding it?

Can magic items that do not require attunement and only specify "While holding it you can…" to activate its effect (such as the Wand of Magic Missiles for example) be used when also held by someone else?

Consider a character doing the following during their turn:

  1. A character stands within reach of an ally holding the item.
  2. They use their object interaction to grab the item in a proper way (while the ally is still holding it).
  3. They activate the item with their action.
  4. They let go of the item (since dropping an item is considered "free"), which is still being held by the ally.

Would this also work if the ally was replaced with an enemy? Or if the item was in a holster or scabbard on either the activating character or someone else, or if it was just stuck in a rock?

Character moves up too fast when i hold “A” or “D” while also holding space. How do i fix this?

void Game::ProcessInput()// for all general inputs. {

const Uint8* state = SDL_GetKeyboardState(NULL); SDL_Event e; while (SDL_PollEvent(&e) != 0) {     switch (e.type)     {     case SDL_QUIT:         mIsRunning = false;         break;     case SDL_KEYUP:         break;     } }  changeLocation.x = 0;   if (state[SDL_SCANCODE_ESCAPE]) {     mIsRunning = false; } if (state[SDL_SCANCODE_D]) {     changeLocation.x = 1; } if (state[SDL_SCANCODE_A]) {     changeLocation.x = -1;  } if (state[SDL_SCANCODE_W]) {     changeLocation.y = -2; } if (state[SDL_SCANCODE_S]) {     changeLocation.y = 1;  } if (state[SDL_SCANCODE_SPACE] && jumpReset > 0) {     changeLocation.y -= 20;     jumpReset = 0;      } 


void Game::UpdateGame()//For all game physics and logic. { character.x = location.x; character.y = location.y; character.h = 123; character.w = 58;

wall[0].x = 0; wall[0].y = 990; wall[0].h = 20; wall[0].w = 1000;  wall[1].x = 0; wall[1].y = 700; wall[1].h = 20; wall[1].w = 200;  wall[2].x = 500; wall[2].y = 500; wall[2].h = 20; wall[2].w = 150;  while (!SDL_TICKS_PASSED(SDL_GetTicks(), mTicksCount + 16));  float deltaTime = (SDL_GetTicks() - mTicksCount) / 1000.0f;  if (deltaTime > 0.05f) {     deltaTime = 0.05f; }   {     character.x = location.x;     character.y = character.y + changeLocation.y;     if (!checkCollision())     {         location.y += changeLocation.y * 50.0f * deltaTime;     }     else         //std::cout << "Hitting something below me" << std::endl;         jumpReset = 2;      } if (changeLocation.x != 0) {     character.x = location.x + changeLocation.x;     character.y = location.y;        if (!checkCollision())     {         location.x += changeLocation.x * 50.0f * deltaTime;     } } else          changeLocation.y = 1; 


void Game::GenerateOutput() { SDL_RenderClear(gRenderer);

SDL_SetRenderDrawColor(gRenderer, 0, 0, 0, 255);  if (changeLocation.y < 0) {     getFrameUpAndDown(1, location.x, location.y); } else if (changeLocation.x > 0 )  {     frameToDraw = ((SDL_GetTicks() - startTime) * 6 / 1000) % 4;          getFrameRight(frameToDraw, location.x, location.y); } else if (changeLocation.x < 0 ) {     frameToDraw = ((SDL_GetTicks() - startTime) * 6 / 1000) % 4;     getFrameLeft(frameToDraw, location.x, location.y); } else      getFrameUpAndDown(0, location.x, location.y);   SDL_RenderFillRect(gRenderer, &wall[0]); SDL_RenderFillRect(gRenderer, &wall[1]); SDL_RenderFillRect(gRenderer, &wall[2]);    SDL_SetRenderDrawColor(gRenderer, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF); SDL_RenderPresent(gRenderer); 


If a fighter multiclasses into sorcerer, when they cast spells do they also replace material components with somatic?

From the Sorcerer class page,

Because you’re a sorcerer, you can usually replace material components with somatic components, so you don’t need to use a material component pouch.

I interpret this to mean that whenever a sorcerer casts a spell that requires a material component (without a cost), then they can choose to replace that component with a somatic one. From the listing on spell components, this means that the spell would keep the manipulate trait, but one important thing would change: the spell no longer requires you to have a hand free to retrieve and manipulate the material component.

Now, if a fighter takes the sorcerer dedication, then from the dedication page,

You cast spells like a sorcerer.

I interpet this to mean that the fighter also gains the ability to replace any material component with a somatic component, and that as a consequence the fighter can cast sorcerer spells without needing a hand free.

Is my interpretation correct?

For a basic unarmed strike, is only the proficiency bonus included in the attack roll, or is the Strength modifier also added?

The Player’s Handbook, Chapter 9, states about attack rolls:

The ability modifier used for a melee weapon attack is Strength

A bit later on it also states about melee attacks:

Instead of using a weapon to make a melee weapon attack, you can use an unarmed strike: a punch, kick, head-butt, or similar forceful blow (none of which count as weapons). On a hit, an unarmed strike deals bludgeoning damage equal to 1 + your Strength modifier. You are proficient with your unarmed strikes.

I’m not sure whether an unarmed strike is considered a “melee weapon attack.”

For a basic unarmed strike (i.e. no Monk, Tavern Brawler or anything else that enhances unarmed strikes), is only the proficiency bonus added to the attack roll, or is the Strength modifier also added?

Clearly the Strength modifier is added to the damage, but I’m asking about the attack roll.

Does the Telekinetic feat also increase the distance you can move the mage hand?

The Telekinetic feat from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything says the following:

You learn the mage hand cantrip…. if you already know this spell, it’s range increase by 30 feet when you cast it.

Mage Hand has a range of 30 feet, and says the following:

The hand vanishes if it is ever more than 30 feet away from you or if you cast this spell again.

Does this mean that even though the range for Mage Hand is now 60 feet, if you cast it beyond 30 feet, it still disappears?
Also, Mage Hand says the following:

You can move the hand up to 30 feet each time you use it.

Can you still only move it 30 feet? Or can you move it 60?