I am just wondering what are the methods which can hide all the transactions and also able to validate transactions in an block chain?

I am new to block chain and was looking at how block chain work mainly proof of stake based . They check validity by going through all the transactions which is something concerning as everyone can see the transactions. So what are ways to hide all transactions and also make everyone able to check validity of new block. This question is not only for block chain relm but also for cryptography.

Is there any free online photography classes? Also, best edit software for photos?

I’m planning on buying a nice camera soon. I want to take classes to learn to take better pictures, specially so I can some day know how to take senior pictures. I want to offer free pictures for seniors who may not have enough money to do otherwise. I’m planning on buying a Canon camera and buying any editing software I can get. Which, what is the best software to get? I am going to be a completely new photographer and would love to learn as much as possible. Thank you.

Does the Microsoft Graph API also limit total SharePoint list items to only 5000?

I have found a couple blogs indicating that the Graph API uses the REST API, which would imply that the same 5000 item limit applies. But I cannot find any official Microsoft documentation identifying the limit.