How to embedded exe file into png file such that when png file open then exe file also open with png?

No code yet.I have used binary and base64 to embedded exe and png file into png.But none of these method works for me.Because when I run png file exe is not run.I didn’t why?I need help in this project

saveFileDialog1.InitialDirectory = @”C:\”; saveFileDialog1.Filter = “PNG (.png)|.png|JPG (.jpg)|.jpg“; saveFileDialog1.ShowDialog();

    string imageString = Convert.ToBase64String(image);     string exeString = Convert.ToBase64String(exe);      string pading = "";     while (imageString.Contains("="))     {         imageString = imageString.Remove(imageString.Length - 1);         pading = pading + "=";     }      File.WriteAllBytes(saveFileDialog1.FileName, Convert.FromBase64String(imageString + exeString + "="));     MessageBox.Show("Done"); 

show that if A is regular, then a subset is also regular

A language A, even(A) is the subset of A consisting of those strings in A of even length:

even(A) = { x∈A | |x| is even} 

I need to use closure properties show that if A is regular, then even(A) is also regular.

Isn’t that a definition called “A language is called a regular language if some finite automaton recognizes it”, could prove even(A) is regular? How to use closure properties to prove this question?

Does there exist a program that can search not only the names of the links inside your Google sheet but also the contents of those links?

Background: I have a Google Sheet that has some links in it. Of course, links don’t always have the contents of what you are looking for the URL, so trying to search for it later is hard.

Question: Is it possible to peek into the contents of the website to find a keyword?

Ex: Let’s say I have (made this one up) And the last link contains words like “snake” and “turtle”. If I CTRL+F “snake”, there will be no results. Is there a way to look into the link without having to check each link one by one?

(Note that the tag on the bottom is because I don’t have enough reputation to put general, sorry)

I am signing (HMAC) outgoing webhooks to allow users to verify their source, should I also sign outgoing responses?

To allow api users to verify the authenticity of outgoing webhooks, I am using a similar model to slack:

  • Concatenate timestamp and body, HMAC with pre-shared key, add timestamp and HMAC digest to headers.

  • Recipient does the same, and compares to the digest in the header.

I can either implement this exclusively on outgoing webhooks, or I can implement it as middleware that performs this process on both outgoing webhooks, and responses to requests.

Is doing the latter good practice? A good idea?

Is it okay to have a DMPC who is also the BBEG?

I don’t want to make my DMPC star of the show by any means, I realize how important it is to let the characters do their own thing. I want this character to act in the background and support the other characters from the side, not for party benefit, but because it benefits the DMPC character. The idea of having this subtly manipulative character influence the party for their own means and to quietly gain power from it intrigues me.

I want to have a grand twist where this character I’ve made betrays the party, and they realize that they’ve let themselves be led astray from their original task just a little bit too late for them to do anything about it. But by defeating the DMPC, they will also and up accomplishing their original goal.

For context, this campaign is set to take place in an off-shoot version of hell where many people are given free roam. So it would be kind of normal to have betrayal there.

I just want to know if it would be possible to pull this off.

Does armor proficiency from class also give the Ability Score increase from the proficiency feat?

Old school RPer coming back after long gaming hiatus and new to D&D 5e. Liking what I see, and happy to be rid of ThAC0, lol. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to what I’m about to ask, but figure I’d ask anyways to make sure I didn’t miss something in the new system. Sorry if this is clearer to others or was addressed previously.

As I’m reading it seems feats are a little different now and fewer and further between when leveling, so I’m guessing they’re more valuable than they used to be. Going through the feats list I noticed that a lot of the feats also give an Ability Score increase and I have a question about those increases. (Example: Moderately Armored feat gives proficiency in medium armor and also increases STR or DEX by 1.)

IRC in the old system if you were proficient in an armor type you effectively had the armor feat for it. My question is, does a class in D&D 5e that starts with proficiency in medium armor have the Moderately Armored feat and get the Ability Score increase from above example? Or is the feat totally separate and they can just wear the armor but don’t get the Ability Score increase unless they take the feat?

Spinner (generally, but specifically also for German)

Guys, two questions really: 

1. Any new spinner on the block?

WordAI with “Tuning” says they produce “human” text. Bullshit. I just tested it again after 2 years. The output is still apalling. I highly doubt that there is a “learning algorithm” behind the scenes.

It doesn’t even correct the most obvious mistakes, like for instance: 
Original: The space is large, too. Output: Also The room is vast. 
Notice the “T”. A beginner’s error.

TheBestSpinner: probably nothing has changed since 2010. I still have a subscription, and use it with KM, but to be honest, this is not useful for anthing below T3

2. And do we know any tool that can spin German?

WordAI can at least do French, Italian and Spanish…

Is a Bugbear’s Long Limbed reach also applied to shoves and grapples?

In this question, I have been told the difference between a “melee attack” (which, if I understand correctly, Shoves and Grapples are) and a “melee weapon attack” (which they are not).

A Bugbear’s Long Limbed feature gives him 5 feet of extra reach for melee attacks made on his turn.

So, is a Bugbear’s Long Limbed reach also applied to special attacks (Shoves & Grapples)?

Does the Adventurers League’s “PHB+1” rule also apply to received magical items?

Yesterday, I was playing an Adventurers League game with a Bugbear character (from Volo’s Guide to Monsters). I am aware of the Adventurers League’s PHB+1 rule, which prevents me from using material from other D&D 5e sourcebooks, like Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

However, I received a magical item that comes from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and I’m wondering if I’m now violating the PHB+1 rule or not.

Does the Adventurers League’s “PHB+1” rule also apply to received magical items?