speedtest-cli very slow although network speed is fine

I’m encountering a strange problem here. On my local homeserver(Debian 9.9), speedtest-cli and it’s python pendant are freaking slow. Since I use it to monitor my ISP connection stability, this is a problem.

My first thought was my server or speedtest in general have a problem, but here starts the fun part.

Speedtest from my PC(Windows 10), directly connected to the router:

fast.com 370 Mbit/s  speedtest.net(server 15819) 242 Mbit/s down, 50,78 Mbit/s up 

Speedtest from my notebook(Arch Linux), directly connected to the router:

fast.com 310 Mbit/s speedtest.net(server 15819) 240 Mbit/s down, 50,8 Mbit/s up. 

So far so good, but regarding the Debian server, directly connected to the router:

speedtest-cli(server 15819) 3,88 Mbit/s down, 3,69Mbit/s up 

So maybe the server is broken… But no, the connection speed is just fine.

wget --output-document=/dev/null https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/debian-9.9.0-amd64-netinst.iso  leads to a download speed of about 200 Mbit/s. 

Speedtest directly on the router too results in about 250 Mbit/s.

I already tried pruging speedtest-cli, rebooting the server and so on.

Any idea what is going on here? How is it possible, the commandline spedtest fails this spectacular, while the rest of the network setup is just fine?

When building for Android the camera does not activate when the app launches although permission has been granted

I am using Unity 2018.3.7 and following the Microsoft Azure Spacial Anchors tutorials at this link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/spatial-anchors/tutorials/tutorial-share-anchors-across-devices

The project builds and runs on the device but the camera is never active

Sudoku Puzzles in O log n time although inefficient

Suppose, I got a hypothetical fixed list of all possible general Sudoku puzzles. I then create the pseudo-code to demonstrate the algorithm.

  • The algorithm does a search to compare the indexes of elements in the puzzle that are not listed as zero.

  • In other words, all the possible listed Sudoku
    grids are compared until a solution is found matching solution sharing the elements with the
    same index.

tuple=[.......]  tuple=[.......]  all possible Sudoku grids.  Here's our solver.  solver = input('enter the puzzle like this 10000030004000...)  if Element with Same Index solver == tuple1, tuple2,...  print (solution containing exact elements that share the indexes in        both the solution and puzzle) 

Will this algorithm solve all Sudoku Puzzles in O log n time?

TLS Verification does NOT fail although the CA root is NOT set in IE

As far as I know: when we make an ssl connection to a site we receive the site certificate, the browser check if the site certificate is in its list of root and trusted certification.

So if the CA is NOT in the browser trusted roots the connection should fail!

I made a connection to saba.bankmelli-iran.com, the site is verified by KEYNECTIS,

  1. I can find this CA as a valid root in firefox so I expect firefox connect to this site without any problem, and it does ! ( I find the certificates at preferences#advanced#view-certificates#Authorities menu)
  2. I can not find the KEYNECTIS in IE CA valid roots, I expect that IE does not trust this, but it goes and I get now Certification Warning. (I find the roots at internet_options#content#certificates#trusted_root_certification_authorities menu)

Why does IE trust this CA?

Here is a screenshot of IE Key store

enter image description here

Denied boarding although I have proper visa and documentation. To whom should I make a complaint?

I was traveling from Germany to Ireland, with UK tourist visa. I am a Turkish citizen and I am allowed to do so. (Visa waiver programme)

I checked in to the flight, and made my boarding pass signed from Ryanair’s counter. Then during boarding, at the last check before we enter the plane, as the responsible officer was not aware of the waiver programme, she said I can’t enter to Ireland with UK visa and denied me from boarding.

She also refused to show her badge number, and she told me instead. (Possible gave me a fake badge number to get rid of me.)

As my papers are good to enter to Ireland, I had to bought another flight from another airline, and enter to Ireland without a problem the same day.

To make a complaint, I contacted with Airline first, and stated that the officer denied me from boarding. They replied “People at the last check are not our officers, you should make a complaint to the airport authorities.”

I find it hard to believe, because the airport won’t be fined for people traveled with wrong documents, airlines does. And Only ryanair hires this type of people who denies me from boarding without consulting anyone and hid her badge number like a child.

Do you have an information about who should I contact with? Or how can I sue them?

Edit: I contacted with Ryanair, they said “Those people are Airport’s staff you should make a complaint to there.” I am not buying it and I don’t want to lose time trying to figure out who is responsible, as it is limited.

select returns zero rows although it should return some entries

I have a postgres database representing a simple demo forum. There are two tables called


id   | topic_id (the parent topic) | name | description ------------------------------------------------------- uuid | uuid                        | text | text 

and thread

id   | topic_id | name | created_at ------------------------------------------------------- uuid | uuid     | text | timestamp without timezone 

By using an Express REST API I want to get all the information for one topic. I pass in it’s ID and would like to get a result like this

{     parentTopic: {}, // could be null if no parent is available     name: "",     description: "",     childTopics: [{}, {}, {}],     threads: [{}, {}, {}] // should be sorted by created_at } 

As far as I know it is not possible to return a result like this. But I tried to create a query to get these information and maybe I can map this later on with some code.

SELECT     currentTopic.name,     currentTopic.description,     parentTopic.id AS parentTopicId,     parentTopic.name AS parentTopicName,     parentTopic.description AS parentTopicDescription,     childTopic.id AS childTopicId,     childTopic.name AS childTopicName,     childTopic.description AS childTopicDescription,     linkedThread.id AS threadId,     linkedThread.name AS threadName,     linkedThread.created_at AS threadCreatedAt FROM     topic currentTopic INNER JOIN     topic parentTopic ON currentTopic.topic_id = parentTopic.id INNER JOIN     topic childTopic ON currentTopic.id = childTopic.topic_id INNER JOIN     thread linkedThread ON currentTopic.id = linkedThread.topic_id WHERE     currentTopic.id = '624aaab6-2d2d-45dc-a425-c2863f05779c' ORDER BY     linkedThread.created_at; 

When executing this (I use pgAdmin) I no error occurs but I get 0 rows returned. I made sure, there should be some entries to retrieve.

Is something wrong with that query? Is there a way to improve the query to return me a result that is ready to use (the JS object I mentioned above)?