UnixODBC reads ASCII?ANSI although It is compiled with iconv enabled

I have been searching for this issue for quite a while, please do not be quick to give me similar questions, here is the issue:

  1. I installed and configured unixodbc on ubuntu, connected it to oracle and connection works
  2. I installed and configured php-odbc, also works with the unixodbc and connects to oracle
  3. The issue is that it retrieves data in ASCII and I cannot find any proper way to force it to use utf8.

Although tor is the default proxy, it does not work as default!

I installed tor using apt and it started to work on port 9050 as a socks proxy automatically.

So I set my Network Proxy to be on Manual mode:



I rebooted my system and I expected that my requests don’t reveal my real public IP address, but they did. So I installed Foxy Proxy extension from the chrome webstore and set it to use the SOCKS proxy from port 9050 for requests. It worked! But I don’t have any solution for using tor in terminal. I want it to be my default, and it should be!

Owncloud client prompts for password although gnome-keyring is installed

The ownCloud client prompts for passwords every time I reboot the computer. It says, I don’t have a keyring to store the password in. I installed gnome-keyring and seahorse, but still, the passwords are not stored. What can I do to use the keyring for my passwords?

I’m using Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.2 LTS.

Keep getting Error: Could not find or load main class although set the PATH and CLASSPATH variables

I was trying to run my first JAVA code, so after installing the JDK12 on my Windows10 machine, I checked that the JAVA is installed correctly, I also was able to compile the file but when tried to run the code using the java command I got this error: Could not find or load main class

I installed JDK12 from the oracle website I tried to read and find some examples but in all the examples I saw that they set the CLASSPATH to the JRE folder (for some reason I don’t have JRE folder under the SDK installation folder and I don’t know if this is correct)

public class FirstJavaProgram {   public static void main(String[] args){     System.out.println("This is my first program in java");   }//End of main }//End of FirstJavaProgram Class 

I was expecting to see the text of the first program on the screen and instead I got the error mentioned above

Can still enter the UK using my indefinite leave to remain status although the immigration officer stamped my passport with a Leave to enter

On May 13, 1983 I was granted a Leave to Remain in the UK for an indefinite period visa and since then I have maintained this status by not staying outside the UK for more than two years. During my last visit on July 29, 2018 the border force immigration officer stamped my passport with a Leave to enter for six months and not as a returning resident. I am planning to travel back to the UK next month. Do I need a visa or I can still enter the UK using my indefinite leave to remain status

Tax subtotal excluding from sale price although settings are not

I have running Magento on PHP5

for some weird reason, tax is acting weird on checkout and cart, first prices are displaying as normal, then on the subtotal, tax is deducted from selling price, and then it adds taxes again, so the total amount is finally the original selling price, instead of price + tax. enter image description here Settings seems to be right, prices are supposed to be excluding taxes, i attached screens of both, checkout and settings, i’ve read somewhere that there is a bug, but with PHP7, and i have 5.5

enter image description here

enter image description here