Does “Not Found” error always mean the app is unpublished or not active on Play Store?

I am having difficulty finding some apps in Play Store. A lot of times, when I come across a link on the older posts of this website and I load it, I get “Not Found” error on Google Play. I explicitly get:

We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

I do double check with the app on AppBrain and usually, it shows that XYZ app unpublished on some ABC date in the past, so I end up believing that the app is really dead on Play Store. However, sometimes, a user, whose post I deleted because of dead link tells me that the app is live on Play Store.

I do a check using Opera browser’s free VPN service (regions: Europe, Americas, and Asia), and also with a Chrome Extension for American/British VPN service. I again and again get the same dead link. I also ensure using Private Browsing to rule out browser caching.

Recently, a fellow moderator notified me that while I was not able to load the link, he could easily load the app Google Goggles on Play Store. AppBrain still shows the app is no more active on Google Play though.

Similarly, I came across the app MyAndroidTools which does not load in Google Play Store, also seems inactive on AppBrain, but had a fresh beta version, as seen on APKMirror.

How do I truly believe that the app is really dead for everyone? Alternatively, how do I know to whom the app is not dead, and how can I load at least the app’s page, let alone download it from Play Store?

SPContext current is always null

We are using Sharepoint learning kit to deliver eLearning course to our employees.

Sharepoint learning kit (SLK) .wsp is deployed to a site collection.

I have created a seperate .net WCF upload service which uploads document to Site document library and uses one of the API from SLK to create an assignment.

I have copied the dll from SLK’s build and put in a folder inside upload service, from where the dll are referenced to SLK in my upload service

Since uploding document does not have dependency on SLK API, it works fine.

The problem started when i call a method from SLK API where it fail to GET SPcontext

Sharepoint Site URL : http://wingtipserver:28000/

Upload Service URL : http://wingtipserver:26898/uploadService.svc

can anyone point me in right direction to resolve this issue ?

Have file always listed first in Google Drive directory

When viewing Google Drive in Grid View, is there a way to have a specific file always listed first within a directory?

One obvious solution is to add something like “000” to the beginning of the file (e.g. 000 My Desired First File) so that it gets sorted to the top, but I’m looking for a non-hacky way to “pin” a file at the top of the list.

Example:   - My Desired First File  - Apple File  - Banana File  - Cat File  - Dog File 

Ajax call always returns in error from controller Magento 2

From my controller, I return a JSON data to my Ajax call but it always goes in the error section, even when it’s not an error.

 jQuery.ajax({         type: 'POST',         url: '/yxcustomer/index/emailpreferences',         data: {"category1": category1,"category2":category2 , "category3":category3,"category4":category4,"category5":category5,"category6":category6,"category7":category7,                "latest1":latest1,"latest2":latest2,"latest3":latest3,"latest4":latest4,                "frequency":frequency,                "email":email,"firstName":firstName , "lastName":lastName},         dataType: "json",         success: function (data) {             console.log("data response success prefe " + JSON.stringify(data));          },         error: function (error) {             console.log("data response error prefe " + JSON.stringify(error));         }     }); 

Controller code

 protected $  resultJsonFactory;    public function __construct(     \Magento\Framework\Controller\Result\JsonFactory $  resultJsonFactory,     \Magento\Framework\App\Action\Context $  context ) {     $  this->resultJsonFactory = $  resultJsonFactory;     parent::__construct($  context); }    public function execute()   {     try{        return  $  this->resultJsonFactory->create()->setData(['success' => true,'contact'=>json_encode($  contact) ,'message' => $  this->messageManager->addSuccessMessage("Successfully updated email preferences")]);     } catch (Exception $  e) {         return  $  this->resultJsonFactory->create()->setData(['success' => false,'message' => $  this->messageManager->addErrorMessage('Email preferences cannot be updated')]);                 } } 

Still that success code

$  this->resultJsonFactory->create()->setData(['success' => true,'contact'=>json_encode($  contact) ,'message' => $  this->messageManager->addSuccessMessage("Successfully updated email preferences")]) 

Always goes in ajax error part

error: function (error) {} 

What am I doing wrong, is there some Magento 2 issue?

Does flanking always grant advantage, or is it up to discussion?

The rules packet does not provide any specific rules about flanking. However the rule does say that the DM has lots of leeway in deciding when to give advantage or disadvantage in combat. Should it be understood that flanking always gives advantage, or is the DM supposed to only give advantage when there is “clever flanking”? What is the best way to handle “flanking” in D&D 5e?

Tor Browser 8.0.6 always turns on webgl.min_capability_mode

I want to enable webgl in the Tor Browser 8.0.6. In about:config, all settings are saved except webgl.min_capability_mode, which is always set to true. Whatever I do, this value is always set true. All other webgl.*-changes are persistent. I tried adding a new default profile with a custom user.js file, without any success.

How can I achieve webgl.min_capability_mode set to false on startup in the Tor Browser 8.0.6?

Should a “Close” button on a dialog message modal always be in the same position and style?

Here are two examples of a current message dialog we have in the application I’m working on. The close button is the primary and only button in the left dialog. It’s one of two options in the right dialog, so it’s given the secondary button position/styling. This feels a bit awkward. Is it best practice to always keep it in the same place and same style? Or to treat it differently when there are other options available?

We also have messages that have “Cancel” which always sits in the bottom left position with the secondary button styling. Not sure if that impacts the answer to this at all. enter image description here