[ History ] Open Question : Will America eventually become Communist ?

Right wing conspiracy theorists have been saying how the communist Chinese have taken over Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Google and Facebook and how they will soon censorship us and take our freedoms away.  They also say how China used the coronavirus to destroy the US economy. Which makes sense because look have many people are unemployed. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why can’t America do what China does to combat coronavirus? Is it against human rights?

China’s lockdown rules are extremely strict. Everyone is forced to stay home and wear mask at all times They disinfect every inch of their country every hour air and ground and walls and ceilings. Harsh punishment for people not following orders, no warnings. America is different, people still go out, no one puts mask on, cities still dirty with no one bother to disinfect the ground or air. Many people from new york now trying to escape but they might bring the virus to another state.

Is there any way using only his own abilities how captain america could hurt ironman?

With what I’m seeing from teh stats without his shield captain americas strength is 2 below the body armor of iron man. His shield is 1 CS below the body armor. Thus it does seem captain america could not hurt iron man at all.

Is there any way how he could hurt iron man (using just his powers and abilities)?

How the validity of passport can affect transit between countries in South America?

I plan to fly to South America soon, the first country I plan to travel to is Argentina.

My plan is to have along trip that will involve traveling to other countries in the region.

My passport will expire in about 9 months.

Can I go from Argentina to a neighboring country (Chile) when my passport is less than six months away from the expiration date?