Is wearing a keffiyeh as a scarf in South America inapproriate?

I am planning on taking my keffiyeh (a patterend black-white square scarf, commonly used as head cover in the Middle East) on my trip to Chile, Bolivia and Peru to wear it as a scarf while hiking in the mountains.

Would this be considered inapproriate, or can it be misunderstood as a political statement and cause problems?

How do Russians surely get tourist Visas to America?

Russians say that it’s hard trying to vacation to America. Is it true one’s chances of entry via tourist visa is poorly affected by the following: – is a younge single woman – who has recently finished school – who has an empty passport (hasn’t been to other countries) This alone seems sexist. I want to know all that lowers the chances for Russians seeking a tourist visa.

Would this make America great again?

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Would this make America great again?

SIM cards in South America, which are the most reliable ones?

I know that this sounds very subjective but I don’t know how to put it different:

I will be travel in South America for few months, with an average timespan of 2 weeks in each of this countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Talking about SIM cards, is anyone who travaled a similar journey and can tell which is the better option between buying a SIM card in each country or just buy one for all of them (or some of them)?

I would like something with good signal/coverage, 5 GB/month or similar and some voice (100 minutes of domestic calls should be fine).

Any suggestions?