American citizen overstayed visa in the UK and wants to return home. Some questions

I’m an American citizen and I’ve overstayed my visa in the UK for years now. I want to book my flight back to the US ASAP on my own dime but I have a some questions about traveling home.

A lot of flights I’ve seen back to the US have a connecting flight in either The Netherlands or the Republic of Ireland (not in the UK).

Would it be an issue to travel through these countries considering I’ll likely need to be issued a transit visa upon arrival and I’ve overstayed a visa in the UK?

Would it be best to find a flight that goes directly to the US, no stops in other countries?

And I also wanted to ask about the airport. What can I expect when I’m there?

1.) Is there anything specific I should bring with me (I’ll have my valid US passport and a print out of my flight details)?

2.) Should I go directly to immigration and speak to them? Will I be detained and/or issued a fine/ban?

3.) Do they check passports when you leave (I’ll likely need to take a flight out of Heathrow in London if I can’t transit through other countries)? I don’t believe there are formal exit controls in the UK but don’t they do random checks?

4.) Can I just go and board my flight as normal?

I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing so as to allow this to go as smoothly as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hyphens or en dashes—which are more readable when used in number ranges (for North American web users)?

Is there evidence to show that number ranges are more readable using hyphens or en dashes (on digital screens for North American web users)?

Wikipedia notes that, according to your style choice, you can correctly list store hours two ways:

Hyphen: 10am-9pm

Dash: 10am–9pm

Since neither is eliminated as “incorrect,” which style has evidence to support that it is more readable (and more readily understandable)?

(As Wikipedia notes that “both are equally “‘correct,'” I’m looking strictly for evidence to support one style over the other from a usability/experience perspective.)

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Is a reasonable level of knowledge of American Football advantageous when playing Blood Bowl?

The rules of Blood Bowl are fairly short and comprehensive. Although a lot of parallels can be drawn between them and the real world game Blood Bowl is based on, American Football, there is no need to know the rules to the real world game in order to know the rules of, and play, the table top version.

However, I’m curious if having a reasonable level of knowledge of the tactics and strategies used in real world American Football can be used as an advantage when playing Blood Bowl?