Is there any chance of local PC getting infected when you analyse PCAP malware file in cloud server through putty?

Is there any chance of local PC getting infected when you analyse PCAP malware file in cloud server through putty?I want to run pcap malware to test snort in my cloud server.I want to know on doing so if it will affect my local machine.

When should we construct trees, graphs to analyse an algorithm?

In many algorithms, it’s easy to understand how the algorithm is executed, but as for why it works well and how it can work, it’s not very easy to see, sometimes, authors construct trees or graphs to put things analysed in them and use those stuctures to describe the property of the research object and prove some property of the structures to finally give an explanation why it works well…

When should we use trees, graphs to analyse an algorithm? Or equivalently, what property do trees or graphs do well in describing in theory.

Like, in sort algorithms, many algorithms are analysed with a binary tree, in 2SAT algorithms, the core of the problem is decribed as a graph.

Well, for the problems with fixed mode, the structures can be implied easily, like the problems in OI or leetcode, however, in research such situation is not so likely to happen.

If the best probably answer is: well, when you feel some structures are proper, you can try them, it is hard to say which must be used and which shouldn’t. I accept it. I look forward to a more inspiring answer.

DDOS attack mitigation – enough to analyse only GET/POST requests?

I am developing a DOS attack recognition module for application layer requests. The application has a backend consisting several APIs. They all are connected through an API gateway(developed in Nodejs). Every request is recorded to a database and another server (written in python-Flask) analyses the number of GET/POST requests for every 20 seconds and calculate the entropy of the incoming requests and block any suspicious IPs based on the entropy value.

My question is, In order to defend from DOS attacks, do I have to consider other types of TCP packets other than HTTP’s (ex: ICMP).

My backend APIs doesn’t allow any user to continue without logging in. In that case is it worth developing the DOS attack recognition module.

Architecture of the application

The research paper:


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Analyse multiple columns per row

I need to combine the data of three different columns. Thus, I have this:

------------------------------------------------------- | ID | ID Data | Markdown 1 | Markdown 2 | Markdown 3 | ------------------------------------------------------- | 1  |   G     |     X2     |    X3      |    X4      |  ------------------------------------------------------- | 2  |   B     |     X6     |    X7      |    X8      |  ------------------------------------------------------- | 5  |   Z     |     X3     |    X4      |    X5      |  ------------------------------------------------------- | etc ... 100 rows 

In the end, I want one column saying “Markdowns”, thus that combines the different columns. However, I want to keep the row data, meaning I need to see for which ID’s which markdowns were put:

---------------------------- | ID | ID Data | Markdowns |  ---------------------------- | 1  | G       |    X2     |  ---------------------------- | 1  | G       |    X3     |  ---------------------------- | 1  | G       |    X4     |  ---------------------------- | 2  | B       |    X6     |    ---------------------------- | 2  | B       |    X7     |  ---------------------------- | 2  | B       |    X8     |  ---------------------------- | 5  | Z       |    X3     |  ---------------------------- | 5  | Z       |    X4     |  ---------------------------- | 5  | Z       |    X5     |  ---------------------------- | etc ...  

I need this to create pivot’s and graphs to show how many and which markdowns for which ID were put. Now I need to create three different pivots and combine the data manually.

I already checked this formula but with that one, it seems I have to add the formula for each row manually.

Can anyone help me with this?