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Difference between Image Analysis and Computer Vision

I have searched the web and I have only found the differences between Image Processing and Computer Vison (also in this website too). In addition, sometimes Image Analysis is confused with Image Processing, which is untrue. Reading the Wikipedia article, it makes me thing that Image Analysis is another name for Computer Vision. Therefore I am confused. What is the real difference of those two?

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Hardening VM for Malware Analysis

Dear Security Experts,

I starting out in Malware Research / Malware Analysis. I am reading a book Practical Guide to Malware Analysis, which touches this in 2nd chapter, before approaching Dynamical Analysis (malware detonation). However, it mentions 2 options for Virtualization approach.

  1. One is to set Network Adapter to Host-Only. That way it should isolate VM from Network, but still have access to it via Host – not sure though how that works though.

  2. They mention a multi VM setup where one VM is set for Services and other for Analysis and both are joined to same Custom VMNet.

My problem is that there are no step-by-step instructions on how to do this, so I am hopping to get answers here. My most curious questions is: Is setting Network Adapter to Host-Only the only thing to do to isolate the VM for Malware Analysis? Because many sites I googled mention just this (and also taking snapshots etc.).


Azure Security Policy for Azure Analysis Service

I have been working to build an Azure Security policy for Azure Analysis Services. First off, I cannot find one mention or sample code and I am unable to get any of my policies to work correctly. Is it even possible to put policy on Analysis Services?

If so, do I need to call a compute resource out of the Analysis Services resource; “Microsoft.AnalysisServices/servers”. There are properties down further that identify firewall rules so I am unsure.

I am trying to restrict that the access to external IP’s from two specific ranges.

Please ask more clarifying questions if needed. Thank you.