Discrepancy between Google Ads clicks and Google Analytics sessions

After a month of ads with Google Ads Shopping campaigns and continuously identifying, day after day, a significant discrepancy of clicks on Google Ads and Sessions in Google Analytics (as well as another analytics tool that brings numbers very close to analytics’s numbers), I contacted Google Support. For more than 3 weeks, after numerous interactions and different/contradictory suggestions/explanations/solutions, it finally seems that my case has taken a direction towards the solution, but the result that has been passed to me, despite having convinced me that it is the which may actually be the cause of the problem, was not satisfactory to me. I was really disappointed with the procedure Google Support provided me, and would like more explanations and information from the community.

What I got last through Google’s support was this:

“There are two methods for logging out of a session: a session can be opened on the same day or on several days, weeks or months. Expiration by time: After 30 minutes of inactivity At midnight Campaign Change: If a user enters through a campaign, he leaves and then comes back through another campaign. Why is there a discrepancy between clicks and sessions? I have separated this link from the help center that explains specifically what we said in connection If you’ve noticed one of the following discrepancies between clicks and sessions, use the troubleshooter for clicks × sessions to identify and resolve issues. As well as reporting the discrepancy between clicks and sessions up to 20% is considerable. “

Among the Google help links passed by the support, it has not been clear to me whether a 20% less discrepancy in the number of sessions in relation to clicks is normal or if only when the session number is higher (the phrase “A single user can open multiple sessions” suggests that it is only normal when the number of sessions is higher).

But if it’s really normal that the number of sessions is 20% less than the number of clicks, I’m led to think of the possibilities:

1 – Analytics fails as a tool to count 100% the number of sessions (accessed by the same person or by different people). Once when a click occurs, the user is taken to the site and must count as a session. If it is normal for analytics to compute 20% fewer sessions than clicks, soon the analytics fail to compute all the sessions.

2 – Google uses this explanation to be able to charge up to 20% more clicks than clicks that actually occurred from its users.

I do not like to believe in either hypothesis, first to rely on Google Analytics as a tool to identify sessions and because their numbers are very similar to that of a third analysis tool used (built by my ecommerce platform), and also for not believing that a company like Google would lend itself to deliberately charging 20% ​​more clicks from its customers. So I turn to the community so maybe someone will bring me a third alternative that I have not been able to identify and/or a totally different explanation from the one I received from the support (as they have done so many times over the course of those weeks).

Elasticsuite Analytics – Search Usage Not Populating with Data

We have been using elasticsuite since our site went live (6+ months ago) to handle all the searching for the site (as well as Virtual Categories, Filtering, etc).

Now we want to start evaluating the search terms that our customers use in order to provide better product coverage and the like. Our problem is that under the Elasticsuite > Analytics > Search Usage no data is being shown.

Image showing blank data

There is denfinitly searches happening on the site so I would assume the data should be showing up.

After some searching I have not been able to find any info on what might be causing this but I’m guessing I have something misconfigured. If anyone has faced a similar issue or knows what might be happening, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

TL:DR: How do I populate the ‘Search Usage’ Elasticsuite page with search data?

Version Info

Magento : CE 2.3.1

Elasticsearch : 5.6.16

How to put the Google Analytics code on the check-out page?

Magento 1.9.4 Porto theme 

I have a tracking Google Analytics code and suppose to put that on the check-out page. What is the best way to do that? Is the check-out page actually one of the CMS pages or CMS blocks?

UPDATED: This is a different code than what we have for just the Google Analytics account. I think it’s for special tracking of specific campaigns so the code is different than what we normally use for Google Analytics as such.

How to make Google Analytics show date for these pages only?

Hello and happy 4th of July with a bit of delay!

My question is straight forward. How can I make Google Analytics display me th date for several selected pages at once.

For instance when I go to Behavior > Site content > All pages , it pretty much displays me data about all pages sorted by volume.

What should do, so I get it to display me the data for ONLY certain pages and NOT others?

I hope I got it clear enought. If not please let me know and I will further explain.


YouTube channel has generated new email address – Google Analytics issues?

We created a second YouTube channel on a domain email account (e.g. info@domainname.co.uk), which we use as a central account for account access for our clients. However doing this suddenly created a brand account and our domain email address (e.g. info@domainname.co.uk) has now changed on the account to (infodomainname@gmail.co.uk), without alerting us to this change.

Now I am very concerned we will now lose access to all client accounts because of this change we were not aware of. When I go into settings it won’t let me change the main email address back to the domain one, but the domain email address is still being mentioned as getting alerts etc.

Right now it seems access still works and we can login with the domain email account credentials.

But can someone let me know if: 1. We will lose access to anything that granted us access to the domain email address soon (right now we haven’t but it has only just happened). 2. Will we not be able to login using the domain email address soon (right now we still can but it has only just happened). 3. Can we somehow get the domain email address back to the primary email address (as it won’t let us in account settings) – is this something we have to request from Google or go by another means?

Any advice would be much appreciated, as I am frightened we will lose all our access and permissions soon!

Best Website framework for Analytics, NOT Plug ins

Hello all,
I've used WordPress and Blogspot before.
And Statcounter for analytics.

WordPress and Blogspot give great summary analytics, good for thousands of views.
Similar to Twitter and Youtube.

And Statcounter gives great detail.

Unfortunately, Statcounter can now be blocked with Ghostery.

So, at the level of the website framework,
WordPress gathers the analytics with every hit.

But Statcounter, and other plug ins can be blocked.

So, my question:
Is there a web hosting…

Best Website framework for Analytics, NOT Plug ins

Install google analytics on your business website for $5

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Google Analytics Implementation Sharepoint 2013

I am looking to implement Google Analytics into a Sharepoint 2013 site. I have my GA tracking code ready to go, and have full access to all master pages in the site. However, after reviewing the answers already posted, I am still unsure of exactly which master page to paste it into (I am fully ok with where in the tags it goes. I have a number of pages identified as master pages in the following configuration:
Content type:
html master page: 4 pages
Master Page: 3 pages
ASP NET Master Page: 3 pages

All of these seem that they could be an option, and no one master page is greyed out indicating it is in use. HOWEVER! I am working in Sharepoint Designer 2013, and when I sort these pages by date modified, I can narrow it down to 2 x html master pages and 2 x asp net master pages, with the 2 html master pages having the blue icon indicating that they have been modified from the site definition. So, pardon my long message, but should I be inserting the GA code to all of these asp and html master pages or just certain pages?