What is the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin?

Major Features –
I would like to share few of its major attributes which makes this plugin stand out-[/url]

  • In case, if you want to pose some restrictions over viewers of your post, this [url=https://techkiinfo.wixsite.com/techkiinfo]plugin allows you to exclude traffic from certain users, role types, IP address, country, city or region.
  • This plugin makes it easy for you to analyse various details by providing a Google Analytic Report. These details can be real time, sessions, locations, visitors and browsers statistics in the form of graphs.
  • Also, you get access to brief statistic block which makes it easier for you to compare the stats from last few days say: 7 to 30 days.
  • You don’t need to worry about keeping a track on revenues & performance of your product as this plugins does exactly this work for you. It effortlessly maintain the product SKU and transaction IDs.
  • Besides, this plugin facilitates you with push notifications regarding the details like highest or lowest interaction on your website. All you gotta do is to select periods and conditions, depending on when and how you wish to be notified.
  • Without hassling around with codes at the back-end, you can easily allow prominent users like authors & editors to view a report displaying the specific activities within the post right from the front-end.

Well, I personally like using this plugin & the pricing is also not so high. The pricing is done in accordance with the number of domains you have.
Pricing –

  • As a beginner if you own a single domain then you need to pay $30,
  • While for 3 domains, the cost is $45.
  • You can also get unlimited domain support, just by spending $60 on this plugin & get access to all of its exemplary features & premium support

Search Analytics ViewsRecent & ViewsLifeTime is null

I’m trying to see the most viewed blog posts in a SharePoint farm. So I just query for:


To get the ViewsLifeTime I have to include it as a sorting parameter. When I don’t add a ViewsLifeTime sort, ViewsLifeTime is null. Is that the correct behavior?


Now this works for blog posts in one Web Application, but blog posts on the MySite WA never have ViewsLifeTime or ViewsRecent populated – they are always null. I do know that the blog posts are above the TailTrimming limit.

  1. When are these View-Events generated? Like what is the flow? User opens blog post > Usage event > Seach crawl > I can see the view event? Is search the only thing that needs to run or is there some timer job?
  2. Why do I get usage events in one web application, but not the other? Do I need to change timer jobs? Service associations? Web Application Features? Site Collection Features?
  3. How to reliably get ViewsLifeTime and ViewsRecent for everything? Is it correct that I always need to include to SortList parameter otherwise the views properties are null?

Google Analytics: Exit page report differs from conversions

I have an issue determining my checkout pages exit percentage.

Looking at the site’s database event information for a single day I am given the following information:

  1. Entered checkout – 306
  2. Completed Checkout – 249
  3. 81% completed (completed / entered checkout)
  4. 19% exited (remainder)

When I look at my reporting in Google analytics I am given the following information:

  1. Entered checkout – 304
  2. Completed checkout – 247
  3. Exits – 26
  4. Exit % – 0.09% (exits / entered checkout)

So what reason would there be for my Exit % to be different than the math between the difference of entered and completed checkout?

Thanks in advance!

Clubbing together network websites as subdomains and impact on Google Analytics reporting

We have set two milestones for our business that has a network of websites:

• To generate 50,000 impressions per month for www.digitalsplendid.net so as to make it eligible for selling ad space on buysellads.com, a premium marketplace for display ads. • To generate 500$ per month revenue for six months for www.digitalsplendid.net so as to make the same eligible for listing at popular website marketplaces like EmpireFlippers, FE International for sale.

My query is for the above two milestones (50,0000 monthly impressions and 500$ monthly revenue), does it make sense if our network websites (www.digitalsplendid.agency, www.woosplendid.com, www.finsplendid.com, www.digitalsplendid.news, www.howtosplendid.com, www.micsplendid.com) are clubbed together under the flagship website www.digitalsplendid.net by making all these subdomains of digitalsplendid.net. As I also want to make these network websites live on their own domain name, so news.digitalsplendid.net will redirect to www.digitalsplendid.news.

By following the above strategy, I am not sure if the Google Analytics will count the visitors at www.digitalsplendid.news (news.digitalsplendid.net) under www.digitalsplendid.net.

Where can I find someone that will sit with me and explain the analytics reports from my iPhone and computer? [on hold]

This may seem like a dumb question to most people, BUT PLEASE READ THIS!! I AM BEYOND DESPERATE to get rid of a hacker that is digitally stalking me and terrorizing me. I picked your forum because there is so much of the same code writing that I see on my phone. This has been going on for over a year now and I have only found 1 computer forensics website on online. They are a company in Denmark and do not work for consumers, so they wouldn’t even help me. The hackers are my now ex-roommate and 2 other women that are continuously in our phones. For instance the other day I turned on Voice Memo on my husband’s phone and it showed the location to be at a completely different location a couple of miles away from my real address. Then, on my phone, I went to my maps app to get directions to a place and it said that I was at a college campus in a completely different city than where I live. I NEED SOMEONE THAT CAN READ CODE and explain to me what is system operations and what is from the hacker. I have become obsessed with this problem, which just adds to the problems the hackers have created. I find myself going down worm holes (many, A LOT) because of some piece of information I found on the phone or computer and I feel that it is NOT PART OF THE NORMAL OPERATING SYSTEM FUNCTIONS. Since March of this year I have had no Wi-Fi, no cable, no data until about 3 weeks ago when I had it turned back on because I need it to my job, no debit cards, and no social media. I think they are intercepting the signal at the tower that is in the middle of a field way out in the country. Also, I think I found some of their portals/backdoor/link that they have been using to get into my devices. They are relentless, methodical and cruel. They are 50% responsible for my son getting fired from his job because they spoofed his number to call the owner of the company and a couple of other employees at 2am and hang up on them. They track me, all of my text messages are forwarded to someone, my phone calls are recorded, and they turn microphones on to listen to whatever is going on. They are also trying to convince me my husband is having an affair. There is so much that has happened over the last year that I cannot even remember them all. I AM ON MY KNEES BEGGING FOR SOME KIND OF HELP. We can do a remote login or whatever it takes. I have a new job, my dream job at that, and I cannot afford for them to be in the company laptop computer. It is a new company so there isn’t an office yet, which means I am working from home or the library until we get an office.

I NEED A WIN, PLEASE. It is not in my disposition to just let someone get away with this. Plus they are constantly doing things to my phone, like changing my settings, to let me know they are still there. Thank you for your time and reading this. Any advice and/or help given will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Reporting trident token or other indications of a user in compatibility mode within Google Analytics

I have noticed that the number of users reporting to be using Internet Explorer 9 is high (2%) within browser & OS in Google Analytics. Reviewing the user agent it’s clear a higher number of these are running Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility Mode. It appears google analytics would represent the following user as IE9. However, the trident value of 7 indicates they are using Internet Explorer 11. What’s my browser example

DeviceType Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+MSIE+9.0;+Windows+NT+10.0;+Win64;+x64;+Trident/7.0;+Touch) 

I’ve seen older threads stating that it’s not possible to report browser by the trident token or if the the user is in compatibility mode.

Is this still the case? Are there other tools within google analytics that could give an accurate represent of the IE 9 usage?