Twitter’s export analytics data delivers an empty CSV

I’m trying to export my Twitter data to see my engagement rate at certain times of the day.

This exports as a CSV. I opened this file with Google Sheets, and it only showed column headers with no data. I initially thought this was a problem with Google Sheets until I opened the CSV with Notepad, and saw that there is no data other than the column headers.

Screenshot of CSV as viewed in Notepad

I have tried several different date ranges, refreshing the page, and logging out and back in.

Thank you.

How get data from Google Analytics API?

I’m new to working with google analytics API. I can’t find in documentation about where I can take my client id. In docs writes ‘Specify the client ID you created for your app in the Google Developers Console’ I create project, create credentials. But what next? How I can get data from my specific project in Google Analytics?Or I can connect my existing project with new project, that I created in Google Developers Console.

P.S. If it’s important I need it for get data with python.

Analytics for a CRM to view more customer information

I’m integrating my inbound marketing CRM to another web application so that I can get more information from my users. Specifically, this web application allows me to create feedback forms so that I can get product inquiries, sales feedback, etc. It helps my customers by not having them switch between two website to view information?

We’re currently in the alpha phase and will be testing it with a few customers of my CRM. What should my success metrics be to decide to move forward to commercialize this integration?

Verify your website in Google Search Console and add Google Analytics for $9

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Magento 2 How to access built-in Google Analytics javascript object?

I want to add custom analytics events to my frontend in Magento 2.2.

I have a Magento 2.2 module with javascript that looks like this:

define([         "jquery",     ], function ($  ) {         return function (config, element) {             console.log(ga);             debugger }}); 

The client is using the built-in GA support. I’ve tried just accessing ga as above, but it’s null. I’ve tried accessing as well but it is also null. I’ve tried adding a 100 second timer to give it time to load, but ga and are both still null.

How do I access the js object to do things in real time?

Google Analytics Newbie Needing Help!

Hello, everyone, I'm a newbie here and a new user of Google Analytics. I'm looking for any help I can get on setting up tracking for an affiliate funnel sequence with two different landing pages running at the same time, I also want to put trackers on a PDF Download page and a webinar registration page. My question is … Do I use one account for the website and then put the landing pages, download page, and the webinar page all in separate Properties, are do I use separate accounts and add…

Google Analytics Newbie Needing Help!