Google Analytics UTM Codes in Conversions Goals

I have 2 websites. (Site A and SIte B)

I am passing UTM codes From Site A to Site B page. (Site A page 1 to Site B page 2) Site A with UTM tracking info –

Destination –

I can see my UTM tracking info (utm_medium,utm_source,utm_campaign) on RealTime Data (on ‘Traffic Sources’,Conversions) in real-time. All required information are there.

I can see my UTM tracking info (utm_medium,utm_source,utm_campaign) on Acquisition Data (on ‘Campaigns’,Conversions). Everything that I need is there too.

But I can not see my UTM tracking info on Conversions –> Goals. (I have set up the Goal and the Goal name and the UTM data are tracking on ‘RealTime Data’ and ‘Acquisition Data’. But not on Goals. I am trying this for a week now and checking after 24 hours. But the tracking info is not there. I think I can see source/medium as (direct) / (none).)

I just added the UTM to site B to test. (Not through Site A. The Site B itself with adding UTM codes in the URL) If we open the Goal URL just manually on Site B through an email or through a browser, then it is tracking on ‘Conversions –> Goals’ with the UTM tracking code.

The problem is when we pass UTM through Site A.

I tried these 2 examples.

I am not sure where I have missed it.

I want to get my UTM tracking info to ‘Conversions –> Goals’ when we pass it through Site A page 1 to Site B page 2.

Please, can you help me to sort this issue out? I really appreciate it if you can support me. It has been more than10 days since to figure out the problem.

Thank you!

Google Analytics listing hundreds of pages (extra slug code) but my site has 2 pages

Google Analytics is listing hundreds of pages on my site because something is adding extra information in the slug, and I have no idea how or why. This hasn’t happened on other sites. You can see that in the photo that basically every view of a page is considered its own unique page on my site.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!

Screenshot of a Google Analytics page behavior list and graph

Google Analytics – Match URLs on Unique Number in Content Drilldown Using RegEx?

I am trying to track pageviews on Google Analytics for knowledge base articles (on Zendesk). Each article has a unique number. However, the title of the page is sometimes appended to the URL, and GA tracks this as a separate page. If the title of the article changes, it generates a new URL.

For example, these would all be the same article, so I want to see a single pageviews count, but GA would show as 3 separate stats

/hc/en-us/articles/360039413394 /hc/en-us/articles/360039413394-How-To-Make-A-Sandwich /hc/en-us/articles/360039413394-How-To-Make-A-Turkey-Sandwich 

I want GA to roll up the articles matching on the unique number, and ignoring everything after that. Is there a built-in way to do this? Is there a way to do this with Regex? Where would I add the Regex for the Content Drilldown page? Help!

Thank you.

How to create metrics of specific events in Google Analytics or Data Studio?

On my site, I am firing an event when the user lands on a specific URL. I’m firing another event when the user clicks on a button on that specific page.

When I go to Analytics, I can see the Total Events + Unique events for each dimension (specific page view, button click on specific page).

How is it possible to create a new metric (I assume a calculated metric) to display the Unique Events as metrics for any dimension I’d like to use in a Table?

Here is an example of what I have now:

Event Label Total Events Unique Events
specific_page_views 100 50
specific_page_clicks 20 10

…and what I’d like to achieve:

Source Specific Unique Page Views Specific Unique Page Clicks Specific Page CTR %
(direct) 30 8 26.67
google 15 2 13.34
bing 5 0 0

I have been searching for an answer for many days now and can’t seem to find the answer to this simple question. I will want to create multiple of these Metrics, not just 2.

Is this actually possible with Google Analytics or Google Data Studio? (I’m planning to use Google Data studio)

Best tools/libraries for web analytics [closed]

I’m creating a react & node the app is similar to the link in bio apps like

So a user creates a link example:, now I need analytics for this page to show on the user’s dashboard, analytics like page views, location, what was clicked, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

How do I send a file_download event to google analytics?

Google Analytics considers a file download a link to one of their supported file types. But my single page app generates files on the fly and then generates a hyperlink with base64 data and prompts the user to download it. I want to capture that event as a Conversion as far as analytics is concerned. After my file download code, I’m sending

gtag('event', 'file_download', {'send-to':'downloads'}); 

I see the event being posted in the console and google reports a 204 No Content status back, so everything is working at the network level. But I am not seeing any events listed under Events > events or Engagement > events or even Dashboard > top events. What could be going wrong?

Pagespeed insight score low after adding Googel Analytics & Adsense [closed]

I Added google analytics and adsense code in my html. After that my Google Page Speed Insight score becomes 65 from 90+. Is there anything I could do to optimize both these.

Insight link –

How to setup Google Analytics Form Submission Goals in SiteCore

My website is built on Sitecore CMS.

We have a /contact-us/ page where a form is provided for users. Once the click on Submit button, the same page loads with a submission confirmation message.

I want to setup goals on how many times successful submissions are done.

So how to configure conversion goals?

I think I can use "event" from Google Tag Manager.. but not sure how to find a page-id or form-id in SiteCore.

Website Analytics Tools

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