Simple, clean, privacy-friendly analytics (SaaS)

Why are you selling this site?
This is what I do most of the time. I usually build starter sites and sell them.

How is it monetized?
Given that this website costs virtually nothing to operate, any revenue made is pure profit. Analyzz is a SaaS platform. Therefore it can be monetization through either subscription or advertisements. At the time, Analyzz has two paid plan for its users. You can either add more plans or edit them through Analyzz's admin panel.

There is an…

Simple, clean, privacy-friendly analytics (SaaS)

Using Google Analytics in an enqueued JS file

I have a JS file custom-head.js that I have enqueued to run in the header as noted in functions.php here:

function enqueue_files() {      wp_enqueue_script( 'head_scripts', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/custom-head.js', array('jquery'), null, false); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_files' ); 

Within that file I want to include my Google Analytics code. Yes, I realize I can add it to header.php or functions.php, but ideally I want to keep all of my scripts that are designed to be in the header in this one custom-head.js file.

//Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics jQuery(document).ready(function($  ) {     async src=""  //check if on the live domain versus dev if (document.location.hostname == '') {   window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];   function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}   gtag('js', new Date());    gtag('config', 'G-xxxxx'); }  }); 

However, I am not getting the tag to fire correctly. Can you please advise on how to add these scripts?

Google Analytics wrongly records events when using Internet Explorer

I’m a web designer and came across an odd finding. On our website, we track our contact form submissions using Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics.

I noticed that every once in a while the number of submissions recorded by Google Analytics is higher than the actual amount of messages we received.

So, according to Analytics, we should have received 5 submissions last week – when in fact, we just received 2 messages. (From this page:

The tracking setup seems to be correct (and has been correctly tracking submissions for over a year). So, I did a lot of digging and finally found out that all those "ghost" submissions were visitors using Internet Explorer. In December, we even had 2 recorded form submissions in Analytics, originating from pages without ANY contact forms on them! (such as

While Internet Explorer totally messes up the page’s CSS, I successfully received my own test message. So the form seems to work, at least in my IE version.

So, does that mean some version of Internet Explorer wrongly fires events? Or did visitors actually try to send us a message which didn’t get through? Any suggestions on what to look at next are greatly appreciated!

Can I put Google Adsense and Analytics at the end of the page instead of the beginning?

I wrote a very fast website that scored 99% on GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights.

Then I added Google Analytics and Google Adsense to the site, adding the scripts to the head section, as advised by Google.

Subsequently PageSpeed Insights has reduced my score to 61, blaming slow and unused javascript.

It is saying things like "Third-party code blocked the main thread for 1,080 ms". (Why is it even blocking? It is marked as async..)

It’s really absurd, and my website ranking has also tanked.

Can I fix this by putting the relevant code at the bottom instead of the top?

Analytics Setup with G-Tag Manager Tracking Code Missing [closed]

Analytics Setup with G-Tag Manager Tracking Code Missing 1 Reply Dear Team, I have successfully setup G-Tag Manager, code placed in my site header & body. Now I want to setup G-Analytics & G-Ads conversion Setup. So I went on G-Analytics>Opened Account>Create a property. But after creating property MEASUREMENT ID & Stream Id is only showing. While setup G-Tags there is asking for "Tracking ID " But everywhere showing me Just Measurement, Stream & Property Id. Nothing I have found Tracking ID that starts with "UA" as G-tag suggesting to enter. Earlier I was setup using Global Code directly placing in the HEader & avoided G-Tag. Please help me to Find Tracking Code- start with G-tag & analytics setup. Details Code Implementation enter image description here

How to add a goal in Google analytics with regular expression such as

I want to add Goal in Google Analytics with the same URL twice with a different regular expression such as 

these are on the same page with different tabs. So how I track user go which tab and other go where because google analytics just track my checkout page, not #shiiping and #payment

Enable all profiles for Google Analytics API

I am wondering if what I am attempting is plausible. We have 7 Google accounts, each with their maximum of 100 domains (profiles) attached for Analytics. Now I can go into the Analytics console and enable the Analytics API user (email) on each and every one (profile). But that seems time intensive and feel there’s got to be a better way!

Is there a way to add an the API authorized user to EVERY profile on the account? IE enter image description here

It’s going to be PAINFUL to add that authorized user to EVERY profile manually!

Can UTM parameters be governed in Analytics or Tag Manager?

I’m trying to understand UTM parameters in relation to Analytics and Tag Manager governance. I understand what the various parameters (utm_source, utm_medium & utm_campaign) are for, and that you append these as querystring parameters to a link that you want to promote in order to track where a visitor from your site came from. However, I’m unsure as to how this is governed. For example, if someone was running a campaign with a link like this:

…do those source, medium and campaign values need to be set up in Analytics or Tag Manager in order to ensure that they’re legitimate? What would stop someone spamming my data by using their own values?:

Many thanks.

Google Analytics: View filter not picking up any traffic

I have created a new view (a copy of the main one) and set a filter as follows:

enter image description here

However, if I visit any URL with that inside of it, nothing gets picked up on the real-time view. However it does get picked up on the main view, where there are no filters.

I can’t click on the verify link as it’s saying the service isn’t available

Any ideas?