Google Analytics 3 – Date range issue while viewing all Pages (Site Content Pages)

I am using Google Analytics 3 property, and using a custom dimension "UserName" (Scope = User). I am trying to view all pages/ page URLS a particular user has travelled in the website. I am trying to filter using the "UserName" custom Dimension in Behaviors -> Site Content -> All pages.

This particular user whom I am filtering has done some activity on some dates and in other dates no activity.

For example — Sept 1st and Sept 2nd he has visited some pages, other dates like Aug 30, Aug 31 no visits.

When I am trying to see the page view — by filtering this user in Custom Dimension – When I select the dates specifically which he has done activity data is displayed in the graph and table .

When I select random date range — which is a combination of (activity dates and no activity dates), data is not displayed in the table – shows No data but in the graph above data is shown. Attached the Image.

How to proceed with this issue ? Is this an issue for GA side ?


Google Analytics showing a big spike of Linux Chrome users

So I’ve noticed in my August Google Analytics for our Canadian municipal website, Linux Chrome users have gone from 0.25% of our users in June to 10.58% in July and now 26.75% in August.

Any idea what these might be coming from? I was thinking like bots but our total users and page views are around the same as previous months. I was then thinking maybe a new Android update reporting as Linux or something? But they seem to be listed as desktop, not mobile.

Anyone seeing anything similar on their sites, or any other ideas?

August: enter image description here

June: enter image description here

Google Analytics lowercase filter for Campaign Term did not change my data. Why?

Universal Analytics sent a notification "Property XXXX is receiving hits with utm_term parameters of the same text but different letter cases" (e.g. MY term, my term, My Term) and proposed to set up a lowercase filter for Campaign Term, which I did.

lowercase filter Campaign Term

After one week, the Keyword column in Paid Keyword view keeps showing a couple of lines with mixed cases.

enter image description here

Moreover, if in the All Campaigns you select Keyword as a Primary Dimension it shows many more mixed cases words that came from some non-paid campaigns

enter image description here

I checked actual URLs in BigQuery. All these words that appear in the Keyword column do come as utm_term parameters.

Why did not Campaign Term lowercase filter change my data?

For goal funnels in Google Analytics with a destination URL, does the first step have to occur before the destination step?

Setup: I want to make a simple goal funnel where I want my website’s landing page to be the required first step and I want page X to be the destination URL. I want to measure how many people visit the landing page before visiting page X.

If a visitor first visits page X and then later on visits the website’s landing page in the same session, will Google Analytics consider this a goal conversion even though the user didn’t "funnel" in from the landing page to the goal page? indicates that the order of the sequence of pages doesn’t matter but it doesn’t speak on the order of the pages if the page in question is a required entry point to the funnel. Would love some thoughts on this, thanks!

Google Analytics GA4 – How to filter data based on Event parameter values

I am very new to GA4 and have been working with Universal analytics for the past 2 years. Now custom events are tracked in my GA4 property along with Event parameters and custom dimensions. But where can I filter an Event using the event parameter data ? Like in Universal Analytics we have an advanced option on the right corner on top of the result table, where we can filter based on "Category/ Action/ Label or dimensions". How can I do the same in GA4 ?

Below is the the filtering options used in UA :

enter image description here

If all links on my site open in new tabs, will it affect analytics or SEO?

I’m working on a site where all links in the body of the pages open to a new tab. Generally I see external links open to a new tab but internal in the same tab. Wondering if this can still fall within a best practice.

Seems like it shouldn’t affect Analytics (new session), but wondering if there are SEO ramifications. Do you see higher bounce rates on sites that do this? If someone is opening multiple tabs, does looking at a user’s path through your site become muddied?

Could use some feedback on the pros/cons. Thanks!

Custom events in Google Analytics 4 for Ajax search

I have an search feature on my website. Sending text box value to a controller using Ajax and reading response. I want to track the text box value in Google Analytics 4. I have created a custom event but confused what will be my matching condition (parameter name, operator and value) ? enter image description here

window.gtag('event','search_keyword',{   search_term_input : $  ('#txt-search').val(),   country_code : 'UK' }); 

Request is reaching to GA4 and event is visible in Realtime tracking dashboard. I have created a custom dimension for search_keyword event and when generating report it search term is not available. Report display as "not set". enter image description here

Google Analytics UTM Codes in Conversions Goals

I have 2 websites. (Site A and SIte B)

I am passing UTM codes From Site A to Site B page. (Site A page 1 to Site B page 2) Site A with UTM tracking info –

Destination –

I can see my UTM tracking info (utm_medium,utm_source,utm_campaign) on RealTime Data (on ‘Traffic Sources’,Conversions) in real-time. All required information are there.

I can see my UTM tracking info (utm_medium,utm_source,utm_campaign) on Acquisition Data (on ‘Campaigns’,Conversions). Everything that I need is there too.

But I can not see my UTM tracking info on Conversions –> Goals. (I have set up the Goal and the Goal name and the UTM data are tracking on ‘RealTime Data’ and ‘Acquisition Data’. But not on Goals. I am trying this for a week now and checking after 24 hours. But the tracking info is not there. I think I can see source/medium as (direct) / (none).)

I just added the UTM to site B to test. (Not through Site A. The Site B itself with adding UTM codes in the URL) If we open the Goal URL just manually on Site B through an email or through a browser, then it is tracking on ‘Conversions –> Goals’ with the UTM tracking code.

The problem is when we pass UTM through Site A.

I tried these 2 examples.

I am not sure where I have missed it.

I want to get my UTM tracking info to ‘Conversions –> Goals’ when we pass it through Site A page 1 to Site B page 2.

Please, can you help me to sort this issue out? I really appreciate it if you can support me. It has been more than10 days since to figure out the problem.

Thank you!

Google Analytics listing hundreds of pages (extra slug code) but my site has 2 pages

Google Analytics is listing hundreds of pages on my site because something is adding extra information in the slug, and I have no idea how or why. This hasn’t happened on other sites. You can see that in the photo that basically every view of a page is considered its own unique page on my site.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!

Screenshot of a Google Analytics page behavior list and graph