Is language tied to statistics, ability scores, and/or skill proficiencies according to the rules?

While reading this answer to whether or not a druid knows the languages of his/her chosen form, I began to wonder, “What is a language exactly?” Please allow me to walk you through my thought process. I hope these aren’t considered as separate questions so much as things that help clarify my problem.

Is it a skill? I can’t find anything in the PHB or DMG that relates skills and proficiencies to language. In fact, when both are mentioned in a given header, they are never mentioned together as the same thing. I can’t seem to find out how you learn a language, though I’m sure rules exist that might shed light on the issue.

Is it part of the stat block? When creating monsters in the DMG, there is a table for statistics, which doesn’t include ability scores. So I don’t think language is part of the statistics, which would contest the idea that a druid only knows the languages his Wild Shape form knows (see the linked answer above). True Polymorph has similar language to Wild Shape (where this question stems from), and makes no mention of language other than to say you can’t speak unless your new form is capable of speaking. Otherwise, language is either omitted or assumed to be part of creature statistics, ability scores, and/or skills.

Is it related to attribute scores? I’ve heard that things with low intelligence don’t know languages, but I can’t find any proof to back it up. If that were true, perhaps language can be considered to be tied directly to an ability score and therefore not part of the stat block. This would also mean that modifying ability scores could potentially affect language speaking ability as a RAW effect, but might not make sense to change the languages you do know.

Is it part of personality? Feeblemind mentions “Shattering its intellect and personality” by reducing intelligence and charisma scores to 1. Personality is also mentioned in True Polymorph and Wild Shape, which might lend credence to the idea that language is tied to personality OR it might mean it’s tied to ability scores. Feeblemind also specifically mentions that the target can’t understand or speak any language, presumably as a result of intelligence and/or charisma being 1. If language were tied to personality, changing your form wouldn’t affect language as long as you retained your personality.

Is it it’s own thing? Perhaps languages aren’t related to anything and this might mean there is no hard and fast rule regarding what languages are and how they are related to the technical aspects of the game.

So what is a language? Perhaps to get behind this question is to ask “What are the implications of changing your ability scores, statistics, and skills for language?”

Are harmful glyphs created by the Symbol spell detectable and/or revealed by the Detect Magic spell?

The symbol spell describes creating a “harmful glyph” on a surface or within an object. This glyph is described as being

nearly invisible, requiring an Intelligence (Investigation) check against [the spellcaster’s] spell save DC to find it.

The glyph is clearly magical, and thus would normally be found by detect magic. Does the above sentence from the spell’s description modify that?

If not, does detect magic highlight the symbol of the glyph, or does it just reveal that there is a magical abjuration effect there?

This is relevant for a published adventure:

Would an aboleth’s Phantasmal Force lair action be affected by Counterspell, Dispel Magic, and/or Slow?

I was rummaging through some information on the Monster Manual and came across Aboleths. In particular, one of its lair actions says, “The Aboleth casts Phantasmal Force on any number of creatures within 60 feet of it in line of sight…” and the thought occurred to me.

Does this mean that that particular lair action is subject to Counterspell, Dispel Magic, and would also be affected by Slow? I have been looking everywhere for discussion on this.

Does Ubuntu 18.04 LTS support and/or have graphics drivers for Intel HD Graphics 600?

In general usage of Ubuntu on my laptop, when I move a window it stutters a bit like if you don’t have drivers on Windows. Also, when I had Windows installed, I liked to play games like Terraria and Plague Inc Evolved, they worked fine on Windows but on Ubuntu they stutter and lag, I feel this is to do with the graphics support. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Can you cast Insect Plague into another room with and/or without scrying? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Is it possible to attack enemies through a scrying sensor? 4 answers
  • Can a concentration spell be cast without actually concentrating on it for an “instant” effect? 2 answers

So there’s a potential scenario coming up in my game. I’ve “accidentally” given my players a very fortifiable position that could make a cakewalk of a rather grueling fight if they think to use it. It’s a small jail with a heavy, sturdy door they could block themselves in with. I have this idea that one of the enemy spellcasters could cast Insect Plague into their room, since he’s familiar with that area and the spell doesn’t have to be a “point you can see” but instead a “point you choose within range”. I’d use this as a tool to force them out of this location and hopefully provide a more interesting fight.

Since it’s a conjuration spell, I imagine that it summons the insects FROM that point, so the rule on page 204 of the PHB that says “you need a clear path to your target” doesn’t seem like it would apply… Would it?

To target something, you must have a clear path to it, so it can’t be behind total cover. If you place an area of effect at a point you can’t see and an obstruction, such as a wall, is between you and that point, the point of origin comes into being on the near side of that obstruction.

The wording of that makes me think that the wall would block the spell. If that’s the case, this caster also has access to a magic item that gives him the ability to cast the Scrying spell. Since he’d know they’re in this jail, he could spawn the sensor inside, then have line of sight to cast Insect Plague.

There’s a problem here, though, because Scrying and Insect Plague both require concentration. Would it still be possible for him to cast Insect Plague, but just immediately break concentration on scrying, or would this be impossible?