When do I announce my parry?

In Das Schwarze Auge (4.1), when do I have to announce that I want to parry my enemy’s attack? Do I have to declare that before his attack is rolled and I know if he hits me or not, or can I wait to declare it after? I can’t find the page in the rules where this is stated. My guess would be to announce it after the attack, because otherwise you would just waste your one reaction per turn very often.

What is the standard way, if any, to announce via e-mail that you have a public PGP key and what it is?

I’m making an e-mail system/client. I’m trying to correctly detect incoming e-mails which can be replied to with PGP encryption. This means finding out their public PGP key. I currently do:

  • Parse the e-mail body for a PGP public key block.

I suspect that these could be done:

  • Check for attachments with some kind of standard file name?
  • Check for a special hidden header which either spells out the public PGP key directly, or links to an external resource where it can be fetched?

Thanks in advance for clarifying how one properly detects/sends PGP public keys in e-mail context for maximum support.

Does Combat Inspiration require the GM to announce attack roll totals?

I’m currently playing a 5E bard for the first time, and choosing the College of Valor route. Stated in the PHB (pg. 55) in regards to Combat Inspiration:

When an attack roll is made against the creature, it can use its reaction to roll the Bardic Inspiration die and add the number rolled to its AC against that attack, after seeing the roll but before knowing whether it hits or misses.

In my time as DM I would always say, for example, “18 to hit?” unless it seemed absolutely clear to me that an attack hits. However, my current GM prefers to keep track of our AC, and simply tell us the result without calling the results of his attack rolls.

These are the possible solutions that occur to me:

  • GM must consistently call ‘## to hit?’ waiting for the player to respond ‘Hits!’ (Positive: Most useful for the inspired character. Negative: some immersion lost.) This is my preferred approach.
  • GM must remember who has inspiration and at least announce his attack-rolls against them (Positive: best of both worlds. Negative: GM is likely to forget)
  • GM does nothing; player must gamble on the use of their inspiration based on their own guess, intuition, or reading of the DM, and announce this immediately after the GM rolls attack. (Positive: Best for immersion, easiest for GM. Negative: the class feature becomes much less powerful. All of the onus is on the player to remember and interrupt the GM). I believe RAW rules out this solution, which is the one preferred by my GM.

How does a DM announce loot? [on hold]

Say the party finds an altar, and laying on it are a Wand of Wonder and a lapis lazuli worth 10 gold. How much information does the party get? As DM, do I say “you find a strange wand and a blue gem”, and the party must find a Wizard to cast Identify to learn more about the wand, as well as a jeweler to appraise the gem? Do you give values to things like art objects and gems when they are found?

How would the gossip protocol announce channels from a channel factory?

I was just listening to SLP59 with Christian Decker. They mainly discussed channel factories. While the construction of multiparty channels and higher order systems (sub channels) being derived from them seems clear and is being described in this paper I wonder how the gossip protocol would have to be adapted so that people would be able to announce such channels?

Generally there is the necessity to point to a funding tx of a payment channel in order to prevent spamming channel announcment messages and in order to authenticate channels. However with channel factories there is only one large funding tx for the multiparty channel. The sub channels are offchain.

How would a solution for the gossip protocol look like?

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