Annoying error with Google image grabber


as always loving SB, but lately I cannot use the image grabber because everytime I try I get this error (see attachment)

I’ve downloaded the cef_binary_81.3.2 but it doesnt come with an installer and I can’t find instructions anywhere on how to install it

thanks in advance for any help

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As a player, how can I deal with a fundamentally annoying teammate

I play in my school’s D&D club and our first year was last year. During that first year, one of my fellow players rolled a sorcerer with high charisma (17) but low intelligence (8). He roleplayed his character however as if his intelligence is a 2 or 3, where his character knew nothing, messed up plans on purpose, and frequently injured his teammates with AOE spells.

When that school year ended, I thought I was rid of this character. But when the club reformed, he used the exact same character again and has gone even further to be annoying and mess people up.

How can I get him to contribute to the team or get him to stop acting obnoxious?

gnome terminal in full-screen: brightness varies autonomously on scroll. Annoying (Ubuntu 16.04)

The title says it all.

One chooses to put the shell in full-screen to maybe inspect a long log, scrolling through it. Continuous unrequested brightness changes which seem introduced by design (their happening is repeatable at the same points when scrolling up and down) are really annoying, and I can’t find anything about this behaviour neither in settings/preferences nor googling around … (a lot about how to set this brightness at system and at application level, but nothing about this behaviour).

How can I turn off this behaviour? I am also interested in understanding the reason behind this “feature”.

But I might have seached ineffectively due to my bad english. So if anybody can direct me to the right link, that would be great!

the annoying dpkg lock error

it there a way one can PERMANENTLY deal with this ever recurring error of:

dpkg: error: dpkg frontend is locked by another process 


E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/ 

men I have tried all the sudo rm solutions but it keeps coming back over and over again… Am using Ubuntu 18.04.03

How to measure phone number views without annoying the user?

I’m working on a website where we have customer pages on which we measure user interactions such as opening a booking form or posting a review.

One of the interactions we want to measure is when the users view phone numbers. Currently we do it like this:

Phone 123 – XXX XXX
show number

Show number is a button-link which shows the full number on click and allows us to track the user interaction.

We’ve recently had some feedback regarding the Xs in the phone number. Our users and customers find it confusing.

The customer information is displayed on one single page and tabs are not an option.

One alternative would be to only have the “show phone number button” without displaying the XXX-version of it.

Any other suggestions?

I’m also looking for good arguments to show the number directly (since, of course, that’s best for the user).

Annoying behavior when showing desktop

I use the keyboard shortcut Command + F3 to scatter the windows and show my Desktop, and then unzip an archive on the Desktop. After unzipping, the windows always scatter back automatically.

Then I have to use Command + F3 again to show Desktop again, so I can interact with the unzipped directory.

Does anyone know how to stop this? It’s super annoying.

Annoying prompt keeps popping up: ‘The “cc” command requires the command line developer tools.’

After 4 years of use, I decided to reset my Mac, cleaning up years of garbage in some folders. Surprisingly I was able to recover 20 GB of free space (which is a lot on a 128 GB SSD).

My workflow is quite simple, and I don’t have a lot o apps installed. Besides the built-in and 1st party apps, I have, from the App Store: BBEdit and WhatsApp; and from other sources: Matlab, Skype, TeXShop, MacTeX, and OpenVPN.

I am not a developer, so I never installed Xcode, nor the Command Line Developer Tools (CLDT). So why would my two days old fresh installation keeps bugging me to install either the full Xcode or CLDT, when I’m sure I’m not running CC (or any other compilator, for that matter).

I doubt that among my handful of apps, one may be the culprit. But does any one know of any similar behavior.

P.S.: Just to make this point clear. I’ve made a clear from scratch installation. The only thing carried over was my iCloud content. No recovering from backups of any kind.

How to disable annoying “chat-heads” for Whatsapp

After a recent update (Android 9.0), I have noticed that Whatsapp Messenger notifications come up similar to how Facebook Messenger notifications are delivered – with a chat head. This is a circle with the messenger’s profile picture showing, and clicking on it opens a small window with the message shown.

I preferred when this chat head was never there, and I got to see a preview of the message for a few seconds just below the top of the screen when a message arrives. Is it possible to turn this feature off? I have tried turning off pop-up notifications, but this seems to be something different entirely, as the chat heads continue to come up.