Is EUFAM residency card in another EU state necessary to travel to UK?

Non EU parents dependent on me (British citizen) exercising EU Treaty Right.

They got Temporary Residency Card in IE which will expire in February 2019 ; application for EUFAM is under review.

I got a better job offer back in UK now. Can my parents apply for EEA Permit to travel to UK with me now or do they have to have EUFAM Residency Card issued?

We got: Proof of EU Treaty Right Exercising life together for last 1 year in IE Proof of addresses in IE Proof of relationship-birch certificate Proof of coming to IE- VISA

Any thing I missed?

Regards FM

Question about vertical attack range from one character to another

I have a character using the Spider Climb spell and a whip in a dungeon with 20 foot ceilings. Character is 6 foot tall. Average Medium sized creature is 4+ feet tall. Average Human 5’9″. If PC is on the ceiling what is the range they can attack into?

If PC threatens 5 foot base square on ceiling + 5 foot standard reach + 5 foot extra reach from whip, that is makes 15 feet total. From a 20 foot ceiling, would that mean any Medium creature over 5 feet is within the 15 foot reach? Any creature over 5 feet would extend into the square threatened by the 15 foot reach. Or is any Medium sized creature only considered to occupy 5 feet square no matter how much taller they are.

I think it is slightly different than asking how much reach a creature has. It is more of a question about how many squares a creature is vulnerable and can be attacked into. The question is there are two different numbers given for “Medium” creatures. I realize 5 foot square is mainly to determine horizontal ranges, but it also clearly states medium creatures can be over 5 feet in height. Probably the majority are.

I realize one can say an enemy can just duck down. But maneuvering to avoid an attack is usually thought to be already included in fighting mechanics. As normal characters don’t occupy the entire 5 foot width or depth of a horizontal square and can move around to avoid attacks.

Also, I realize this might be over scrutinizing things, but there really are two separate numbers given for medium creatures: 5 foot square (horizontally), and 4-9 foot height vertically. Is there any guide given to 3D or vertical workings?

DNS reply to redirect client to another DNS server

I have a client which uses a DNS server (ServerA), and ServerA works fine for all domains

For a specific domain though, I need to use a DNS Server (ServerB) which ServerA cannot access, but the client can.

The Windows client is unable to use domain based selection criteria for DNS servers AFAIK, so I would like to get ServerA to respond to the client with a message that says “for this domain and all subdomains, use ServerB”.

Is this possible?

How to take a number out of a list and put on another list? (python)

I have some code that creates a list with numbers, from 1 to 561. I want to create a variable that is called “ultimate” that has 45 of those values, but, the ones that I put on that list, I want it to be removed from the cards_id list. How can I do that? This is the general code I have.

def cards_id(x):     list = []     for i in range(1,x+1):         list.append(i)      return list  cards_id(561)  import random  print (random.choice(cards_id(561)))  from random import shuffle  for i in range(0,45):     print (random.choice(cards_id(561))) 

Acceptable to use synchronous call to another microservice for time-sensitve state change?

Say there are two microservices (example is simplified)

PickupRequestService: lists pick-up requests of passengers

DriverService: drivers use to accept pickup requests

On a completely decoupled communication method (via message queues), DriverService would make an async call to accept a pick-up request e.g., PickupRequestService->accept(pickupId). This looks fine however, for a few seconds, this will cause other drivers to see pick-up requests that are already taken.

You could probably eventually send a compensating failed message for those hopeful drivers that accepted a taken pick-up request e.g., “your request to accept the passenger has been rejected…” but that won’t be a good UX.

My question is, for scenarios similar to this, where a state changing operation is time sensitive, is it okay to make synchronous inter-microservice REST calls? E.g., DriverService synchronously calls PickupRequestService->accept(pickupId) so that the state change is instantaneous and no other driver sees old pick-up requests anymore.

How can I access my android phone’s storage from another device using LAN

How can I access my android phone’s storage from another device such as android or PC using LAN?

With ES File Explorer, I used remote manager, but there I am to download files then I am able to use them. But I want such a system, by which I can stream my audio, video from my android device’s storage without downloading through LAN network.

How to automatically set date in a cell when a different cell value is changed by a formula from data on another sheet?

I currently have a column, e.g. ColB, containing SUMIF functions with its data range from other sheets and a column, e.g. ColC, with dates that I want to automatically update to the last date ColB’s value were changed. Here’s a picture to illustrate what I mean:

enter image description here

From searching around, I found the following Google Apps Scripts but they only seem to work if the change to ColB’s cells is a direct edit as opposed to its value changing from the SUMIF function recalculating new data:

Example Script 1:

function onEdit(e) { if ([2, 5, 8, 11].indexOf(e.range.columnStart) != -1) { e.range.offset(0, 1).setValue(new Date()); } }

Example Script 2:

    function onEdit() {  var s = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();  if( s.getName() == "Sheet1" ) { //checks that we're on the correct sheet    var r = s.getActiveCell();    if( r.getColumn() == 13 ) { //checks the column      var nextCell = r.offset(0, 1);      if( nextCell.getValue() === '' ) //is empty?        var time = new Date();        time = Utilities.formatDate(time, "GMT", "HH:mm:ss");        nextCell.setValue(time);    };  }; } 

Is there a Google Apps script that can execute what I want? Thanks for any help and suggestions!

Magento 2.3 Convert Quote from store to another store

I need to convert a quote from one store in GBP to another website store in EUR dynamically on the fly, but i can save the item with the new store_Id and the quote with the correct store_id but collectTotals is not recalculating to get the store level prices.

       $  quote = $  this->quoteRepository->getActive($  cartId);          $  quote->setStore($  store);          $  items =  $  this->quoteRepository->getActive($  cartId)->getAllItems();         foreach($  items as $  item)         {             $  item = $  quote->getItemById($  item->getId());             $  item->setData('store_id',$  storeId);             $  item->calcRowTotal();             $  item->getProduct()->setIsSuperMode(true);             $  item->save();         }          $  quote->setTotalsCollectedFlag(false)->collectTotals()->save(); 

Any advice? Or any ideas would be appreciated.

Node form that defines fields based on another node

I have two content types (Unit and Scheme of Works). In Unit, I have a field (field_lo) that allows the user to create an unlimited number of entries.

In Scheme of Works, I need to associate other field values related to the field_lo entries from Unit. Effectively, in Scheme of Works, I need to be able to dynamically add a number of fields to match the quantity of the field_lo entries in Unit.

Is this possible? If so, how?