Setting NS for Subdomain to Another Hosted Zone with Same Apex Domain

Suppose I own

I delegate the subdomain to a particular set of NS that is say a Route53 Hosted Zone. The rest of the zone is not on R53 and contains important information for other subdomain/records. You can consider this Zone 1, and you can consider the new R53 Hosted Zone as Zone 2.

I want to have CNAMEd to a particular endpoint, say a cloudfront distribution. Since I can’t CNAME the apex domain, instead hosted zone 2 is created in R53 with the original apex domain: Then, inside that hosted zone, there is a record for the subdomain with the CNAME to

I can’t directly configure with the CNAME in hosted zone 1 for various reasons, including that the CNAME is always changing and the person controlling the CNAME only has control over zone 2.

So the full chain looks like this: User types in, they get NS hosted 1 records. In that zone, the record for points to Hosted zone 2 records. In this zone (which was created with apex the record for is a CNAME to the proper endpoint.

My question: will any DNS resolvers mistakenly cache the NS from the second zone as apex domain records? Obviously, I want those NS accessed only for the records. If NS records are mistakenly thought of as in hosted zone 2, there can be a lot of issues.

If this is the case, is there any way to make sure to DNS resolvers that the apex domain nameservers are zone 1, and zone 2 records are ONLY for, even though they were created with the apex domain?

I understand that there are other ways to do this (CNAME to separate domain, etc) but for logistical purposes (for now) I am only interested in setting the NS directly for the www subdomain.

When substituting one ability for another on a skill check which kind of check does it qualify as?

The Unearthed Arcana Monk tradition Way of the Astral Self has the following ability (page 2 of the PDF):

Arms of the Astral Self

You can use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Strength modifier when making Strength checks and Strength saving throws.

Imagine such a monk took 1 level dip into Barbarian and picked up that class’s rage ability which includes:

You have advantage on all Strength checks and Strength saving throws.

If the monk goes to make a strength check (say, a grapple check), does the monk have advantage on the check because it counts as a strength check (but she’s using her wisdom modifier)?

Or does she roll a normal check with her wisdom modifier because it’s now a wisdom check, as determined by the fact that she’s using wisdom for the check, not strength?

Theoretically, If you know the hash of a program one intends to install and you generate another file that hashes to that value what could you do?

If I know the hash of a program you intend to install is d306c9f6c5…, if I generate some other file that hashes to that value, I could wreak all sorts of havoc. – from

Theoretically, If you know the hash of a program one intends to install and you generate another file that hashes to that value what could you do?

Can you use Magic Initiate to cast a spell you already know, and still learn another spell?

I have a wizard PC who wants to gain the feat Magic Initiate and use free 1st level spell to use mage armour once a day. He already knows Mage armour, so:

  1. Can he use the Feat to gain a free casting of Mage armour once each day?
  2. Should he get another 1st level spell but not get to freely cast it once a day?

Simple Java Question: How to print a random int in one class that was generated in another?

Say that I have two classes, A and B, that are in the package Sample.

In class B, I have generated a random int b that is either a 0 or 1. I want to print int b in class A. What code should I use to do this?

Here is class B:

  package Sample;   import java.util.Random;      public class B {         Random random = new Random();         int b = random.nextInt(2); //b is either 0 or 1     } 

And I need code to go in class A here:

package Sample;   public class A {  //How do I print out the int b here?  } 

Redirect all subdomains from one root, to the equivalent subdomain of another root?

I have and

I want to redirect (not be aliased with), same for and, etc, for all sub domains.

I know I can redirect all subdomains of to a particular subdomain of (e.g. & both go to using a wildcard DNS record, but I am not aware of how to maintain the requested subdomain name and apply it with the redirect.

Is this even possible?

Does the Armor of Agathys spell still damage attackers if you have temp HP from another source, such as the Dark One’s Blessing feature? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How does Armor of Agathys interact with getting temporary hit points? 3 answers

Recently, I played a warlock in a 5e one-shot. We were playing at level 7 and I was a Pact of the Blade warlock with the Fiend patron. As a Fiend Warlock, I have a feature called “Dark One’s Blessing”, :

Starting at 1st level, when you reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier + your warlock level (minimum of 1).

The description of the Armor of Agathys spell reads:

A protective magical force surrounds you, manifesting as a spectral frost that covers you and your gear. You gain 5 temporary hit points for the duration. If a creature hits you with a melee attack while you have these hit points, the creature takes 5 cold damage.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot o f 2nd level or higher, both the temporary hit points and the cold damage increase by 5 for each slot level above 1st.

The situation was that there was a pack of ‘minions’ (4th-edition term, I know… but they were low-AC 5 hp monsters that died in 1 hit most of the time) attacking my group. The dragonborn wizard knew Fly, and grabbed the halfling and flew out of reach of the group of minions; I was left there with Armor of Agathys cast on me at level 4, so I had 20 temp hp and did 20 damage to each minion.

The question comes from the functionality of Temp HP (THP)… It does not stack. Instead, you must choose which set to acquire, either keeping the THP you currently have or using the new number provided by whatever is trying to give you more THP.

Once I was below 20 THP from the attacks made on me by this swarm of minions, I started taking the 10 (warlock level + CHA mod= 7+3) THP provided by Dark One’s Blessing. After rereading Armor of Agathys today, I noted it says ‘while you have these hit points’… leading me to believe that choosing to take the 10THP from Dark One’s Blessing would remove the Armor of Agathys and its damaging capability.


Does Armor of Agathys only work if you have THP from the spell specifically, or does it still work if you gain more THP from another source (like from Dark One’s Blessing) while the spell is still active?