Where can I find a very long distance Wifi antenna with a range of 50-100 km? Or is it a DIY project?

I’d like to increase personal security by receiving Wifi connections 50-100 km away from physical device location, with high decibel to milliwatts (dbm) reading to overcome path attenuation by foliage and other obstacles. This would allow me to avoid the geographical restrictions imposed by the local ISP’s Wifi connections, because I would be able to access the internet wherever I please and at any point in the system (within a max 100 km radius).

I’m thinking of using a Yagi directional antenna or maybe a parabolic grid, but the ones I could find so far are significantly limited in range, at 15-20 km max, never in excess of 50 dbm. Where can I find a Yagi or parabolic grid with a range of 50-100 km? Do I need to purchase industrial-grade radio equipment for this kind of Wifi frequency range or is this a DIY project? If it’s DIY, what equipment will be needed and are there any guides to building one?

Not at all familiar with RF theory, but can a Wifi range be increased on say a parabolic grid from 15-20 km to 50-100 km?

Does the EDGE mobile network function independently of an antenna?

I have an old iPhone 4 with a faulty antenna. The WiFi doesn’t work and neither does the 3G network, despite the fact that I have plenty of mobile data, but EDGE still seems to work – the icon shows at the top when mobile data is enabled, and it loads websites load about as fast as can be expected of it.

Does this mean that EDGE functions independently of an antenna? If so, how exactly does it function?