Anybody Know or Have Experience in Using PayWeGo.Com?

I've been searching for something about, but I can't seem to find anything on the Web about them — They offer merchant accounts, a virtual terminal, an online payment gateway, money order and check cashing services; and

Do you know anything about them? I can't find their company address, they have a Facebook page without anything there, etc.

Please advise. Thanks in advance! :)

Can anybody ‘splain to me in an email correspondence how to use Thunderbird’s ability to use for vim?

The only editor I can use with ease is Mutt. It allows use of vim/gvim/ed/vi/nvi …&c. Most email these days requires that I use Thunderbird. I’ve found articles that explain how-to use T’bird with vim/gvim, but don’t quite understand what the “magic commands” are that let me configure this.

Can anybody help me?

Has anybody done a qualitative analysis of support tickets?

I am at a company with a low UX maturity and have little access to actual user data (no interviews, feedback filtered through business analysts, no user tests). What we do have however is a large amount of support tickets in various stages. I would like to use these tickets as a basis for research but I am not sure how to best go about extracting relevant data / structuring it. Has anybody done something like that? I am thinking of going with qualitative coding to try and find patterns and major pain points. Appreciate your input!

Does anybody have any experience of traveling to the USA, as a British Citizen, to marry a US citizen?

As my question here if you want to quickly read it states: Are these intended activities legal to do in the USA under the VWP?

I’m traveling to the USA next month, as a Brit, to visit my American fiancee and then return to the UK. Does anybody have similar experiences to this and what should I expect? Judging by certain answers in my previous question I am getting nervous I will be detained and refused entry.

I have a good job which I’ve had for two months here in the UK, it’s an reputable organisation which will also be known in the States, I have a good income, I’ve been to the USA multiple times all to see my fiancee. The only difference from this upcoming visit and my previous visits is that she is now my fiancee, and not my girlfriend. My last visit to the USA was May 7 – May 16 2019.

We’re seeing some more sights in the US, planning our wedding location and date, seeing a soccer game, going camping, then she’s going to fly back to the UK with me when I leave to come see my family and I for 3 weeks.

Does anybody have an experience with visiting a fiancee from the States, or even marrying an American then returning back home? What was your experience with CBP like?


Old techniques for disabling autosave in TextEdit no longer work! Anybody know of a way that does?

The old technique for disabling autosave and re-enabling traditional text editor behavior (i.e., NOTHING get saved unless one saves it EXPLICITLY) of

defaults write ApplePersistence -bool no that worked at least up to and including El Capitan, no longer works in Mojave!

Does anybody know of a way that does work? Or know of a text editor that works the way TextEdit used to work?