alt+tab on physical keyboard not working anymore

on my P20Pro Android, something happened with my Logitech K380 BT keyboard ; suddenly the alt-tab combination stopped working.

I tried with another keyboard, same problem. The direct button “recent apps” stopped working too, it only does a tab now.

The other combinations and shortcuts work, just not this one.

I used the Android key test app and pressing alt-tab shows keycode 57 with KEYCODE_ALT_LEFT on.

Any idea ? Thx

What do we do when passwords are not secure anymore?

During an intense shower thought train. I began to think about a hypothetical world where passwords were no longer a safe way of protecting systems. Whether computers became too powerful and could brute force anything, or some magic program was released doesn’t matter here.

If passwords where out of the picture, how would the general public go about securing their computers and online accounts?

Ubuntu/Gnome3 doesn’t directly go to sleep (after being instructed to do so) anymore?

So, I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, with Ubuntu desktop (I guess):


I’m also using this extension:


So, up to a month or so ago, if I clicked this suspend (“pause”) button, the system would just go to sleep, no questions asked – as I expected it to. Then when the system woke up for sleep, I would have been presented with a login screen, where I’d have to enter my password, to go back to the desktop,

In the past few weeks, though, when I click the suspend button, first I’m taken to the login screen, and then nothing happens. So, I have to “drag” the login screen, then enter my password (as when I log in) – and only then does the system go to sleep. Then when the system wakes up from sleep – I’m directly taken to the desktop, without being prompted for a password beforehand.

It seems something “crossed the wires” in the system, so it asks for the password – the one it should ask for upon wake up – right before the system goes to sleep…

Does anyone have an idea what possibly could have broken the original behavior – and more importantly, how can I restore the original sleep behavior?

EDIT: note that sudo pm-suspend works – but it doesn’t raise/deal with password prompts anyways..

Google Play store install button not showing anymore for beta app

I’m working on a game for Android. When pushing a new beta version to testers one is having an issue that the install button no longer appears for them. They had it in previous versions and their phone is fully updated.

Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Oreo 8.1.

Screenshot of the missing install button

Unity – Bool doesn’t change to false anymore

I got into a Unity-Tutorial and halfway-through I face this weird problem. I used this code so that my player may attack if he pressed a leftShift. When the player attacks, the animation starts playing in a loop – he never stops attacking and debugging show that attack is never false after the first “leftShift”-Input.

I removed the loops from the animator etc. – but that doesn’t seem to be the problem because “attack” never get’s to false anyways. I tried different approaches. If I set “attack = false” immediately after attacking, he doesn’t attack at all.

Sorry for asking such a beginner question but I can’t seem to find my error.

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;  public class Player : MonoBehaviour { private Rigidbody2D myRigidbody;  [SerializeField] private float movementSpeed;  private bool facingRight = true;  private Animator myAnimator;  private bool attack = false;  // Start is called before the first frame update void Start() {     myRigidbody = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();     myAnimator = GetComponent<Animator>(); }  void Update() {     HandleInput();     Debug.Log(attack);  }  // Update is called once per frame  void FixedUpdate() {     float horizontal = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");     HandleMovement(horizontal);     Flip(horizontal);     HandleAttacks();     ResetValues();   }  private void HandleMovement(float horizontal) {     if (!this.myAnimator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(0).IsTag("Attack"))     {           myRigidbody.velocity = new Vector2(horizontal * movementSpeed, myRigidbody.velocity.y);         myAnimator.SetFloat("speed", Mathf.Abs(horizontal));     } }  private void HandleAttacks() {     if (attack)     {         myAnimator.SetTrigger("attack");       }  }  private void HandleInput() {     if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.LeftShift))     {         attack = true;      }     attack = false; }  private void Flip(float horizontal) {     if(horizontal > 0 && !facingRight || horizontal < 0 && facingRight)     {         facingRight = !facingRight;         Vector3 theScale = transform.localScale;         theScale.x *= -1;         transform.localScale = theScale;     } }  private void ResetValues() {     attack = false; } } 




Products pages that are not available anymore

Hello Everyone

I have a lot of product pages that are not available anymore. The pages are orphaned pages, they are not linked in our website anymore although the URLs still available in our domain. Google still indexing these pages provably by links from affiliates programs and users.

What is it the best thing that I can do with these pages from a SEO point of view?

Cannot connect to Google Cloud via SFTP anymore [on hold]

I use an SSH key to connect into my instance in Google Cloud (using FileZilla), it worked just fine a couple of weeks ago, but now I keep getting:

Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error: Could not connect to server

I didn’t change anything in the firewall settings, because I don’t even understand it very well.

PS: I can still log in via web SSH in Google Console.

I know it’s kind of a subjective question, but what could it be?

Why are the rooting apps not working anymore?

A couple years ago, it was easy to root any device: Install KingRoot, KingoRoot, or a similar app, hit the large ROOT button, and let it do the rest. After 5 minutes or so, a green “Root Succeeded!” prompt will pop up, and we can choose to keep the root app, or uninstall it and install a clean root manager app like SuperSU/Superuser.

How do they work? Why aren’t they working anymore? And if they work, should I use them or not?