Turn around Cell Phone Number Listings – Is Anything Personal Anymore?

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SSD not working anymore and windows not opening [migrated]

I’m struggling with a problem: the Windows suddenly stopped working when I connected the HDD with rack on my laptop. I’ve tried almost everything, so later on I have discovered after re-installing the HDD, and place the SSD in the rack that SSD is not initialized and also, is 100% free. After that, I tried to recover the files from the SSD because I’ve lost sensitive information and a lot of photos from the past years… nothing worked, What happened and what solutions do you think I have? Is the SSD broken somehow? EDIT: Last error when I`m trying to initialize enter image description here

How I politely say to my players that I don’t want to DM to them anymore?

I DM for a few different groups in a simultaneous fashion.

DM’ing is a breeze for most of those groups. We always have a blast, we have a lot of fun, and we always end our day looking forward to the next session.

For one group in specific, however, the situation is quite different.

A few weeks ago, I began to DM for a group of three people. I don’t know them very well in any manner – we met over a boardgame/RPG meeting on my town, and set up to play Pathfinder 1e.

I’m usually pretty chill about most themes. I can run social adventures, combat fests, investigative dramas, romance stories, you name it. Most of the themes are fine by me, and I’m usually happy to adapt to whatever my players want to play.

Now, note that I said “most”.

This group is trying to push content in the game in a manner that is making me really uncomfortable. While I usually don’t mind to let any content show up in the game if everyone is okay with it, this subject is specially sensitive for me and the group insists in tackling it even after I said I wasn’t having fun with the topic at hand.

I decided to leave the game.

However, ending a face-to-face game like this is somewhat new to me. I was never put in the position where I am the person that doesn’t fit in the group, and I’m having serious issues trying to express myself regarding my wishes to leave their group.

So, I ask the titular question: How I politely say to my players that I don’t want to DM to them anymore?

[ Football (American) ] Open Question : I feel terrible for Aaron Rodgers I couldn’t watch the NFC Championship game anymore. How could Packers lose so bad?

I’m an Ex Giants fan (bad management) and currently have no favorite teams, but I feel bad for Aaron Rodgers because he’s a nice guy and waited so long to return to the Superbowl. Packers played so well this year, how could 49ers beat them so badly?

What do I do when my backend is not in sync anymore with what the user sees on the UI?

The Problem

  • I have a live data feed
  • Users load 50 items on the home page and click load more to scroll infnitely
  • As new data comes in every minute, I also push this new data to each user via websockets
  • The user could be disconnected temporarily and they would miss a few updates and then they could reconnect in which case they would be OUT of SYNC with the backend
  • The way I thought I would fix this problem is to get the timestamp of the last item they have on their UI
  • Whenever the connection opens, I would send ALL the items from that timestamp till current time to each user
  • There is however a risk here
  • My server could be down for maintenance for a few hours when doing upgrades and on connecting back I would have to send 10000s of items to each user potentially causing the server to crash
  • The remedy that I thought of is to keep a time limit say 4 hours, if it has been more than 4 hours since the last item the user has on their UI, I would reset the UI completely

So the question is, how do I deal with this?

  1. Dont do anything, let there be that risk of server crash
  2. Clear the user s UI completely without asking the user even if they scrolled down 1000 items on their screen
  3. Keep a limit of say 50 items or so and send those 50 items, if it has been more than 4 hours, tell the user they may be out of sync and they need to refresh the page
  4. Any suggestions?

After creating the Build of my Game, part of the UI isnt interactable anymore

This is my first time using Unity (and my third time creating a game in general), so I hope I can provide the needed information to solve this problem. This is my options menu When I start my game normally through the Unity Editor (is this the right name?), everything works fine. Everything is interactable and the functions behind the buttons, dropdowns etc work as well. Since I can’t test resolutions, fullscreen inside the Unity Editor, I decided to build my game and test it there. Everything still works fine, but the Options A Dropdown (this shows the resolutions), the Fullscreen Button and Graphics Dropdown arent interactable anymore.

After some testing myself, I found out, that the functions still work. If I click on the volume slider and go up through the WASD Keys, then I can still use the UI Elements and functions behind them still work.

What I tried:

  • I got the help to put my Event System to “Always enabled”, which didnt helped.

Side Information:

  • The dropdowns are from Textmesh Pro, dont know if this is important or not.