How does anyone ever die with a Cleric

I’m relatively new to the game and DMing a group who are all also new to the game, so maybe this is something obvious that we just don’t know. Last session the party was beset upon by a group of assassins in the night. In the ensuing fight, at two seperate times a character was brought below 0hp. Both times, the cleric immediately either healed or cast Spare The Dying on them before they had to make a single death saving throw.

I’m not sure how to proceed because I feel like the way things shook down really undermined any feeling of danger, it seems like the only real way for anyone to die would be Disintegration (or something similar that insta-kills), or for the cleric to be the first to go (though he’s usually quite good about staying out of range)

Am I missing something here, or is it just hard to kill a party member when they have a cleric?


To be clear, I don’t want to go out of my way to kill any players, but I feel like combat is beginning to feel very low stakes, even when up against challenging enemies due to what is described above

UCEPROTECT level 3 blacklist for a DO Droplet. Has anyone heard of this site before?

I’m working with a group that switched their TLD a year ago. I check their old and new IP’s on MXToolbox. The last search showed their old IP Address was blacklisted by UCEPROTECT L3. I looked further and they noted it was because of a DO Droplet. I’m decent at working with groups like Spamhaus. This site didn’t provide much info, but did say I could get the blacklist removed if I pay for it. That seems not cool. Anyone run in to this issue before?

Can anyone Raise a Shield?

I have not found any Shield proficiency in the game. Can Wizards carry around a Steel Shield, and get +2 AC out of it?

What is the point of the Shield cantrip then? Twice the AC, same action. You can cast with a shield in your hand.
Sure, you cannot use Shield Block, but the cantrip allows it only once per combat anyway, after which you lose the AC too.

Best spells or powers for punishing anyone too close to me

I have a character with a reach of 20-25 feet depending on the buffs I have operational, with a specialty in grappling. The goal is to grab enemies and drag them to my space—and have my space, or better spaces near me, be very unpleasant places to be. For example, I have a blackguard’s aura of despair, and I’m considering Focalor’s aura of sadness and the enlightened spirit’s aura of menace.

But beyond those save-nuking auras, I’m kind of coming up short on how to most make “near me” be the worst possible place for an enemy to be. I’m looking for passive effects so I can focus my actions on just dragging in as many foes as possible. I figure spells or powers are probably my bet on this front, but I’m not coming up with much:

D&D 3.5e:

  • Acid sheath—2 acid damage per round to creatures in a grapple with me
  • Aura of the sun—1d6 positive energy damage to undead around me each round
  • Aura of cold—comes in lesser and greater varieties, which do 1d6 or 2d6 cold damage, respectively, per round to creatures within 10 feet.
  • Babau slime—1d8 acid damage per round to grappled creatures.
  • Balor nimbus—6d6 (as a 2nd-level spell) fire damage per round to grappled creatures.
  • Body of the sun—1d4/2 levels fire damage per round to creatures within 5 feet.
  • Corona of cold—1d12 cold damage per round, and applies a −2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity and halves speed, to creatures within 10 feet.
  • Negative energy aura—1 damage per 3 levels, or 2 healing for undead creatures, each round, in 10-ft radius.
  • Positive energy aura—1 healing per 3 levels, or 2 damage for undead creatures, each round, in 10-ft radius.
  • Pulse of hate–2d6 “unholy” damage per round in 10-ft radius.


  • Cape of wasps—described as a wasp swarm sharing your space, which means other creatures sharing your space (e.g. creatures you’ve grappled under 3.5e rules, which we are using) arguably take the 2d6+poison swarm damage of the wasp swarm each round. The spell doesn’t come out and say that, though, and sharing a space with someone is a lot harder in Pathfinder than it is in 3.5e, so it’s unclear if this was intended functionality.

So what I’m looking for are official spells or powers from D&D 3.5e (all WotC-published sources as well as Dragon and Dungeon magazine issues, including 3.5e-legal 3e material) or Pathfinder (all Paizo-or-Dreamscarred-Press-published sources) that introduce some kind of emanation or aura that extends from my space, out to 20 feet or less (if it’s larger, I have no need to drag them into it). The emanation must last for some period of time, the longer the better. I would restrict this more (class, level, effects), except that I’ve already done a bunch of research and come up with nearly nothing. My character is a psion egoist, but adaptation or multiclassing might be possible. However, Epic and Mythic material are both banned.

For this question, I’ll hear out answers that include polymorph, but know that I view polymorph pretty dimly and also that it would conflict with some of the things that my character is already doing (i.e. various character features would be lost), so polymorph options rate pretty poorly in my estimation—I’d appreciate it if we’d restrict mentions of it to truly stand-out effects you couldn’t get elsewhere.

Is there anyone who uses catchall email in Rankerx?

I am using Seremails. The quality is really good and simple, but they don’t answer even if you ask questions.
I sent you an e-mail for a month, but they didn’t answer. I’m so Fuxx angry.
So I’m going back to Gsa Forum and asking you questions. The Rankerx format is shown in the picture below.

And the seremails catchall format I use is as follows. This is an example.
seremails have only format for GSA ser

this Gsa ser format ->

I’ve been using regular e-mail for a month. Please help me

Does anyone else think Stone Giant’s 15′ reach greatclub is an error?

All of the basic Monster Manual giants have a melee weapon attack with reach of 10′, which essentially comes from their Huge size. But the Stone Giant has a reach of 15′ with it’s greatclub, which is farther than the reach of a Hill Giant’s greatclub, the Cloud Giant’s morningstar, the Frost Giant’s greataxe, or the Fire or Storm Giant’s greatswords. The huge Cyclops, with 1 more hit die than the Stone Giant (thus at least the same size), also has a greatclub with reach 10′.

I don’t see any reason for this. The Stone Giant is not depicted as having disproportionately long arms, and it’s only in the middle of Giant heights; Frost, Cloud, and Storm Giants are all taller. Nothing in the description mentions Stone Giants carrying a particularly long club or having a talent for swinging it further. Rather, the description talks about their skill at throwing rocks. The only monster I know of that is specified as having longer reach attacks ("long-limbed") is the PC version of the Bugbear in VGtM.

None of the previous editions (AD&D, 3.5 or 4th) give the Stone Giant extra reach with a club.

So my suggestion is that this was a typo that was never caught & corrected. The reach of this attack should be 10′ like that of any other huge Giant.

What are all the spells that target undead? Or in a case does anyone know a site that can filter that

I’ve looked at the new gothic lineages and I wanted to personally look at the pros and cons of being dual as a Humanoid and an Undead/Construct or etc… and wanted to weigh out if it was worth the being an undead and being unaffected by poison and such, but vulnerable to turn undead and other targeting spells that focus on undead.

I’m having trouble with SetBool and animations on Unity. Can anyone help me?

I’m trying to get a Skeleton Model to go from its walking animation to its idle animation using a bool that checks for input. Currently, in-game, the skeleton doesn’t leave it’s walking animation and stays in it even when not walking. I’ve posted my code below. I’m kind of stumped so if anyone can give me some guidance it’d be greatly appreciated.

public class SkeletonMove : MonoBehaviour {  private float velocity = 5f;  public bool _isWalking = false;  Vector2 input;  void Update()     {         GetInput();          if (Mathf.Abs(input.x) < 1 && Mathf.Abs(input.y) < 1) return;          // CalculatedDirection();         Rotate();         Move();     }  void GetInput()     {         input.x = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal");         input.y = Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical");     }  void Move()     {         _controller.Move(transform.forward * velocity * Time.deltaTime);         _anim.SetBool("Walking", _isWalking);           if (input.x != 0 || input.y != 0)         {             _isWalking = true;         }          if (input.x == 0 && input.y == 0)         {             _isWalking = false;         }            //transform.position += transform.forward * velocity * Time.deltaTime;     }