Unable to intercept android app traffic neither in Burp Suite nor in Network Profiler. Can anyone help?

I need to perform MITM attack on an app which doesn’t use HttpURLConnection and OkHttp libraries for network connection.

Analysis : 1. Configured burp on the devices, able to capture request of chrome browser but not the test app. 2. Wireshark is showing, communication of test app is happening on TLS 1.2 only. 3. Tried Network profiler of android studio but nothing shown.

What we should do if network connection is done with ‘CURL’ which I am not very familier with?

How Much of Google’s Search Traffic is Left for Anyone But Themselves?

Interesting post on Rand Fishkin’s Spark Toro blog with stats from a third party on how much organic traffic Google sends to sites other than their own.


…for every click on a paid result in Google, there are 11.6 clicks to organic results. SEO is far from dead…

How Much of Google’s Search Traffic is Left for Anyone But Themselves?

After reading the article, what do you think of Rand’s analogy?

[ Politics ] Open Question : So did anyone else watch ‘President Trump-30 hours’ with George Stephanopoulos and laugh almost nonstop?

Trump was being pretty ridiculous the way he kept patting himself on the back and denying the truth (George tried to straighten him out on a few points). He also kept insisting he was treated unfairly and that the news was fake. He especially was upset about polling data. But at the same time he said such data didn’t matter. Oh. He repeatedly said Mueller said ‘No obstruction’ when the report specifically says ‘It does not exonerate him’ (From obstruction)

Can anyone investigate this link? [on hold]

Long story short I made a RuneScape account about a week ago for some reminiscent play as I used to play when I was a kid. I stupidly responded to a scam but only by clicking on a link I was instructed to in the game. I would like to know if anyone can safely investigate this link, as I think I may have a keylogger, which would explain why my new account was drained of all its items in the past 24 hours. The link is pictured in an image file to render it inert. However, if you go to that URL, know you may get a keylogger or other malware. I hope someone has the expertise and resources to maybe monitor their connections after going to this site? I’d like to know for sure what happened. The link's URL is in this picture, obviously so it is inert until you manually type it in

Can anyone tell my why someone would cast Conjure Minor Elementals? [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • Rephrased Question- Why is nearly all of the Conjure Minor Elemental Spell decided by the DM? [on hold]

If I understand this right – you don’t pick the CR of the elementals, you pick their maximum CR. You don’t pick where it actually appears, it just appears somewhere within 90 feet of you. You don’t even pick the element of what you are summoning.

To summarize, you can cast Conjure Minor Elementals at 8th level in an underwater fight, select the option to 3 elementals of CR 2 or lower, and receive 3 CR 1/2 Magma Mephits that are 90 feet away from the fight? In character I would know I am not picking any part of the what I am summoning, I’m basically just yelling help into the void. Why would I waste a 4th level spell to summon a completely random something instead of using something like Polymorph, which just gives you the creature you want and does so by giving something a massive bonus health pool?

Is there any use for this spell besides the tiny benefit of just a couple extra bodies with at most like 40 health – which you can get 5 of with animate objects?

Anyone have a great combo of CAPTCHA solvers?

Greetings, GSA pplz!
I was wondering if anyone has a good combo of solvers…
I just started re-reading the SER docs and found the page with all the CAPTCHA solver services.
I haven’t tried all, but I’ve sampled a few, and use some on a regular basis.
Anyone still using Xevil? How about any other under-rated service that is really good and a good value?