Can anyone help me with this task or explain how to do it?

I’m having trouble with this assignment. Can someone help or explain it to me how i need to start?

This is the assignment : Write a program that shortens by an ordered array of elements that occur multiple times, to remove the duplicates, so ultimately each element occurs only once. We do not use Sort and we do not generate new array.

I tried multiple times, filling the array is no problem but the rest is.

Does anyone had done a custom ROM installation in Swipe Elite Devices?

I want to build a custom ROM very specific to my needs. I want to build a ROM for Android having characteristics like Lubuntu from Linux distributions. I should be able to control as much of kernel as I can. I can code in Assembly and C. Are these sufficient for my requirement? I know I should have gone for the XDAforums. I had done that but the jargons were too much for me. I also had contacted my friend who is an expert on installing ROMs. But he isn’t a developer that’s why he can help me with tools but not designing a ROM!

Set List Queue Deque Map these are Collection frameworks of Java but can anyone differentiate the unique features among each of them [on hold]

We are know Set List Deque Map Queue are all a part of java collection framework but can anyone please tell me how are the unique in terms of

  1. Memory management
  2. Fetching Data
  3. When is the particular data structure most appropriate
  4. Also drawbacks in why should we not use the particular data structure

Anyone know any good VIDEO ad networks for starting websites?

I am not sure which section this belongs in, so I just posted it on general chat. I am looking for a video ad network, one where you can get monetized videos from (so you do not have to have your own video content).

The main ones I see all require high amounts of traffic, which I am still working on.

So, does anyone know any good video ad networks that provide monetized video ads and content, and doesn't have high traffic requirements?
I am currently using adsense and propeller ads, but i…

Anyone know any good VIDEO ad networks for starting websites?