I’m at a loss with “Dungeons and Dragons.” How does one play it, anyway?

I’m no gamer at all, so this could be like a very silly, basic question for you guys. The thing is that I always read about “Dungeons and Dragons” game (not the video game, but the normal game to play with friends that are actually gathered together). And I would like to know how to play it.

I’ve read that it is a book (or several ones, which is more confusing for me to understand), but I’ve read somewhere that it can be played as a normal “table” game, with a board, and pieces, and somewhat weird dice (or sets of dice).

Is it like a normal game, where you pull the stuff out of a box and start to play?

I don’t know if any of you watch the show “The Big Bang Theory”, but I think they have played the game in a recent episode, and it looks just like a regular game.

I’ve Googled it for more information, but I haven’t found anything as basic as I need, because I’ve never played a role game (except in a video game).

I just want to learn how to play, so I can get my friends into it to play it each time we get together.

Not so noob entrepreneur, but new here anyway

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I live and work in South Africa. If you know where Africa is on a world map, just head down to the most southern point. Well … Cape Town is almost the most southern point of Africa (to be geographically correct lol).

We know a bit about door systems (strip curtains, impact doors, industrial doors etc), but around here is a wealth of experience and knowledge about online marketing, search engines, seo and development, among…

Not so noob entrepreneur, but new here anyway

Least Significant Bit (LSB) vs Little Endian – Are they equivalent in anyway!

For a multiple choice question: What do we call the LSB? (i)Little Endian (ii)Upper bit (iii)Big Endian (iv)Lower Bit

I feel ideally none of them is a true correct choice, but my best bet was (iv) Lower Bit.

However, our professor claims that the correct choice should be (i)Little Endian. He even said “LSB stands for Least Significant Bit which is right most bit of a binary equivalent and it is Little endian format.

I don’t agree with the last part i.e. “..it is Little endian format.”

My understanding (primarily from the book “Computer Organization and Design” by Patterson and Hennessy,) is that LSB (and MSB) concepts were introduced to clearly identify bits at both extremes while avoiding any confusion arising due to writing styles like vertically or horizontally which can be confusing when read/written from different directions. Further it (LSB) has nothing to do with byte ordering such as Little endianness. For example any number will have both LSB and MSB, and can be stored in a little endian hardware as much as it can be stored in a big-endian hardware.

Pls let me know if I’m misunderstanding the professor’s statement in any way.

Is there anyway to keep a player from killing a npc

I was running a one shot for friends and a player had gotten annoyed with an npc that the other players really liked. This came to a head when after a combat encounter the Player decided to attack the npc with the intention of killing them. I let one of the other players take the attack as a reaction but the attacking player was clearly very annoyed and I felt like a complete jerk.

Is there a better way to deal with this situation in the future without being a jerk?

Is there anyway to create an executable backup of a folder?

I have to create an executable to restore a workspace back to a certain stage (offline so files need to be stored with the executable). I know the shell commands I’d require but I’m not sure how to package this all into a nice executable with the files?

what I am requiring is:

  • delete existing folder if exists
  • copy files to this location
  • catkin_make (it’s a ROS workspace)
  • reboot

Essentially I have to make an idiot-proof way to restore the software to a version with just a double click.

Thanks if anyone can assist me 🙂

Is there anyway I can take my wife’s country citizenship without having a passport?

I’m living in Iran which has mandatory military service, my wife is from Turkey. According to Turkey law, you can be a Turkish citizen after 3 years of getting marinade to a Turkish girl.

But the problem is that I can’t have a passport because of the military service, and I’m not going to do it in the next 5-10 years! But I need to have a passport to go and visit my wife’s family.

I even can’t go to their embassy, as you know because I don’t have a passport!

Is there any chance, or possibility to get their citizenship and passport, without having my own passport?

Is there anyway to use Google services on a Huawei phone that has them blocked?

I just bought a Huawei phone and then realized that google play services had been blocked. So, I tried a workaround by installing the latest version of google play services apk, which doesn’t work. The notification showed that google play services needs to be updated. Is there anything I can do?